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Internet Sales 20 Group 3-Day Training Conference Is Looking For Speakers And Panelists

The #IS20G Training Conference is one of the most respected in the industry. The upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group will be number 10 in the last 7 years. We are coming back to where it all started, in Philadelphia July 10th 11th and 12th at the 5-Star Luxury Hotel, the Hyatt at Beliveau. We are expecting 300 Dealer Attendees this year and have an amazing curriculum already outlined of the country's ELITE: Dealer Principals, GMs, Internet and BDC Directors as well as the absolute BEST Subject Matter Experts in the industry today.

*** We are looking for Dealer Principals, GMs, Internet / BDC Directors that are CURRENTLY working at a Dealership / Dealer Group that would like to #Speak or be on one of our powerful #Panels. If you are interested please call or text me 267-319-6776 or email me at In addition to our superb lineup of Trainers and Subject Matter experts we already have some powerful Dealer Principals, GMs and Internet / BDC Directors that will be both conducting General Sessions as well as participating on the panels. Our Dealer Attendees LOVE to hear from OTHER DEALERS. So, if you have a passion for our industry and would like to share your knowledge and experience please contact me ASAP. 

Here is the schedule:

and our list of our 21 Elite Speakers 

Here are a couple of Videos Explaining the #IS20G: 

AND Dealer Principals and General Managers (as well as their spouses) are FREE!

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Todd Dearborn, Vice President of Cars Direct, will be presenting the very best practices in working with the Subprime consumer. Special Finance is a growing portion of every dealers business and we're going to talk to you about lenders, inventory, and the best ways to maximize your potential when it comes to the digital consumer who is credit challenged. You can learn from Todd and many other industry experts at the Internet Sales 20 Group 10 in Philadelphia, PA on July 10-12!

To sign up, visit or call (267) 319-6776!

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Dealers, You Do Not Want To Miss The First Ever "King Of The Ring" - Internet Sales 20 Group 10 from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo. 267-319-6776

Announcing the first ever "King of the Ring!" Sean V. Bradley is issuing a challenge for Dealers to bring their word track game to Internet Sales 20 Group 10 in Philadelphia, PA! The winner will have their entire trip expenses paid, plus a thousand dollars CASH for the best word tracks in the house! So step up and show your skills, and you can bring home the title belt! That's right, the winner will get their own championship belt to take home! If you want to sponsor or throw down in the event of a lifetime, visit or call 267-319-6776!

This year's Internet Sales 20 Group is shaping up to be our best ever, with a host of dynamic speakers, including industry figures Scott Pechstein (Vice President of Sales, Autobytel Inc.), Sean Seltzer (CEO, SocialDealer), and Sean V. Bradley, CSP (Founder & President, Dealer Synergy). You won't want to miss this event, so sign up now!

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The Internet Sales 20 Group 3 Day Trainig workshop for Internet Sale, Phone Sales, BDC and Digital Marketing ae almost comely field their roster and curriculum. They are just looking for a couple more #Speakers or #Panelists. So, call me asap at 267-319-676
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Jason Manos , General Manager of Toyota Manhattan Reviews The Internet Sales 20 Group in New York…

Jason says that when he was told from the VP Of Operations he had to go to a 3 day workshop, he was not to thrilled. Like all other General Managers, there is a lot going on in a dealership… not rot mention in New York City. But Jason goes on to say how he was BLOWN AWAY and Highly recommends the Internet Sales 20 Group for ANYONE but he also suggests that senior management and owners should definitely attend.

Toyota Manhattan is part of the BRAM Auto Group which generate over a Billion Dollars!

If you want any information for #IS20G, please call me on my persona cell phone # 267-319-6776

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Digital Dealer 17 Conference's Keynote Speaker Convicted Criminal (Fraud, Money Laundering & More) - Jordan Belfort "Wolf Of Wall Street"

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Success is a fascinating thing because every individual on the planet has their own definition of the word.

The dictionary defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome”

This is SO genius because it means that, not only can everyone have their own definition, but that THERE IS ENOUGH SUCCESS TO GO AROUND!

For some people, success is having the necessities…

For others, it’s making loads upon loads of money…

BUT, no matter what your definition of the word is, there is something that so many people miss out on when pursuing success.

Any idea what it is?

Have you ever heard that saying, “Success Breeds Success”? 

Believe it or not, there is something so powerful about rubbing shoulders with highly successful people.

How do you know who's truly successful though? The best way for you to know if they’re successful is to ask yourself two simple questions:

1.) Are they the type of person that you hope to be (character traits, qualities etc.) and, 

2.) Do they have the things that you want to have? (Could be material objects, status, expertise etc.)

When you find someone that you can answer ‘yes’ to those two questions, do whatever you can to be apart of their circle.

You see, when you rub shoulders with successful people (the people that are who you aim to become), there are natural born opportunities that arise from your mere association with them.

One of the best ways that I know of to be in the presence of successful people is to attend as many workshops and conferences as you can. Where else do you get the opportunity to be in the same room with these successful people, have lunch with them and ask them questions?

There are approximately 17,000+ dealerships in the United States today. Including every employee, how many people work in the retail car business? LOTS! …

Yet, there are very few who attend conferences. 

There is no question that these conferences come with a price tag, but you absolutely, 100% CANNOT let the price of success, cost you your success.

Listen, I am not involved with any particular conference for financial gain. I have just come to learn that if you want to be successful, you need to get connected with other like-minded, successful individuals and I don’t know any other better place than at the plethora of workshops and conferences going around. 

One of the next ones you can see me at will be the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston this coming September.

Supercharge the achievement of your personal definition of success. Start rubbing shoulders with successful people. 

Have questions? Hook me up in the comments below.

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MSADA & Toyota Are Aligning For Internet Sales 20 Group 6 In Boston - September 22 -24 - Automotive Sales Training

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Dealer Synergy & Cactus Sky Communications Create Scholarship Program For AutoCon 2012


AUDUBON, N.J.Aug. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dealer Synergy & Cactus Sky Communications have partnered with AutoCon to provide 50 Scholarships to dealership personnel so that they can attend the upcoming AutoConNational Training Event.  AutoCon's goal is to provide dealerships with Digital Marketing Training, and they have assembled some of the industry's top experts for this event.

Dealer Synergy and Cactus Sky will provide 50 Scholarships covering the Registration Fee for the event of $895 for a total of $44,750 in Scholarships.  The goal of the Scholarship is to provide an opportunity for a dealership staff member that normally would not be able to attend the event to receive this valuable training.

With over 30% of vehicle sales coming from the Internet, Dealer Synergy and Cactus Sky recognize the need for ongoing training for all the members of the Internet Team, and these scholarships will allow more training and growth in the retail automotive industry.

Sean V. Bradley and Peter Martin decided that one of the best ways to demonstrate their commitment to the betterment of the industry was to commit the funds necessary to support independent dealer focused educational events such as AutoCon 2012.

Automotive Media Partners, LLC and First Class Educators are proud to announce the creation of a scholarship program sponsored by Dealer Synergy & Cactus Sky for the full AutoCon conference registration fee.

Dealer Synergy & Cactus Sky's sponsorship program will provide 50 fully funded AutoCon Registration Scholarships. Fifty automotive professionals will receive the educational, networking, inspiration and innovation benefits from attending the AutoConnections Conference and Exposition. The recipients only have to cover their out of pocket expenses for travel, meals.

Individuals that are interested in applying for a scholarship to the 2012 AutoCon Conference need to go to and fill out the quick application.

For more information on Dealer Synergy, please visit

For more information of Cactus Sky, please visit

For more information on Automotive Internet Sales, please visit

Contact is Sean V. Bradley - You can reach him at 267-319-6776

PR Newswire (

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Paul Long on Customer Loyalty Programs - Digital Dealer 10 Conference from Paul N Long

Discover what frequent flier programs already prove: loyalty programs will give you the best ROI in your digital marketing strategy

Increase your repurchase loyalty, service loyalty and overall profitability. Learn what the airline industry, hospitality industry and the top auto dealers already know: loyalty programs increase bottom line up to 85%. Paul Long defines what customer loyalty programs are and dispels five major myths about them. From his experience in building national loyalty programs in multiple verticals, Long will share what makes a loyal customer and why you want them in your dealership. He will also provide valuable tips to help your business build a loyalty program that will create and keep customers for life. Loyalty allows you to reap the benefits from customers' ongoing relationship to your dealership: increased car sales and fixed operations gross profit.

Learn how to build a loyalty program that motivates action. This seminar will give your dealership the tools and know-how to develop a loyalty strategy that will increase car sales and fixed operations gross profit.

Customer loyalty is a big buzz-word in the automotive world today—in fact most automakers are moving away from CSI scores and focusing on CRS—or customer retention. After all, what good is customer satisfaction if they still don't buy their next vehicle from you? Customer loyalty and retention has a huge impact on profitability, and it's right to focus on it.In fact, as little as a five-percent increase in customer retention can improve a company's bottom-line profitability between 25 percent and 85 percent.

Long will give you an overview of what loyalty marking is and dispel five major myths about it. Then attendees will be shown practical ways to implement a loyalty program in your dealership, and how to track its success. By the end of our session, you'll walk away with both the knowledge and the excitement for building a loyalty program for your business that helps you create and keep customers for life.

After completing this workshop, the attendee will know how to unify sales and fixed operations marketing with a loyalty program

The attendee will be able to calculate the effect which customer loyalty has on bottom-line profitability. • The learner will be able to identify and track three main benefits of successful loyalty programs and loyalty marketing initiatives.

The attendee will be able to develop a loyalty marketing strategy that works for all levels of the organization.

Paul Long, president of re:member group, has been increasing customer loyalty for 15 years. He was integral to the development of the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Program and has since used his extensive knowledge of and experience with loyalty programs to help businesses worldwide. Long particularly enjoys working with auto dealerships, and he has employed new technologies and cutting-edge strategies to create a state-of-the-art infrastructure for effective communications, member tracking, and rewards distribution

Read more… I wanted to congratulate Rob Fontano on his recent cover story. I have had the opportunity to watch Rob evolve over the years and am excited for all of his success. Rob has been through several Dealer Synergy training workshops over the years. I have attached a Flickr link in the post of Rob Fontano and Football great Keith Byars (Formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins). I had Keith Byars as a guest speaker at one of my "Internet Director Immersion Programs" and as a guest speaker at NADA in 2009.


I think Rob came to my "Director Immersion Program" JUST FOR KEITH BYARS LOL! (It was his second Sean V. Bradley / Dealer Synergy workshop!


For all "Automtoive Internet Sales" members... you should really read his article and maybe even reach out to Rob on AIS... He is an awesome person and a great Internet Sales Professional!


Good memories my friend!! And I see that VSEO is working well for you too :)


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Rise and Shine!!


Over a foot of snow in Philadelphia!  Funday Monday....and back to work!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I know I had a very eventful 3 day weekend, and ready to finish the year strong!!  We have 5 days to get in all that we can...STAY FOCUSED!! :)


We just added "Groups" to the website, and will be continuing to better the website with some enhancements coming into 2011.  Click on the section on the bottom left side of the page, and take a look at some of the topics that interest you.  As always, I encourage comments, feedback and questions so we can all "synergize" to get better at what we do. 


I'm proud to say that not only will Sean Bradley be a featured speaker all 3 days at the NADA conference, but we will also be holding a MAJOR Press Conference with some exciting announcements for Dealer Synergy for the New Year!



Read more… "The Next Online Evolution: Video Search" Was FIRST Published in Digital Dealer Magazine in 2007 Did you ever wish you had a hot tip, or like the television show, Early Edition, get tomorrow’s newspaper today and then go out and buy a winning lottery ticket? Even better, what if you could call yourself back in 1985 and tell yourself to buy all the Apple computer stock you could handle. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Sorry, but I can’t help you with those items, but I can share with you that I strongly believe video search is a sleeping giant of an opportunity that is growing and poised to explode at quantum speeds and virtually no one in the auto industry is taking advantage of the opportunity. Everyone knows about search engines and they are used all the time, but I was surprised at the sheer magnitude of their influence. • 88 percent of adults conduct online research prior to completing their purchase. • 67 percent of adults in the United States use search engines as a research tool. • 54 percent of search engine users find web sites to purchase their desired product. • 62 percent of search engine users click a result within the first page. The latest multi-media/video trend is video Internet marketing or Internet 2.0. Video search is the foundation for the next Internet evolution. The new web is evolving to become a very different animal than it is today. It’s truly becoming a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people driven by their individual preferences and desires. Just a few months ago, eMarketer, an online marketing news channel, said more people than ever are watching more online video more frequently. eMarketer estimates that over one-third of the US population will view video on the Internet on average during 2006. By 2010, the US Internet video audience will have grown 45.8 percent to 157 million, up from 107.7 million this year. When Google spent $1.65 billion for 19-month-old online video phenomenon You Tube, it was portrayed as a sign of the triumph of online video. They didn’t buy it just because it was a cool site; they bought it for the audience it reaches. Research shows the current video-viewing audience is predominantly male and most are heading toward middle age rather than their first job. This means that site visitors are in their prime spending age and advertisers need to know they can reach this audience in this new medium. This model is evolving as we speak and will become the way advertisers reach buyers in the future. Companies that succeed in this new medium within the channel will be those that are in the right position to leverage the video viewing community to get their messages across. Just like a traditional web site, video enhanced sites have existing content and keywords married to special events videos, and the various search engines that consumers use each day pick these up. Cyrus Krohn of MSN Video says, “Television has got a lot on the Internet as far as history goes, but the evolution of products I’m envisioning will service both parties,” he said. “I don't know how long it’s going to take, but you’re really going to have a hard time distinguishing between the monitor and the box.” Growth in this area will continue to explode and opportunities for automotive advertising, marketing and branding will be abundant on these video channels. Most people I talk to under 50 are well aware of,, Google Videos and others, and the e-mail I used to get with jokes are now replaced by e-mails with links to online videos. Here are a few more eye opening stats. • For all the clips playing, online video advertising currently comprises just 2.6 percent ($410 million) of total Internet advertising spending ($16.4 billion) • The average video seeker is far more likely to be heading toward middle age rather than heading for his first job. This means that users are in their prime spending age and advertisers need to know how to reach out to them in this new medium. • Time magazine unveiled its “Person of the Year” for 2006 on December 16, 2006, as – you, the creators and consumers of user-generated Internet content like video-file sharing sites YouTube, and the social network site Over the next few years, companies will expand their presence utilizing online videos and keywords they could never have even imagined using today. Television commercials are expensive, but you can put “commercials” and other branding videos online for free. Do you utilize videos on your web site? You can easily tweak them and post them on YouTube and other sites now for free. Film your sales manager giving a brief overview of a new vehicle model and post it on the web. How about posting a short video of your service manager talking about the importance of tire rotation on your new SUV? Can you see a brief clip or series from your business manager explaining the value of an extended service contract? I can also see him or her talking about loyalty programs, GAP coverage and other important aftermarket products. Currently you probably have just a bulletin board in the showroom with testimonial letters from happy customers. Why not film customer testimonials and make your customers “stars on the web?” Are you starting to see the possibilities? You don’t always need a professional film crew to do the videos, but it will help. Try it out with your home video camera, experiment a bit and post a few to see the results and ask for feedback from friends, associates and family. Maybe you have a college nearby with a film program. Invite some of the students to get some experience by videotaping your team for online videos. Some may jump at the chance. You will quickly learn how to make it happen. Let that Steven Spielberg part of you come out, and start working on your next big blockbuster.
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