Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Keith McKinzie, Owner and GM of Sonju Two Harbors from Minnesota, where they recently had the BEST month in the last TEN YEARS!!!
With 210 total sales, they broke their personal record set 10 years ago! Of those 210, more than 140 were from Internet Sales alone!
In interviewing Keith McKinzie, he said some of the things that helped him CRUSH his sales record was "AVA". AVA is a "virtual" personal assistant, almost like a back up BDC....
"What it really did was, it woke up my sales staff to say, "You're not badgering a customer, you're not harassing the customer." These customers WANT service, and service doesn't just greet me once or twice, service is really trying to be OF service and take care of me."
"It takes 5.3 emails to re-engage with a prospect"
*** He goes on to say that it is about the RIGHT people and the RIGHT process.
Keith uses V-Auto and it helps him focus his used car situation. It helps him decide what inventory to buy and why he should buy it.
Keith also is a Polaris dealership (Power Sports) and his Polaris BDC rep is CRUSHING Social Media, more so than with even the car side of the business!
**** Keith is VERY VERY focused on his INVENTORY... finding the RIGHT inventory and selling it for the RIGHT