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Car People, Help Because You Can...

Click the link below to access the Amazon Wishlist 267-319-6776 While many citizens across the country will be enjoying their holiday season with their loved ones, there are countless others in the United States who need the help of those who can. One hotbed of a poverty crisis is the Greater Philadelphia Area; Philadelphia in particular has one of the highest poverty rates out of any major metropolitan area. With your help, we could put an end to suffering for many this holiday season by donating to Help Because You Can. Created by Dealer Synergy President Sean V. Bradley, CSP & CEO Karen Bradley, Help Because You Can is a charitable organization that is committed to giving necessities to the poor and homeless. By visiting and accessing the Help Because You Can Amazon Wishlist, you can partake in the great tradition of giving to those in need. If you have any questions, Sean V. Bradley, CSP invites you to reach out to him personally at 267-319-6776. Please support the cause by donating items necessary to one's survival, rather than money. Be the change in the world that you wish to see and visit

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Sean V. Bradley, CSP

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