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Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy, has been working in the automotive industry for sixteen years. His Keynote address at the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 in Boston is dedicated to teaching his Money Mind Mapp approach for selling more cars, more often, more profitably. Sean’s Money Mind Mapp explains that you must follow a certain formula to achieve success. Money Mind Mapp will show you how many people you must talk to, how many people you need to demo, and how many people you need to spot, daily, weekly, and monthly.

"It doesn't matter how many cars you want to sell, it’s about how many cars, and how much money you need to make." Sean says that you are in control of your own destiny. "You must work hard, be smart, and be consistent."

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Shawnee is a content writer at Dealer Synergy. She graduated from Rowan University with two bachelor's degrees in writing arts and journalism. In her spare time, Shawnee is a singer/songwriter, and has performed all over the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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