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I am excited! The Internet Sales 20 Group 9 is getting close. We almost closed our speakers. I have literally 1 more general session speaking slot and the Keynote slot. I am trying to decide who I am going to invite to do the Keynote. I am thinking I am going to go to my network in the National Speakers Association (NSA). They have some truly amazing professional speakers that bring a whole different perspective since most are not in our industry. It is good to open our eyes and think outside the box. I have personally learned so much from the NSA.
I am ALSO looking for Panelists for 3 different categories (3 separate panels).
1. HR / Recruiting
2. Digital MArketing
3. Video
I am open to vendor panelist but am looking for awesome Dealership representatives (meaning, currently you own or work at a dealership, not just at one time in the past).
I am very serious about looking for panelists, so if you think you would be perfect for the #IS20G 9 Conference please email me or call me or call / text me 267-319-6776
*** If you know someone that would be a great panelist please let them know of the opportunity.


Sean V. Bradley, CSP

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