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This is what a $250,000+ in cars looks like :) Here is why I work my a$$ off! I started from the bottom with absolutely NOTHING. Projects of NYC, Violence, Neglect, Boys Home, Prison, BROKE and every other excuse you can conjure for failure, for giving up. BUT... I did NOT give up. I WORKED MY ASS off and I REFUSED to be complacent with Mediocrity! I REFUSED to listen to the world tell me I could not or I would not be successful. Granted, I am NOT Grant Cardone with a Private Jet ... But I don't want to ever be someone else or live someone els's Dream. I LOVE being, Sean V Bradley Csp. I have made over $25 Million Dollars personally and am looking to break that $100,000,000 Million Mark. Yes, I am sure in the future I will have an ORANGE Private Jet :) But, I am enjoying my journey. I LOVE my life, my family, my friends and my clients. They ALL motivate me. EVEN my #Haters , they motivate me too! I am sure some Haters will be talking ish because I make these posts. I do it to MOTIVATE people, I do it to MOTIVATE myself. As a matter of fact, in this video is an Internet Director from #Boston, Myles Tucci who is like minded and wants to become, a #MillionaireCarSalesman. I do it because I can...
If you want to become a #Millionaire , then surround yourself with like minded people and make shit happen.
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Sean V. Bradley, CSP

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