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Automotive Internet Sales Director Sells 400+ Units Per Month & 1 Million Gross!

Chris is a member of Automotive Internet Sales... So if you like this interview, connect with him on AIS and build your netw

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5 Types Of Videos Car Pros Need On The Web


The right kind of online videos can be like a army of car pros going out to work for you day in and day out 24/7. 

Notice I did say the "right kind" of video? Thats because there is no shortage of the wrong kind or same kind of videos out there on

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About Bradley On Demand  • About AutoLoop

AutoSuccess November Cover Stort

The #1 Sales Trainer and the #2 Nissan Sales Consultant Discuss The
Two Most Essential Tools for your Dealership-CRM & Training

There is a great deal of moving parts in

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5 Quick Tips For Creating Quality Video Now


Poor quality video is not only bad for your brand but also bad for business. 

Amateur/bad design is never good to a brands equity (especially online),and designing a amateur/bad video is bad for business because it won't generate you business. 


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I'm starting my third decade in the automotive industry. There are two reasons that I believe right now is the best time to be in the car business. The first reason is the massive amounts of data at our disposal.

The majority of the guesswork that

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