February 2017 CM/MS Reports

Cornell Canty MS Report 2/2/2017

Cornell Canty Audio Clip 2/2/2017

Maurico Quiroga CM Report 2/1/2017

Maurico Quiroga CM Audio 2/1/2017

Luke Warner CM Report 2/2/2017

Luke Warner CM Audio 2/2/2017

James Jasper CM Report 2/6/2017

James Jasper CM Audio 2/6/2017

Jemal Dye CM Report 2/6/2017

Jemal Dye CM Audio 2/6/2017

Reggie James CM Report 2/12/2017

Reggie James CM Audio 2/12/2017

Charlie Chararria MS Report 2/16/2017

Charlie Chararria MS Audio 2/16/2017

Yusuf Yusuf Audio 2/20/2017

Yusuf Yusuf Report 2/20/2017

CJ Thomas Audio 2/20/2017

CJ Thomas CM Report 2/20/2017

David Dutton Audio 2/19/2017

David Dutton CM Report 2/19/2017

Moe Ghannam CM Audio 2/20/2017

Moe Ghannam CM Report 2/20/2017

Ruben Argueta CM Audio 2/20/2017

Ruben Argueta CM Report 2/20/2017

Rolando De Paz CM Report 2/18/2017

Roland De Paz CM Audio 2/18/2017

February End of Month Report

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