March 2016 Meeting Recaps

The following notes are for the GTM on 3/14/2016:

  • More understanding of how system works, they need to fix the leads and take out the dead leads as well. They will be having a total of 6 coordinators before the end of the month, they have been doing Bradley on Demand training as well as the 3 minute books for themselves as well.
  • Heather is moving to sales as of tomorrow but will still be utilized as a point guard. The leads are going to become more spread out and even and hoping to get the schedule fixed with all the coordinators.
  • One of the new coordinators starts on the phone today, will be looking for a call from her to grade before the end of the week and again on Monday to make sure she is on track.
  • Franca is making a grading sheet for outbound calls since they are recorded so we can listen to see if they are using the outbound script correctly. They are the only dealership we have to date that has recorded outbound calls.
  • They are going to need to start confirming appointments, 100% TO when they need to and there will be a Google doc uploaded so they can have a record of why their shown appointments aren't buying since it is such a dramatic number.
  • The director will continue to do the coordinators scorecards to ensure the best accuracy.
  • Working on getting them a missed opportunity sheet so they can fill out in detail why there are so many people showing up for appointments and not buying.

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