July 2014 Vendor of the Month

Our company is proud to announce Remora as the July Vendor of the Month on Automotive Internet Sales. Automotive Internet Sales brings thousands of automotive professionals together and provides a hub for conversation. Christian Jorn, the president of Remora, has been in the automotive SEO industry for 7 years, prior to the presidential position he was the Internet Sales Manager at a Ford dealership in a very rural market, where he increased the dealerships sales by over 100%.

What makes Remora unique is their hands on approach with their clients. Becoming the most visible dealership in your market is extremely valuable, it makes all the difference in the world and Remora specializes in making a dealership more visible. No hand on approach is complete without a successfully proven process. Their process includes the building and planning of your brand. Once this is clear it helps make what is needed to build the online presence clear.

Next, they market products very aggressively. Finally, is the conversion rate; turning leads into customers. Remora’s site is 3 times faster than the average site, providing the ultimate customer experience.

While there is a debate over the value in paid versus organic search. The facts are 5%-10% of a Dealership's foot traffic comes through paid ads; the rest comes from organic search. Paying for ads may not always be best; the backbone is in the strong SEO, it is crucial.

One of Remora's strongest clients is Bill Dube Hyundai. The focus of Bill Dube Hyundai site is inventory, as it should be. The reason the website is so successful is the ease of search on the website itself. Visitors generally know what they're looking for, and by giving them a place to search, you're winning their trust. To boil all of their success down, it's essential to have clean, working inventory pages. When someone knows what they are doing, they just know. Car websites have experienced 20% increases in sales within 3 months, users’ report 15%-30% growth that is compounded approximately within the year. The numbers speak for themselves and their unique form of digital marketing is revolutionary. Not only are they user friendly but they are taking dealer sites to another level. Once again, we are proud to be working with Remora.