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North Miami Beach, FL


May 6

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Jon Lamb posted a blog post
Establishing long-term relationships with you customers is becoming more challenging than ever before. You can't rely on any single channel to get in front of them and truly reach them with your messages if you're only hitting them from one or two f…
Oct 8, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
There's nothing wrong with shopping at the local supercenter. The convenience of getting toilet paper, bananas, a video camera, and a package of socks for the kids all in the same place saves time and often saves money as well. However, there are li…
Oct 6, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
Accuracy.There, I said it. Within that one word lies the keys to unlocking the true potential of the customer data you have available to you. If you have the most accurate data, you'll be able to craft marketing, conquest, and retention campaigns th…
Oct 4, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
Conquest sales can be exhilarating. Let's face it, there's something medieval, even carnal about the concept of taking sales from your competitors. Even the action itself has an incredible name. "Conquest" - it sounds epic and it's something that we…
Oct 2, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
If there's one thing that gets me riled up when talking to dealers, it's finding out that there are two completely different strategies being applied to their traditional and digital marketing. It made sense a decade ago when the digital age was fir…
Sep 30, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
There is a ton of confusion out there when it comes to digital and traditional marketing. Despite the rise of the "savvy dealer" over the last few years, it is still clear that many of the offerings companies are putting out there focus on intangibl…
Jun 8, 2014
Jon Lamb updated their profile
Jun 5, 2014
Jon Lamb commented on Jon Lamb's blog post Marketing to Your Customer Database is Like Baking a Great Muffin
"Thank you Sean. #honored"
Jun 5, 2014
Jon Lamb posted a blog post
There are muffins, and there are great muffins. The kind we get our of a plastic package from a vending machine or at a continental breakfast at a hotel usually meets the hunger requirements, but it's usually not exceptionally enjoyable. Compare tha…
Jun 5, 2014