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Charlotte, NC


June 4

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Senior Internet Marketing Consultant - PPC Specialist

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ReachLocal specializes in helping businesses get discovered where their customers are spending their time - Online. We're the only company out there with the ability to not only track the revenue generating events that matter, but also optimize your advertising around this valuable information. Our Goal? To spend your advertising dollars as wisely, efficiently and successfully as possible. ReachLocal helps businesses advertise on 98% of Search Engines including Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Bing, Ask and more. We track every campaign conversion including calls, emails, contact forms, purchases, etc. Reporting on these activities is available to the client 24/7. ReachLocal's technology intelligently and automatically manages each campaign so that preference is given to conversion-producing keywords. In other words, campaigns continuously perform better and better. The ReachLocal extensive display network reaches 90% of the U.S. online audience covering popular news, entertainment, lifestyle and social websites. Through Remarketing, we reengage previous website visitors. ReachLocal also gets CPM rates far below the "going rate".

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