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Are you building value during your presentation/demonstration?

In the automotive industry we must learn the difference between building value versus just giving the car away.  We've all seen the sales professional that sells 15 cars for the month and makes $1,500 i.e. 15 mini deals.  How demotivating to spend an entire month putting in 60+ hours and then see a less than average paycheck; I truly believe the solution to this problem is one must learn how to build value and hold gross while your presenting your four square.  I've heard too many people complain about not making any money and at the end of the day he/she must look in the mirror and analyze themselves. 

Here are a couple things that I believe will help end this epidemic:

  • Stop letting the sales manager/closer close 99% of your deals i.e. become a closer not a order taker!!
  • Get the consumer excited about making their next biggest purchase next to buying a home
  • Spend some time outside of work perfecting your closing skills
  • Get better with product knowledge
  • Always assume the sale
  • Don't wait until the first pencil to close the sale ask closing questions during the sale

There are many more but I just wanted to point out a few that I believe will help with helping people get better with holding gross.  Good luck and good selling..... 


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  • Looking forward to it! 

  • Thanks Sean!! I love your idea of breaking the strategy down to give everybody more substance that he/she can begin to use immediately. I'm so excited about this topic because we are in a industry that we can control our destiny. One of my favorite formulas is: Preparation + Opportunity=Success!!

    I'll begin the process of breaking down the variables mentioned above very soon everybody please stay tuned....
  • JR, this is a great post! My only suggestion is to elaborate... explain to everyone "HOW" they can do all of these things.

    For example, lets figure out how they can become better closers. Maybe they can create a powerful word track list, including expectations, objections and rebuttals... and practice them on a daily basis. Maybe role play with some of their peers at the dealership or maybe practice, drill, rehearse with someone in their family etc.... 

    In my opinion, a goal becomes more realistic if there is substance, if there are specifics. 

    But, I LOVE your post! Great job J.R. 

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