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The Internet has made it possible for car shoppers to have numerous options, outside of their local dealerships, when it is time to purchase a new car. While this gives small dealerships an even playing field to compete with their larger competitors, marketing professionals in the automotive industry have been forced to alter their marketing strategies to adapt to the changes in technology. 

For lack of a better term, today's car shoppers have become lazy. They expect marketing professionals to read their minds and automatically address their needs. Although tedious and at times frustrating, having the ability to identify your customer's needs can be very beneficial to the success of your dealership. 

More Prepared - By identifying your customers' needs before hand, you will be more prepared to interact with them once they enter your dealership. Doing your research prior to meeting your clients, will help you to address their concerns and surpass their expectations. 

Shows you are listening - Having the ability to identify your customer's needs, shows that you are paying attention. If you take the time to consider your shopper's needs, get to know their likes and dislikes, and make changes that reflect their concerns, your customer will appreciate your efforts. Additionally, they will see that you value them as individuals, and will ultimately be more likely to make a purchase, refer your dealership to others, or be a return customer. 

While the changes in technology have forced marketing professionals to alter the way they do business, having to know your customer on a more personal level does have some benefits. Identifying your buyer's needs beforehand helps you be more prepared to serve them, as well as shows that you value them. 

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