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Today the internet is playing a bigger role than ever before in marketing cars. Research and statistics have proven that internet shopping has become more popular than flipping through pages of a catalog or a news paper. There are a variety of websites out there, such as,, and, whose purpose is to attract people who are shopping for vehicles. With the purpose of distributing the leads to dealerships, each dealership also has its own website to provide information about the dealerships vehicle inventory, employees, reputation, etc. What separates your website from your competitors? Is it your websites inventory? Is it your company’s reputation?

The bottom line is this...Internet Leads are here to stay regardless how your website looks or how easy it is for the customer to find what they are looking for. The challenges of building rapport with an internet lead are much more difficult compared to that phone call lead. Your company’s website has to be one step ahead of your competitors. Lead follow up must be ten times faster than your competitors. Your internet department must be tight, well organized, have a process that is proven to work and more important, your internet department must be properly managed.

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