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3rd (25) ;

One of my Dealers just forwarded me this official email from Vehix sent him yesterday... 

Dear Vehix Dealer,

As you may know, Comcast Spotlight has owned Vehix since 2008. As part of an ongoing evaluation of Comcast Spotlight’s business strategy and focus, it was determined that the Vehix business does not currently align with the company’s strategic direction. As a result, Vehix operations will be winding down by June 30. This business decision does not change Comcast Spotlight’s commitment to the automotive segment. In fact, we are continuing to devote significant resources to ensuring Comcast Spotlight remains the advertising services provider of choice for the automotive community.

Q:        What does this mean for your business? 
A:        Vehix leads and dealer advertisements will be delivered through June 30, 2012.

Q:        What does this change mean for dealer support?
A:        The Vehix dealer team will provide regular support through this process. This support includes questions about inventory feeds/photos, lead disputes and credits. To ensure your invoice is accurate, please review and submit all lead disputes and credits by July 10, 2012. Your prompt payment on all invoices is appreciated.

Q:        Who do I contact with questions about the transition?     
A:        Please call a Vehix dealer specialist at 801-401-6060.

As Vehix leaves the highway, I want to sincerely thank you for your support. has long been a valuable place to promote your vehicles and reach buyers as they search for a new or used car. It’s easy to look back and say with pride that it has been a great ride.

Best regards,
Derek Mattson
Vehix CEO

Inquiries from members of the press/media should be directed to Chris Ellis of Comcast Spotlight (,215-286-7771).

*** I couldn't help it, but this song popped into my head immediately. What are your thoughts about Vehix being phased out? Do you care? Does it even matter?

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CarWoo! is an online new-car buying service and marketplace. Buyers come to CarWoo!, state which car they are looking for and CarWoo!’s network of over 5000 dealers compete to sell the buyer the car.

Technically the product is an semi-anonymous (first name, last initial, zip code) engagement tool. The buyer’s personal contact information (address, phone number, email) are kept private until the buyer accepts an offer from the dealer they want to buy the car from. This helps the consumer avoid spam emails and unwanted phone calls that are common when people buy new cars using “Request a Quote” processes many other online sites use.

CarWoo! has two plans for car buyers. CarWoo! Basic, a $19 plan, offers buyers a search for a vehicle and guarantees 2-3 dealers will compete. CarWoo! Plus, a $49 plan, offers buyers a search for a vehicle and guarantees 5 dealers will compete, but is not capped and as many as 15 dealers have participated in many deals. Both plans offer the buyer privacy protection and CarWoo!’s 100% Happiness Guarantee.

For car dealers, CarWoo! offers the highest quality online car buyers to the dealer for no charge. Dealers are offered the opportunity to engage with car buyers in an online setting that is social and non-threatening to the car buyer. A dealer that uses CarWoo! has an online dashboard where they can engage with all car buyers near them, make them firm offers on cars they have for sale and see how their offer’s stack up competitively against dealer’s vying for the buyers business.

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As you know or if you’re not already aware, is going direct to dealers. They’re cutting out the middle man (AutoUSA, Dealix and Autobytel) and coming after our business with a newly hired sales team.

edmunds vs TrueCar pricing analysisDealers, WE/YOU have a very important choice to make that WILL help determine change (good or bad) to our industry. Keep in mind, has never been one to treat the dealer fairly.

I’ve been watching this for a while, and it’s not rocket science, but follow me…

A few years ago, Zag is re-selling leads to dealers per lead basis. Zag changes their subscription model and starts charging dealers on a per sold basis.

“So I don’t pay unless I sell a car?” – nope. That is music to a dealer’s ears!

However, in order to determine what to charge you, Zag needs access to your DMS in order to match-up customer sold data (dare they say “transactional data to the dealer”) with the leads they’ve sent you over the last few months.

Dealers don’t think twice about signing up for the new Zag subscription model. But not thinking twice is the potential issue. You just signed an agreement allowing a 3rd party company to proudly scrub your DMS for YOUR transactional data! Only to use this data to power a CONSUMER facing price analysis tool – TrueCar!

TrueCar Inc. is an automotive solutions provider focused on changing how cars are sold by providing a significantly better customer experience while helping qualified dealer partners to gain incremental market share and reduce costs. is a transparent, visual publisher of new car transaction data.

How much more transparency does our business need? Perhaps this is nothing more than the evolution of our business.

I’ve spoken to several higher-ups at TrueCar and trust me, this is a determined company. They “want to change the way cars are sold and bought”. Yeah, we’ve heard this before, but this time we dealers need to listen and pay attention.

The challenge; how does TrueCar turn TrueCar to be a household brand?

Let’s review the top visited online automotive research sites …

Edmunds Most Visit Site

In order for TrueCar to become a household name, they need a platform to brand themselves. fits the bill.

Before I go any further, allow me to inform you the following is pure speculation on my part… ;)

TrueCar’s people speak to Edmunds people about a possible synergy between the two. They consider a deal UNTIL say “Whoooaa – wait a second, we already have a TrueCar piece and it’s over a decade old”. TMV – True Market Value.

For sure you haven’t forgotten about TMV have you? quickly figures out exactly what they need to do. Sell direct to the dealers. And in return suckering dealers into allowing them to pull their transactional data. Dealer Contract for DMS Polling

Click here for a copy of the Dealer Agreement For Dealers.

TrueCar already claims to have over 40% of all transactional data In the United States. Dealers allowed this to happen due to our ignorance and oversight.

Are you going to allow to have YOUR data as well?

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PRICE PRICE PRICE....Well take a look at these numbers!!  AutoUSA is a lead source provider to 4000+ dealerships nationwide!,b7Wgd1Lp


VERY interesting article...look at what MOST dealerships recognize as the main reasons for growth (where is PRICE at on that list?!?).  This why it is so very important to not only be online, but also have a GOOD reputation and reviews by our customers that we deal with everyday!  Make sure that when our internet customers close thier eyes and invision your dealership(s)...what do they see?  An untrustworthy place to do business? or a fun and easy place to purchase their next vehicle???


You must have a "difference" in the way you do business and treat customers...rather than be the Badger Salesman (see the "Fun Stuff" Group if you have NEVER seen the badger!) 


A proven better solution to "buying more 3rd party leads" - as the article suggested dealers are doing moving into 2011 - we all know that generating our OWN leads is a much more successful operation in overall closing ratio, not to mention name exposure and exclusivity. 

If you need any help with your Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Reputation, and/or overall exposure on the Internet, please don't hesitate to contact me personally for a FREE Synergy Session, and a customized digital solution for your dealer group!  Happy New Year to everyone!!


Andy Fedo

VP of Training

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