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Prospecting For Automotive Sales Professionals With Fran Taylor At The Internet Sales 20 Group

Prospecting For Automotive Sales Professionals With Fran Taylor At The Internet Sales 20 Group from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

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SOCIALDEALER, a leading social media management company that helps automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social activities through one centralized web platform, today announced Phil Penton, President of SOCIALDEALER, has been interviewed by

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Inside a LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Reviewing Benchmark Composites - Sean V. Bradley - Automotive Sales from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

Inside a LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Reviewing Benchmark Composites - Automotive Internet Sales

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AUDUBON, NJ -- The next Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group has been scheduled for Dallas, Texas March 19th -21st 2013. Due to the massive success of Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago coupled with the high demand for dates for the next 20 group, Sean V. Bradley and Karen M. Bradley decided to schedule the next Internet Sales 20 Group in Dallas, Texas immediately.
Sean V. Bradley was quoted as saying, "Considering the all star line up of speakers and strategically planned curriculum, we all had high expectations going into the Chicago Internet Sales 20 Group, but I have to be honest and humbly state that those expectations were not only met, but also greatly exceeded. The feedback was phenomenal. Industry elite and veterans alike told us that this was literally one of the best Automotive Internet Sales events ever. By the second day everyone was asking when is the next one? So we decided to waste no time."
Karen Bradley describes the 4 primary differences between Internet Sales 20 Group and any other event in the industry today are:
1. The Interaction
The entire event's instructional design was designed to encourage massive interaction, massive "Synergy" between attendee and attendee and between speakers and attendees too, like a traditional "20 Group. Even the sponsors played a vital role in the interaction.
2. The "Prep" Work
We invested months and over $25,000 in evaluating the first 20 dealerships that signed up by:
a. Conducting two separate mystery shop calls, which were recorded and the MP3's attached, along with the report card
b. Evaluating the dealerships' Social Media relevancy and standing
c. Evaluating the dealerships' online reputation
d. Identifying the dealerships' website S.W.O.T.
e. Evaluating the dealerships' SEO penetration and relevancy
f. Evaluating each dealer's 3rd party lead opportunity in their market
3. The "Exit Strategy"
A lot of us attend workshops and leave with great ideas, but we fail to execute those ideas. We created a very powerful "exit strategy" and literally worked with each individual attendee to create an executable action plan, based on what they learned at the Internet Sales 20 Group, to take back to their dealership for immediate implementation. Accountability partners were assigned and an accountability partner contract signed, ensuring the implementation and success of the action plan.
4. Five Week Follow Up Webinar and Continued Involvement
Most workshops end once the attendee walks out the door, but not the Internet Sales 20 Group. All attendees are invited to join their own private group on where members are encouraged to interact and further "synergize." This private group is composed of the exact members you spent 2.5 days with, so you are already familiar and have developed professional relationships with each other. In addition to the private networking group, the workshop is followed up by a week 5 post workshop group webinar which will answer any open questions and identify who is and who isn't accomplishing their action plan.
The Internet Sales 20 Group is proud to announce that Ralph Paglia has come on board as a full partner of the event.
With Ralph Paglia comes the sponsorship of Automotive Media Partners, LLC. Including both Automotive Digital and Dealer Elite.
Paglia's performance at Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago in October was cited by several dealers in attendance as providing them with key Internet sales process components.
The Chicago discussion panel on day 1 that included both Ralph Paglia and J.D. Rucker has been described by several attendees as one of the most useful discussions around reputation management process in a car dealership ever witnessed at an automotive conference.
One of the dealership "Best Practices" presented by Paglia in Chicago was an innovative Appointment Reception process for car dealers with Business Development Centers (BDC). Proven in dozens of dealerships and described and the "missing link" in streamlining and optimizing the hand-off from a BDC to the sales department, Chicago Internet Sales 20 Group attendees went away with a means of selling more new and used vehicles during their month after the event.
Within the first ten days after the conclusion of Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago, several dealers have experienced significant improvements in Appointment Shows to Sales close ratios. Improved sales rates to BDC scheduled appointments begin immediately after implementing the Appointment Reception process defined by Paglia which includes reviewing a visit agenda upon the customer's arrival at the dealership.
Media Sponsors for the event include:
Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group sponsors include:
  • KPA
  • True Car
  • Dealix
  • Carsdirect
  • Autobytel
  • Car-Mercial
  • AutoSuccess Magazine
  • More Sponsors to be announced…
Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group is proud to announce that several of the auto industry's most respected and influential subject matter experts, speakers and trainers. The speaker roster includes:
  • Peter Martin
  • Jim Ziegler
  • JD Rucker
  • Ralph Paglia
  • Robert Wiesman
  • Stan Sher
  • Sean V. Bradley
  • Karen M. Bradley
  • More speakers to be announced…
Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago exceeded dealer expectations for the event and is being described as a huge success with many rave reviews from dealer attendees, sponsors and industry experts. The workshops and monthly follow up with dealer attendees will continue to evolve and improve upon what is already proving to be a major competitive advantage for the dealers who participate.
If you would like to participate in the positive synergy and success that made our Chicago event a home run for the dealers who participated, join us in Dallas on March 19th-21st. Register online at
Contact Amanda Melendez by email at
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I am BEYOND proud of John Hinderer Honda and their AWESOME Business Development Center!!

And ESPECIALLY Rob Stewart. Rob is a new employee at the dealership (less than 4 months). He had no prior automotive sales experience. This man made almost 3,000 phone calls himself, he followed the Dealer Synergy process EXACTLY and POOF! He is responsible for almost 80 units getting delivered LAST MONTH!
I have been in Automotive Internet Sales for almost 14 years and have to say, that Rob has one of the BEST performances and success that I have EVER seen.

As you can see in the gotomeeting interview, he is simple... he works his plan, he works his pay plan. He does NOT make excuses, he does not take short cuts. On the contrary, he works hard, he works consistently and he works strategically.

The result is:

  • 2,892 phone calls made
  • 640 connections
  • 201 appointments
  • 134 appointments showed
  • 76 units delivered

October 2012, was the BEST month ever for the John Hinderer Honda BDC...

They delivered 142 units out of the Internet Sales Department and MORE than 50% came from 1 BDC Rep!

Any question...?

Please feel free to comment, email or call me.

Lets sell some cars!


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The Internet Sales 20 Group

Recently the Internet Sales 20 Group just concluded in Downtown Chicago and it was a huge success! It wasn’t just a “regular” workshop or convention. It was set up like a traditional “20 Group”, including a full blown benchmark composite. The first 20 different dealerships that signed up for the Internet Sales 20 Group were thoroughly analyzed in 7 Key Performance Indicators “KPIs”…

  1. Two different  “Mystery Shop” phone calls that were recorded and graded (Executed by Dealer Synergy)
  2. Complete analysis of their Social Media penetration and relevancy (Executed by Social Dealer)
  3. Complete analysis of their online reputation (executed by Social Dealer)
  4. Deep analysis of their SERP reports, Search Engine Optimization Standings (executed by Car-Mercial)
  5. Complete 3rd Party Lead opportunities within a 10 and 25 mile radius (executed by Dealix)
  6. Complete Website effectiveness analysis (executed by Dealer Synergy)
  7. Complete Market Rater Reports (executed by Rich Dealers)

All this data was extracted or created without any assistance of the dealer(s). Once all of this data was created it was put into composite form, which means that the Dealerships’ names were removed and replaced with a dealership “ID Code”. This was to protect the identity of the individual dealerships and respect their privacy in public. Then the dealerships were “ranked” in numerical order based on the very best at the top of the composite list and the weakest at the bottom. This makes it very easy for the members to see what is “good” and what is “poor” and more importantly where they stack up against their peers.

So when the workshop opened up, everyone received a yellow legal envelope sealed with a gold “Internet Sales 20 Group Seal” and inside was an actual composite. If you were one of the dealerships analyzed, you would have additional content in your envelope. Basically an additional 50+ pages of the composite breakdown.

The very first part of the Internet Sales 20 Group was a Dealer Principal and Orlando Fuller from Dealer Synergy explaining exactly what an Internet Sales 20 Group composite was, how do you read one, where the data comes from and when you get back to your dealerships, where you can extract that data yourself.  Then for about 2 and half hours the Internet Sales 20 Group reviewed each part of the composite, almost like “question starters”. Once we reviewed a particular section, we would have incredible interaction with the audience and remember the audience was a majority of Dealer Principals, GMs and high level Internet / BC Directors. So, the interaction was powerful and strategic.  For example when we reviewed the section on online reputation, it spurred into this major section on EVERYTHING “Dealership Online Reputation”. Ralph Paglia and JD Rucker were amazing subject matter experts and kept the audience captivated with best practices, ideas and strategies for maximizing dealership online reputation.

Susan givens gave a powerful presentation on “AutoSuccess Dealership Best Practices” Including in her presentation were case studies and examples from some of the top dealerships in the country. Susan was very unique because she comes from a neutral position. She gets feedback from both dealers and dealer vendors. People were taking pages of notes during her presentation.

What was crazy was that was only the first day! After the day came to a close, everyone met downstairs of the Chicago Hilton and awaited the caravan of 14 passenger limos, courtesy of Car Ad Guys  that took everyone to the Ultra VIP party, courtesy of Reach Local at the “Carnivale Chicago”. The group was met by fire breathers and dancers outside the Carnivale that performed just for them. And inside their were other “Carnivale” entertainment… They had people lying on a bed of nails and some of the Internet Sales 20 Group members were able to stand on the chest of the guy laying on the bed of nails lol! The food and ambiance was utterly fabulous but the night got even better when we hosted the “Best Idea” contest. We started with almost 60 “Best Ideas”, the judges narrowed it down to the final 5 and then the audience voted (like X Factor or American Idol style) for the “Best Idea”. Mr. Ben Heath from Clift Buick GMC won the $1,000 Cash prize, courtesy of Helion. Ben’s idea was called “Perfect Match”.

I can not possible go over the entire hugely successful Internet Sales 20 Group in one article, so I decided to give a first day overview. Next article I will break down the rest of the Internet Sales 20 Group with actual details and strategies learned at the 20 Group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Thank you-

Here are some videos from the event:
Ralph Paglia was a Speaker at the Internet Sales 20 Group


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Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago IL

Wow,  talk about information overload.  I have been to several workshops and seminars over the years but the Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group that just concluded in Chicago IL was by far one of the most informative that I have attended.  In addition to myself, our dealer group sent two General Sales Managers and a General Manager.   On day one we had a goal to get at least five actionable ideas that we could implement, we left with over 20.  

Sean Bradley and the entire Dealer Synergy team put together not only an awesome event, but created a new benchmark.  Not only did we attend a fantastic workshop, we are now members of a group of like minded dealerships where we can exchange ideas, compare and measure performance.   

Not sure when the next Internet Sales 20 Group will be but you really need to get your dealership involved.  This is not just a workshop or seminar it is a real 20 group and your dealership will benefit big time.  

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Lets keep it as "real" as possible... We are in the car business for one reason... TO MAKE MONEY!!  If you want to hug trees and save the earth, you are in the wrong industry. Don't get me wrong, you can make a ton of money and DONATE it to those charities... but as far as anything deeper... a Car Dealership is not the place to "change the world". So, lets be honest with each other... PLEASE. 

Now, that we got that out of the way we can focus on the issue at hand here... MAKING MONEY. If you are NOT interested in making money, then please LOG OFF NOW. 

Let me start by introducing myself to those of you who do not know me... I am Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy and I am a Millionaire Car Salesman! There are numerous people in the Auto industry that are Millionaires but few who who have come from the places I have come and achieved what I have achieved. 

Let me give you a little background. I came from a HORRIBLE Child Hood, Psychotic Family, Terrible Abuse, Tortured both physically and mentally. Dead Beat Father... He was NEVER around. Everyone HATED me as a kid. I was sent to a boys home when I was 12 until I was 15... 3 years in an institution as a kid. 

I came home put myself in College. I put my self in the ARMY ROTC, I put myself in Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity... I worked for every cent I had. It was hard, but it was MINE.

(I had SOME TRULY SUREAL EXPERIENCES THAT I WILL OutLINE iN THE FUTURE) But... Long Story Short, I dropped out of college and got a "JOB" at a car dealership... mostly because they gave me a DEMO LOL!! 

I then went from being DEAD broke to being salesman of the month... salesman of the YEAR (Weisleder Lincoln Mercury Mazda). I was a REAL 30 Car GUY!! 

I went through EVERY training the dealership gave me, every training from the OEM, EVERY training from the  Internet Sale Companies... Hell, I studied EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING I could! 

** I actually studied website design. I read books on HTML, Dynamic HTML, JAVA, Macromedia FLASH, Front Page, Dream Weaver etc...

I studied the VERY early Search Engine Optimization... utilizing software like "Web Position Gold". 

I went to workshop after workshop... I even got certified at the International Academy of Search Engine Optimization & Wordtracker...

I spent YEARS chasing and FINALLY getting the partnership with FranklinCovey... I spent another 3 years flying all over the United States getting CERTIFIED as a Facilitator and Instructor of the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" AND... "The 5 Choices Of Extraordinary Productivity". I even got the opportunity to meet Dr. Stephen Covey!! 

I even managed to get accepted into the National Speakers association (NSA). 

I went from a College degenerate, broke and desperate to... successful.

Because, I was gaining knowledge, I started gaining success.... because I was successful, I started to MAKE MONEY. 

***People, I left Cherry Hill Nissan in 2003 making approximately $170,000 as a BDC Director!! 

I had ONLY been in the car business 5 years... 5 friggen years!!! From BROKE to FLUSH... $170,000 at age 26 

I was 26 making almost $200,000 per year, driving a Lexus etc... And then I gave it all up to "roll the dice" and start a consulting company. 

You have NO idea how many people told me I was crazy giving up that Salary, that demo, that security, everything... 

I didn't care! I felt I was destined for something BIGGER... I felt I had it in me to do something even bigger. I had NO official business education or skills yet I decided to "roll the dice" and start a national company with NO MONEY... LOL! 

Well people it worked! I have generated OVER Ten Million Dollars. ($10,000,000+) Not Bad for a "Piece of Shit" "project kid"... 

I LOVE this industry. I really do... I BLEED Gasoline. I am a "Car Guy". I LOVE this industry, because you can EARN as MUCH as you want! 

Do you REALLY want to make money? Are you tired of the "carats"? Let me HELP YOU FOR FREE! 

Why should you listen to me...?

  • Well for starters I am a Millionaire
  • I have generated over 10 Million... actually $11,000,000+ for MYSELF! 
  • I Own Millions of Dollars in Real Estate 
  • I have Porsches, Mercedes, Motorcycles, ATVs and other Motor Sports 
  • I have security... Millions in Life Insurance, 401Ks etc... 
  • Hundreds of Thousands in Jewelry....
  • Assets, Assets, Assets and MORE Assets... 
  • Married to a BEAUTIFUL Woman with 3 AMAZING Kids and Boxer Puppy Named "7". 

*** I know how to make money

I have EVERYTHING that a Human Being can possibly want or NEED!

Everything I have is BECAUSE of the Car Industry... Everything I am, Everything I have is because of the Car Industry.

You have NO IDEA... I am FIRST GENERATION in this country. My family was and some are STILL VERY POOR. They live in the "Hood", They live in the projects of New York City and London... 

I have realized the American dream. I am able to give my children things I ONLY saw on TV... Things that I only fantasized about as a kid. These things are my everyday reality. 

How crazy is it that I own a whole national company with over 20 FULL time employees (not to mention part timers, interns and general contract agents...) that depend on Dealer Synergy to feed themselves and their families... It is surreal! It is an honor to have this responsibility and it is crazy that I went from destitute to BOSS... But it is all thanks to the CAR BUSINESS! 

I am tremendously grateful for being in the BEST INDUSTRY in the world. In an industry that can take a "piece of shit nobody and make him into a Millionaire BOSS that can change lives all over this country! 

Guess what... YOU CAN TOO! Seriously if I can do it... YOU CAN TOO! I have literally trained THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people! I have seen fledglings become successful, I have been blessed to have mentored  countless entrepreneurs and Automotive Professionals...

Do you REALLY want to be successful...? Do you REALLy want to learn how to MASTER YOUR CRAFT and BECOME a Millionaire Car Sales Man?  

I can help You and I will help you... As a matter of fact, it is MY RESPONSIBILITY and DUTY to HELP YOU! 

I have been Blessed by having some AMAZING Mentors in my life that took the time to teach me, motivate me, inspire me... be PATIENT with me. And thank GOD they did... Look at me now! 

I want to help as many people as possible. All you have to do is EMBRACE ME and my philosophy.

You might ask "Why"... Why do you want to help me? 

Great question! 

Here is my Answer... Life is too short! We ONLY have 86,400 seconds in a day and when they are gone they are gone! 

A VERY dear friend of mine, an inspiration of mine, a friend of mine and a business associate of mine just DIED at age 42 years old. WTF?? He was a beautiful human being... hell, a BETTER person than ME and he is gone. As an Automotive Professional Would Say "It Is What It Is"! But I think of Karry EVERY DAY. I DO... I realize that life is TOO SHORT. I sincerely want to help people. I want to see people EVOLVE, I want to assist people with their "work / life balance". I have been blessed with more than I could have EVER hoped for. I want to GIVE BACK. 

If you are seriously interested in learning from me, if you are serious about evolving, if you are serious about SYNERGY ... let me know. It would be my pleasure to share in your success! 

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