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Google has entered the New Car Lead business with the recent unveiling and introduction of the Google Commercial Unit For Cars (CUFC). There is very little information regarding this new lead program for dealers, but here's what we know:

  • Essentially, Google will pull the new inventories of dealerships (those participating in the program) in the area of the consumer and display the search results 
  • However, these unique search results with dealerships' inventory will only pop up when the consumer types in what Google calls "low funnel" search terms.
    • Here are an example of a few "low funnel" search terms: "New Honda Civic", "Toyota prices," etc..
  • This new program is still in BETA mode, and therefore, dealerships will have to pay per lead. It is unclear/not known whether or not this will change once in the future.
    • Worth noting: Some states deem it illegal to pay per lead, so we shall see how it plays out. 

What do you think of Google's New Car Lead Program? 

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