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Gold Metal Phone Sales

Are you watching the Olympics?

Some very compelling story lines and great competitions. I'm always inspired by these athletes who have put in hours and hours to reach that level of excellence.

Sometimes when I watch with friends or family, I find myself distracted from the message by the comical comments people make concerning the appearance of the people. I think it must be natural. you've probably even done it.

"What's up with that dood's hair?"

"There's no way he was an Olympic athlete."

"Why does one eyebrow move up and not the other?"

"She look like she stank."

"Didn't she look in the mirror after she put THAT on?"

My take on this, and the sales message for us is that the PERSON behind the words-- their delivery and appearance-- makes a huge difference in how the message is interpreted.

I'm probably not going out on too much of a limb here by stating that you probably sell a pretty good product or service. But unless it sells itself, YOU play a major role in how it is perceived when you're on the phone talking about it. The better YOU are, the more you sell. The common sense and the obvious are tough to be improved upon.

Some people believe that communicating on the phone is a disadvantage because listeners can't see us. I believe that actually is an advantage... you don't need to worry about physical appearance. On the phone, it all relies on what they hear. That's why to be your best you need to work on it. Here are some ideas.

GET RID OF THE NONWORDS I find some people have this nasty habit to a very severe degree. When a listener counts how many times they hear "um" instead of focusing on the message you know there's a problem. The persuasive speakers, on the other hand, don't use these filler sounds, or at least their use is minimal.

Action Item: Susan Berkley, author of Voice Shaping, suggests that the first step to the cure is identifying the enemy. Record yourself and count how many fillers you use. Once you're aware of your most common non-words, consciously replace them with pauses.

You can also control the nonword habit by getting your spouse or friend or cubicle-neighbor to say "bingo" or some other code word every time you use a nonword. By the way, this also applies to habits such as "you know," "like," "I mean," and anything else you use way too often.

ENUNCIATE! A guest on The O'Reilly Factor mumbled so much I had to turn the volume WAY UP so I could try to make out what he said. If I didn't care about what he was saying, I wouldn't have worked so hard. And your listeners might not work that hard for you.

Action Item: Read this several times- "If, I, Place, an, invisible, comma, after, each, word, and, an, invisible, semicolon; after, some, words, my, speech, has, presence." This forces you to enunciate.

Action Item 2: Practice tongue twisters to articulate clearly. Recite this one now, several times while picking up speed each time: "Frank phoned four pharmaceutical factories feeling fresh and fulfilled."

GET UP TO SPEED The more persuasive of the talking heads during interviews make their talking points quickly and don't mince words. We all can learn from that. After all, why use 100 words when 50 could make the same point? And don't speak at 33 RPM's when your listeners are at 78. (You won't get that reference if you don't know what record players are.)

In the book, "Smart Speaking, " Laurie Schloff and Marcia Yudkin say that when you speak too slowly you could be perceived as boring, tried, or less intelligent than you actually are.

Action Item: Practice getting to your point more quickly. Ask yourself a question you get during calls. Use stopwatch and give yourself 45 seconds to answer. Then cut it to 30, then 20. Tape your response and refine your answer content and delivery.

FINISH WITH STRENGTH Professional speaker and presentation coach and trainer Marjorie Brody cautions against letting your voice rise at the end of a sentence.

In her book, "Speaking your Way to the Top," she suggests recording yourself. If you notice your voice rising at the end of a sentence it sounds as though you are asking a question, are tentative, or are a junior-high girl. If you tend to swallow your last few words, that reduces the impact of what you're saying.

Action Item: Practice finishing sentences completely and drop your pitch slightly while keeping the volume strong.

The interest that others have in your message is largely controlled by YOU and your delivery. Strive to reach Olympic-level performance. When you do, you'll sell more cars, more profitably, more often.

Thank You

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3 Minute Book PG1

Some might call it “the power of positive thinking,” or “mental visualization,” but here we are going to call it simply DECISION. To get what you want, create a picture of it in your mind, and make it as real as you possibly can. Focus on the color, feel, weight, size—any detail you can include to make the image more realistic will be beneficial. Create it just like an artist. Keep that mental picture of your creation and keep creating it, keep doing it. You should always be changing and improving the picture, making it even more real. Everyone’s mental images of what they want will be different, and that is why it is so important to give your mental image detail and specificity. Even people who want the same thing will have differing images. A woman wanting to get into shape might create the mental image of herself walking into a dinner party in a form-fitting little black dress. A man with the same goal of getting in shape might picture himself throwing a Frisbee with his buddies on the beach, showing off his toned physique. You have to personalize your mental picture—make it your own. The most important aspect of POSITIVE DECISION is repetition. You can’t just think about what you want once and be done with it. Do it over and over and over again, day in and day out. Picture your goal as often as you can. The more you visualize what you want, the closer you will move to that picture. The more the image is present, the more real it becomes. You literally think it into existence.

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Dealer Synergy Training!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, I had the honor to be with Sean Bradley for two days for some intense training!!!  I have to say it was amazing!!!!  Met with a dealer group that has been a client of Dealer Synergy for years, did some one on one with Sean and went live to a dealership to do some additional training.  The intensity and passion that Sean has is amazing!!!  Oh, by the way, I'm not getting paid to write this either!!!  Furthermore, the human capital that I acquired over the last two days I have to say is priceless. 

For those dealer groups or E-Commerce directors that are looking for a reputable verifiable consultaing company you won't be upset once you sign up with Dealer Synergy!!!!   

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I was onsite today at a Chevy Dealership in Chicago training them on Automotive Internet Sales and specifically "Phone Sales", Phone Process... 

I go into detail explaining my philosophy and strategy. 

If you have any questions about this video goto or email me. I would happy to answer any questions you may have.

Automotive Sales Training - Phone Sales - Internet Sales - Business Development - Sean V. Bradley

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Karen Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy is Certified in the NEW FranklinCovey Curriculum "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity"

AUDUBON, N.J.June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Karen Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy has recently completed her certification program from FranklinCovey on the new curriculum  "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity." Karen, who is already a certified FranklinCovey Trainer / Facilitator for the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is quoted as saying " I am very excited to add the '5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity' certification to my resume both personally and professionally. On a personal note, being married with children, owning multiple companies with a national client base is very complex and sometimes stressful. It is imperative that I am focused and organized in order to maintain everything with the utmost professionalism and achieve success. On a professional level, Dealer Synergy is the only official partner with FranklinCovey in the Automotive Sales Industry and being able to provide Tens of Thousands of Automotive Dealerships training, information, education, motivation on time management, organization, leadership, work / life balance, technology solutions and more is an amazing privilege and an absolute necessity."

ABOUT the "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity".  

1. Act on the Important, Don't React to the Urgent - In today's world, people are drowning in email, overwhelmed with demands, and trying to do more with less. 5 Choices participants filter the vitally important priorities from distractions so they can focus on making a real contribution.

2.  Go For Extraordinary, Don't Settle for Ordinary -Everyone wants to make a difference, but competing priorities often prevent them from achieving extraordinary results. 5 Choices participants redefine their roles in terms of extraordinary results to achieve high-priority goals.

3.  Schedule the Big Rocks, Don't Sort Gravel - The crushing increase in workday pressures can make people feel helpless and out of control. 5 Choices participants regain control of their work and lives through a cadence of planning and execution that produces extraordinary outcomes.

4.  Rule Your Technology, Don't let it Rule You - An electronic avalanche of email, texts, and social-media alerts seriously threaten productivity as never before. 5 Choices participants leverage their technology and fend off distractions by optimizing platforms like Microsoft® Outlook® to boost productivity.

5.  Fuel Your Fire, Don't Burn Out - Today's exhausting, high-pressure work environment burns people out at an alarming rate. Applying the 5 Energy DriversTM, participants benefit from the latest in brain science to consistently recharge their mental and physical energy.

About Karen Bradley:

Karen Bradley is the President of Dealer Synergy Inc. A National Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing Company for the Automotive Sales Industry. Karen is also a Certified Trainer and Facilitator for the FranklinCovey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity" Curriculum.  Karen has been in Automotive Sales Training, Consulting, Leadership and Management for 6+ years. She is a 20 Group Speaker and Co-Founder of

You can see Karen Bradley speak at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago in October. For more details call 267-319-6776

Contact – 267-319-6776

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Source: PR Newswire (

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Just Google "How To Buy a Car" or YouTube "How To Buy a Car" and what you see on the FIRST page is THIS video (The Original One). This video is from 2007, its HORRIBLE, ITS Filled with lies and misconceptions. The speaker is obviously NOT an Automotive Sales Expert...
What seriously disturbs me is that NO ONE is doing anything about this... NO ONE? No OEMs, No Dealer Groups, No Dealerships, No Automotive Managers, No Automotive Sales Consultants... No one.
There is this stupid propaganda video LOCKED online and it just sits there without challenge? I am not sure about you but this video offends me, it has always offended me. Because it is so one sided and so filled with mistruths and straight out lies...
What is sad is that the PUBLIC sees this as REAL, as the TRUTH. Why...? Because it is on the FIRST page of Google and the First Page of YouTube!!! Most people are NOT subject matter experts. They are going online for some information, some direction and then they stumble into this type of trash... What is SAD is that they actually believe it. And why shouldn't they...? Its not like there are other, more compelling videos that tell the REAL story. 

So, if you are watching this video or reading this post with distain... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 

Here are a bunch of ideas of articles, blog posts or VIDEOS you could write, record and POST all over the internet:

* How To Buy a Car? 
* How to Buy a New Car
* How to Buy a Used Car
* What to expect from Car Dealership
* What makes a GREAT Car Dealership
* How Do you Choose a specific Car Dealerships

These are just some basic ideas. The point is CREATE CONTENT, INFORMATION to the PUBLIC. Stop just thinking the internet is a "Point of Sale" resource... You need to capture people at "Point of Interest" and CULTIVATE the opportunity.
If you are as pissed as I am when watching this video... Let me know your thoughts-

**ORIGINAL Video is titled "4.1.5 Rob Gruhl - How to Buy a New Car - Ignite Seattle 2007.mp4"

And this COMPLETE Idiot! "Automotive Executive Breaks Code of Silence" (Way Too Many Mafia Movies Dork)

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Dealer Synergy is HIRING! We are Growing and Expanding!!! 

We just bought a BEAUTIFUL building in Audubon NJ (Over 5,000 square feet). We are growing and expanding the company. Moving out of Philadelphia after all of these years was a hard decision but the best one for the evolution of Dealer Synergy. 

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist 
  • Social Media 
  • Content Writing 
  • Customer Service
  • Office / Administrative Assistant 
Please contact Orlando at or call him at 215-338-3600. 

Thank you- 
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