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Just Google "How To Buy a Car" or YouTube "How To Buy a Car" and what you see on the FIRST page is THIS video (The Original One). This video is from 2007, its HORRIBLE, ITS Filled with lies and misconceptions. The speaker is obviously NOT an Automotive Sales Expert...
What seriously disturbs me is that NO ONE is doing anything about this... NO ONE? No OEMs, No Dealer Groups, No Dealerships, No Automotive Managers, No Automotive Sales Consultants... No one.
There is this stupid propaganda video LOCKED online and it just sits there without challenge? I am not sure about you but this video offends me, it has always offended me. Because it is so one sided and so filled with mistruths and straight out lies...
What is sad is that the PUBLIC sees this as REAL, as the TRUTH. Why...? Because it is on the FIRST page of Google and the First Page of YouTube!!! Most people are NOT subject matter experts. They are going online for some information, some direction and then they stumble into this type of trash... What is SAD is that they actually believe it. And why shouldn't they...? Its not like there are other, more compelling videos that tell the REAL story. 

So, if you are watching this video or reading this post with distain... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 

Here are a bunch of ideas of articles, blog posts or VIDEOS you could write, record and POST all over the internet:

* How To Buy a Car? 
* How to Buy a New Car
* How to Buy a Used Car
* What to expect from Car Dealership
* What makes a GREAT Car Dealership
* How Do you Choose a specific Car Dealerships

These are just some basic ideas. The point is CREATE CONTENT, INFORMATION to the PUBLIC. Stop just thinking the internet is a "Point of Sale" resource... You need to capture people at "Point of Interest" and CULTIVATE the opportunity.
If you are as pissed as I am when watching this video... Let me know your thoughts-

**ORIGINAL Video is titled "4.1.5 Rob Gruhl - How to Buy a New Car - Ignite Seattle 2007.mp4"

And this COMPLETE Idiot! "Automotive Executive Breaks Code of Silence" (Way Too Many Mafia Movies Dork)

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Truck buying tips

While buying trucks from the market, it is recommended that you get second hand trucks. You should take good note of the serial number of the truck and then you should get in touch with the truck manufacturer in order to confirm that seller is registered keeper. This should be done before you go ahead and purchase it. manufacturer should have database regarding the details of registered owners and this will help in reducing any theft. Manufacturer might have informed by police or original owner if trailer gets stolen.

While driving the truck on the road; it is recommended that the truck shouldn’t be overloaded. It will effect the driving experience and you won’t be comfortable in driving it for long distances. There are specific limits about how much you should load up the truck and you should adhere to these rules while loading up the truck. If you go beyond this limit; then you are breaking the legal law and hence you might get in trouble later. Also, the safety of the other vehicles on the roads will get affected due to this.

While buying the truck, you should check the re sale value of the truck. If you are going to exchange or sell the truck in the future then this will help you in the future. You should take a note of the re-sale value and depreciation before you go ahead and purchase the trailer. Finally, customer support and warranty too is important. All this should be included while you buy the truck.

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Dealer Principal of Perruzzi Toyota, Bill Finocchiaro and a 5 year Dealer Synergy client is interviewed by Automotive Internet Sales about his Internet Department & Dealership
Bill Finocchiaro is the Dealer Principal of Peruzzi Toyota and a 5 year Dealer Synergy client!
Dealer Synergy is proud to share in the success of Bill & Peruzzi Toyota... from 15 units a month online to now OVER 100+ units ONLINE and 84% of their dealership's leads come from ONLINE!!!!

Congrats and Thank You Bill!
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