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Overcoming Objections - Share Your Ideas!

Too often during the initial phone (email) interaction between sales reps and customers, we tend to focus on why customers CAN'T come in rather than why they CAN or SHOULD come in..... and SOON!

We are all used to hearing the same things....What is my trade worth? Can you ball park it? Are you flexible on the price of your car? Your store is further away than I realized...and the list goes on. Its very easy to hear things like this all day and get discouraged, but it does not have to be that way. Every single objection you hear over the course of a single selling day can be overcome by a good rebuttal and a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Ultimately on every phone call one of two things is going to happen. Either you are going to sell a customer on why they should come in and do business with you, or they are going to sell you on why they can't or shouldn't. Mastering some strong rebuttals and constantly maintaining a positive attitude can make all the difference. Be sure you know (and can explain) why customers should buy from you, and build the excitement from the start!

All that being said, once you have the tools and even think you may know what to do with them, it never hurts to have a blueprint.....

There are lots of great rebuttals out there and also a lot of ways to use objections as a reason for a customer to come and visit your store. Please post your best rebuttals and stories of how you set some great appointments using the objection as a reason to come in. Everyone's expertise is what makes forums like this so helpful, so i'll thank everyone in advance for the input!

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  • Stan,
    I totally agree. I am sure anything you DS guys come up with will be nothing short of excellent! Any suggestions on overcoming call reluctance or that fear your talking about when you say we get scared to satisfy those objections.
  • Stan,
    Your article for dealer marketing magazine was really great and insightful. I appreciate your enthusiasm concerning this topic and took some time to brainstorm with my reps the 5 most common objections they deal with on a daily basis. Here are some examples we have come up with for you (in no particular order) to think about. This could make for a great Objection/Rebuttal piece for you!

    1.) Convenience - especially when dealing with internet customers, sometimes they find out where we are located and say they do not want to travel the distance to get to us.

    2.) Price- obviously

    3.) Availability

    4.) Trade...the funny thing about this is that it never stops the sale once we get the customer through the door, but it stops the appt. dead in its tracks if you dont handle it the right way.

    5.) Research- "still shopping" "comparing other models"

    Sean had some great rebuttals for all of these objections when we met with him a year or so ago, and its funny really how all objections wind up in the categories we are talking about. We use all of the ones he suggested, but are always looking to add more to our arsenal!
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