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Print Advertising, I need your advice please

As far as print advertising is concerned. Which magazines have the best (Return On Inquiry) I.E. - Auto Dealer Monthly, Digital Dealer, Auto Success, Ward's Dealer Magazine, etc...? Please share with me your opinions on this and why you feel that one over another is better for reaching the mass audience. Thanks in advance for your input and make it a great day.

Best Regards,

Bill Goodfriend

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  • Thank you Sean it does help. I am hoping to garner more responses to see what the overall mass thinks, but this does help the direction of making an informed decision.

    Best Regards,
    Bill Goodfriend
  • I have to say the BEST results I have had has been in AutoSucces and Dealer Marketing Magazine. I have written and or advertised in Digital Dealer, Auto Dealer Monthly, Special Finance Insider, World of Special Finance and they are good too but ME PERSONALLY AutoSucces and Dealer Marketing Magazine have been the best for me.

    I will add that it also really depends on what you are selling, what audience you are looking for. Kind of like a dealership's Internet Sales Department... depending what kind of units they want to sell... new, used, gross, volume, special finance etc... is going to determine lead source provider.

    I hope that helps-
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