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Seen this Guy Before?

I once saw a commercial, and those in the car business have seen it too, where a car salesman is portrayed by an old cranky badger. The commercials are funny. Like the old saying goes they are funny because they are true. I have been around my share of "badgers" in my career. There is one in particular where the "badger" is training a new hire in the fine art of fishing for a customer. The last line is a loud "KAPOWEE you just sold a car." Watch it here. Its funny isnt it?

If people really percieve thats how you are treated in my profession then I am ashamed. However, I know that is not how I treat people. Its funny that most of my customers come from past customers, or family or people from my church. I also belong to a referral organization called BNI, where the customers are referred to me by their friends. I cant be a jerk or "badger" because I have and build relationships with my clients. If you want a car salesman go somewhere else. If you want a person that is going to be there in ten years to help your kids buy a car then come see me. My pledge to you as all my other clients is, I'm going to be there when you need me, whether its picking up your car for an oil change or showing you how to connect your bluetooth headset, I am there.

With Social media coming into play we as salespeople have to be better. We have to care more. I invite all my customers and readers to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter. The reason for that is so after I take care of you, you can tell others that I treated you well too. I cant get any more honest than that! I need you to help me. I also need you to tell me if I messed up too,yes I want negatives as well. I know im not perfect, so I need you to tell me where to improve!

I have been selling cars for over 9 years. I love this business. I love how it changes consantly. I love the different people I get to help. You the customer is what this is all about. I will close this with another one of my favorite badger videos and will assure you. You will never see me do the wiggle dance!

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  • I think this is a GREAT post! It is interesting b/c I was just talking to a dealer group the other day about trainiing their ENTRE Showroom floor on Internet Sales and Social Media... I think the "conventional" Showroom Sales Professional needs to be trained in Social Media Communications...

    Now a days there are SOOOO Many opportunities for Showroom Sales Professionals to Prospect!
  • Guys, I just put this on here as an example of how I brand myself as a sales person. How I communicate and advertise myself. Please feel free to comment and let me know what to change.
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