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The First Car Carried By Facebook Likes?

The new Renault Clio was carried by Facebook Likes in the “Like Challenge”. See the story and video.

A social interactive live stream on Facebook connects the online and offline world in the newest social media campaign of Renault Netherlands.

Online likes measured the passion for the new Renault Clio.

Offline, a heaver construction with the car on one side and a Facebook box on the other, showed the weight of this passion.

In two weeks, the Facebook fans did succeed and showed that there is enough passion in the Netherlands for the new Renault Clio to carry the car.

How much passion do the Dutch people have for the new Renault Clio?

The passion for the new Renault model is measured by means of a heaver construction with on one side the new Renault Clio and on the other side the Facebook box.

Facebook fans show their passion for the car by giving a physical like.

Through a social interactive live stream the fans see how their online like is thrown offline in the Facebook box and how the weight in the Facebook box slowly increases.

Watch the video of the like challenge here:

The first car carried by likes
Renault fans shared their passion for the new Renault Clio. In two weeks more than 16.000 like thumbs were placed in the Facebook box and there was enough passion gathered to carry the new Renault Clio.

For the first time a car was carried by the likes of a Facebook community. At that final moment the live stream had already over 60.000 views and even reached the homepage of Ustream.

During the campaign Renault welcomed more than 12.000 new fans.

My Opinion?
Our frequent readers know that I am not a big fan of buying likes.

But this approach by agency Dorst & Lesser gives a special turn to the course of “buying” likes.

One: the like challenge is more entertaining than buying likes through a Facebook campaign.

Two: One of the fans will win a car that will give extra buzz and shares around the like challenge.

Three: Giving away a car of around 14.000 EURO makes the price per paid-for like more than reasonable.

What About You?
How do you rate this like challenge by Renault Netherlands? I’d love to read your opinion in the comments below.


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