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What Drives You?

That's a tough question isnt it? What drives you? Not the car that you drive ( I care about what you drive but not the point of this post). The car you drive is easy; a Mitsubishi right? Haha Just kidding.

When I first started in car sales years ago I have to say that my drive had one motivating factor. Money. Before I sold cars I sold furniture and let me tell you, you had to sell a WHOLE lot of sofas to get paid what I did selling one car. I was a batchelor living in a nice townhouse and I had a car payment and of course a social life that all costed money. The harder I worked the more money I made and spent. Then I got married, started having kids and money became more important in some ways. But my "drive" became more about my family being taken care of then just about the money I was making. My drive became "if I hit this goal then I can take this time and do this with my family." Being number one was important to me then too. I have a basement full of "salesman of the month" trophies.

That was all when I was a salesman. Now I am a Sales Manager and my new drive is to see my people succeed. The problem is The people need Drive. Let me stop here and say that my current sales staff is awesome. I would go anywhere and do anything for all four of them. If you have bought cars from my guys you know they are top notch. Stafford Horetz, Jon Allgeier, Jason Evans, and Gerald Price are great salesmen and I consider it an honor to work with them. However; I want to grow my sales force to achieve more.

This is where I ask for your help. What drives you? Is it material things like cars, houses, or boats? Is it vacations? What about being number one? Is that important anymore? I am looking for a couple of people looking for a career. I am posting this on numerous blogs because if you know me I know that this will work the best. I thank you for your time in reading this and if you are interested in a career in automotive sales please email me directly at or comment on the blog itself.

Car sales has been great to my family and I. I get to help out customers and they are different everyday. Technology changes all the time so I am constantly learning new ways to sell. Ten years ago blogs didnt exist and here I am writing one now. If you have a little bit of drive you can go far, all you have to do is be willing to get in the car!

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