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Every time I see a certain friend of mine, she ends up singing this song from AutoTune the news. She's downloaded the iPhone app, bought the song on iTunes, and consistently quotes it in normal conversation. It's funny. It's controversial. It's a little bit ridiculous. It's also been viewed over 32 million times on YouTube, was a Billboard Top100 hit, was performed at the BET Awards, and is still an iTunes top download.[youtube=]I also have my own viral video addiction, which is just under 18 million YouTube views, and has it's own song (also by AutoTune the News). The creator has been on Jimmy Kimmel, is featured in a Microsoft WindowsLive Commercial, and is starting a non-profit healing center from funds raised through the video.[youtube=]What is it about these videos that sticks with us? And more important, what do Antoine Dodson and a double rainbow have to do with your business's social media strategy? The answer is simple: authenticity.Both of these videos epitomize real, human reactions and emotions; these videos are honest. Authenticity creates results, so don't be afraid to let loose and lose a little control over your message and your brand. Encourage discussion. Address criticism. Engage in conversation. People will respect your honesty, and in turn, respect your brand. Focus on these goals to get your social media strategy started right.Next time, I'll build on this to explain how respect can turn into evangelism. Stay tuned!Ps- right now, proceeds from the Bed Intruder song and iPhone app are going to Antoine Dodson and his family so they can buy a home in a safer neighborhood. Learn more here: you can buy official double rainbow tshirts here:
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  • That would be funny! And add some diversity to local commercials !
  • A car dealer needs to use the tpain app for a commercial!
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