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You don't sell sell HOWs

After nearly two decades in the Automotive Industry it still amazes me when a sales person is out there walking through features like a robot...emotionless...cold.

When I was a Nissan Manager I had a great guy on my team named Bruce. Bruce was a genius and he could tell you the inner workings of the Maxima's engine and how and why everything did what it did but Bruce, like many other intellectual giants, couldn't close a self closing cabinet door because often times he missed the most important piece of the puzzle.

He forgot to find out what made his customers happy. 

Why is it so important to find out what makes the customer happy? DUH! If you don't know what makes them happy, you won't know why they aren't happy with their current vehicle anymore which means you won't know how to help them see how the new vehicle is going to make them HAPPY AGAIN!

No matter what product someone is buying, they're really buying the a hope of how this product is going to make them happier than they are right now in this moment. When they say "yes" to the product or service it's not because the 'value' is there on an intellectual level... it's because the VALUE is there on an EMOTIONAL level.

Find out what makes someone happy so you can tailor your next presentation to show HOW your product can make them happy again.

Mat Koenig
CEO of KonigCo
Partner in A Better Option for Dealers Coming June 1st

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