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Christopher German posted a blog post


www.FaceBook.com/TheBillionDollarGirl ;

Billion Dollar Girl, Interviews Toni Anne Fardette - Atlantic Auto Group - Millionaire Car Salesman
Dealer Synergy Monthly Support posted a discussion in Easterns Automotive Group
Reggie James and Bilal Wardak Training Recap 11/6/2017
Juan Mejia, Mohammed Ghannam, Kenny Thompson, and Rolando DePaz Training Recap 11/6/2017
Abe Mtulia, Diego Hernandez, Marcus Pearson, Da'Shayne Pace-Bates Training Recap 11/6/2017
CJ Thomas, Jos…
Dealer Synergy Monthly Support published an article in Robinson Brothers Ford
Sharetha Moncrieffe CM Audio 11/11/17
Sharetha Moncrieffe CM Report 11/11/17
Jennifer Lepine CM Audio 11/16/17
Jennifer Lepine CM Report 11/16/17
Sharetha Moncrieffe CM Audio 11/16/17
Sharetha Moncrieffe CM Report 11/16/17
Nov 17
Ariel Velazquez is now a member of Automotive Internet Sales - BDC - Free Training Resources
Nov 17