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Jon Lamb posted a blog post
If there's one thing that gets me riled up when talking to dealers, it's finding out that there are two completely different strategies being applied to their traditional and digital marketing. It made sense a decade ago when the digital age was fir…
JD Rucker posted a blog post
There's a disturbing trend I'm seeing in the automotive industry when I visit websites. Perhaps it's been like this for a while and I simply took my eye off the chat ball. When I see chat windows that instantly prompt for the customer's contact info…
Sean V. Bradley shared their blog post on Facebook
"Sad that this still happens in 2014!! Great video Joe."
"As leaders we are all called to make those we serve better as a team, than they are as individuals. We serve those we lead by helping them realize their potential. As Joe said, transformation is a result of application. A hammer will not drive a nai…"
The word "recall" can bring up feelings of fear and anxiety for many consumers, but there is another way to approach it. Think of auto recalls as the manufacturer's continued commitment to the consumer—even beyond the warranty of the car. In most ca…


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