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  • Having the script will create a structure for your department and have everyone going in the same direction
  • Phil, I absolutely agree with you.  A script should never "sound" scripted. The customer should never feel like they are being lead or their questions are being ignored or redirected to a script. It needs to sound completely natural. Each step needs to flow into the next, building upon the other. It should sound like a conversation, not robotic. From my experience, a majority of it really depends on how much the phone sales professional believes in what they are saying. If YOU don't believe what you are saying, why should a customer? It's all about the confidence and mindset.  I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed an Internet Coordinator doubt a phone process or have a negative mindset about it and that mentality is reflected in their results. Whereas, you can take the same exact phone script and give it to someone who executes it with precision, because they believe in it, and the results are astounding.

    While I do feel that a script doesn't need to be followed 100%,  I do feel that it is imperative for each phone sales professional to have a script that they need to stick closely to. Not exact, but close. This script will serve as a road map or their GPS to get to their end goal...the appointment. You may run into a detour here and there, but you will always be able to find your way back. Like a GPS "recalculates" you too need to recalculate your tactics:) But without a road map...their is no telling where you will end up. 

    Great feedback Phil! Thank you for sharing:)

  • After being in the automotive sales business for over three decades, I believe the worst thing to do when teaching phone skills is to use an exact phone script and instead work within a specific framework.  This framwork should work similar to taking a showroom up from the greeting to the end but instead of selling a car you are selling an appointment to the  caller.
    When the caller realizes that is what you are doing is trying to direct them to the best possible solution without rushing the sales process, it will then distinguish you from 95% of all the other dealerships they have ever called.
    We are professionals and this will only prove to our callers that the auto mobile business has raised their standards.

    thanks for listening...   Phil Cohen

  • Phil: Entrench yourself into Digital Marketing in Fixed and Variable operations/both. Dealer's overall do not have a mind share for Fixed operations, even though the most net profitable department in the franchise store. Not demeaning, just a lack of knowledge via upbringing in the dealership realm. Tie retention for new and used for customer pay-work/post sale... 858-414-1955

  • Lizelle Landino is one the best in the USA from her previous career with phone skills.

  • Thank you Sean. I have been in the business for over 35 years but am always looking for new ideas.  I have been a GM and am the son of an owner but currently sell Lexus only in Cleveland, Ohio. I am eager to hear your thoughts and what you think will help me become a better sales person as opposed to a manger.  Sincerely, Phil
  • This is AWESOME!
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