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  • Settle a question for me please. Is adding a bunch of names of cities near our dealership at the end of vehicle descriptions a good idea or will the Mighty Google Oracle not pay attention to them or, even worse, penalize us for it at some point? (i.e. a form of keyword stuffing.) BTW.... I LOVE Google-opoly. I have both hard cover and audio version. :-)
  • Re: In regards to cost per sale in advertising...

    * NADA says over $600 per car sold

    * NCM says under $400

    * Dealer Synergy ACPSIA = $200

  • I just made it through the close of my financial, and I found That I'm still spending almost $400 per unit in advertising previous to Co-Op.  What do you think are the current budget percentages that you should be holding to in todays electronic economy????????  TV/Paper/DirectMail/webservices/Leads/SEO

  • I know the Google aspect is important, especially as it is the Largest SE.  I also want to make sure that I am rising in others such as Bing, Yahoo and Yelp.  What variances exist in SEO from Google to these others.  I have the stores listed in the directories, but what best practices should I consider?

  • @Paul I dont read dutch so cant help you too much. I am probably the best SEO on the East coast of the USA.  by looking at your home page source code you have 2 vey important tags blanked out.


           <meta name="keywords" content="" />
    <meta name="description" content="" />

    fix those for starters.
  • SEO is very important to me. Starting a business without resources(money) and no budget at all for marketing or adwords SEO is the only thing that matters. Competion can have the money of the world, I have time, patience and a creative mind. We started out with press releases and blogs, and now we have 170 000 vistors each month on our websites. The cost of marketing is 2500$ per month. 60% of our vistors come thuth SEO and presse releases(mouth to mouth). Now I am trying with fixed Youtube movies to claim the first page of Google with content of mine and our websites. The Main Goal is to promote: http://www.nieuweautokopen.nl. Look at Google with: Nieuwe Toyota kopen, and you will see the outcome. The phrase is: New Toyota buying(buy) in dutch.

    So I am interesting if there are new ideas here? Also we maintain Social media like Twitter(nieuweautokopen) Facebook, Youtube Channel and 2 weblogs.



  • Sean, thanks for appropriate, timely and hopefully actionable topics that are being discussed on AIS. These are exciting times to be in the automotive marketing and advertising industry.
  • Thanks for the invite and it was just in time. I look forward to the exchange of ideas from the gurus here
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