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I am BEYOND proud of John Hinderer Honda and their AWESOME Business Development Center!!

And ESPECIALLY Rob Stewart. Rob is a new employee at the dealership (less than 4 months). He had no prior automotive sales experience. This man made almost 3,000 phone calls himself, he followed the Dealer Synergy process EXACTLY and POOF! He is responsible for almost 80 units getting delivered LAST MONTH!
I have been in Automotive Internet Sales for almost 14 years and have to say, that Rob has one of the BEST performances and success that I have EVER seen.

As you can see in the gotomeeting interview, he is simple... he works his plan, he works his pay plan. He does NOT make excuses, he does not take short cuts. On the contrary, he works hard, he works consistently and he works strategically.

The result is:

  • 2,892 phone calls made
  • 640 connections
  • 201 appointments
  • 134 appointments showed
  • 76 units delivered

October 2012, was the BEST month ever for the John Hinderer Honda BDC...

They delivered 142 units out of the Internet Sales Department and MORE than 50% came from 1 BDC Rep!

Any question...?

Please feel free to comment, email or call me.

Lets sell some cars!


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  • i think its remarkable how he did that. I would love to know exactly what steps should i take to be a better bdr not just for me but for my company. I plan to use the 3 minute book. to advance and be great at my job.

  • Ps....Were can I get this script?

  • Good Job!    The place I'm at might put me in the Internet Department...any suggestions on what to focus on learning first?  Any good programs out there?

  • This is amazing.  I would love to be able to hear one of his phone calls and get additional insights from how he's doing such an amazing job!  I'm totally impressed!

  • I am a BDC agent as well and that is really impressive. Great work! 

  • He followed the roadmap and that's why he's successful.....
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