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  • wow congrats, maybe I can request those hour, like you I feel like I get ahold of ppl more during my late days..6-8pm...

  • Definitely sharing this in our daily re group this afternoon! This is MOTIVATION for all internet coordinators! If Nicole can do it, then every single one of us can do it! Have to stay on top and keep my co-workers held accountable. I feel like if we all help each other and motivate each other daily, we WILL succeed! We are pros!! Thank you, Sean and Nicole for sharing this!!

  • Thank you Sean!!!!!

  • Joe... Jennifer actually did! 

  • @Joe... 

    You are an AMAZING story!! We went from 70 - over 200+ I am VERY proud of you and am excited to share in your success!

  • @Bill... This was a "Highlight". We just wanted to say "congrats" to Nicole for her success. 

    But, here is a little more info on how she did it:

    • She makes a minimum of 120 phone calls per day
    • She connects with a minimum of 11-14% (14-17 people) per day 
    • She converts a minimum of 25-33% into appointments (4-6) per day
    • She is above average... she does more than the "minimums" :)
  • Of course you did!

  • I also sold 39 appointments, in my first month :) Congrats Nicole

  • That is a WONDERFUL job!  Our tp coordinator Ephraim Jones did 39 sold in August.

  • Details?  story???

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