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I remember when it happened:

The Director walked in and said, “Today’s minimum goal is 18 appointments.”

I remember when it happened:

The Coordinators complained, “That’s not really fair, we have to train!”

I remember when it happened:

The Trainers said, “We’ll make sure you all have an opportunity to get on the phones today.”

I remember when it happened:

We had a great training session, everyone was enthusiastic about learning.

I remember when it happened:

We picked up our phones and started dialing.

I remember when it happened:

We left message after message after message…and somehow, before we knew it; we had eleven appointments.

I remember when it happened:

We all were excited, “We’re two thirds of the way to the goal.”

I remember when it happened:

Someone said, “The contact ratio is unusually high today.”

I remember when it happened:

 I took a T/O for a coordinator, hung up and signaled “Thirteen” but was promptly corrected…”Fourteen”…someone else had gotten an appointment while I was on the call…felt great to be wrong!

I remember when it happened:

This was UNBELIEVABLE! …could it really happen? ...only one hour had gone by.

I remember when it happened:

The energy was like a boiler room…you could literally feel it on your skin.

I remember when it happened:

Fifteen! Sixteen, Seventeen?

I remember when it happened:

The fight was on…everyone was dialing the phones.  Assistant Director, Director, trainers, er’body!

I remember when it happened:

Eighteen…nineteen, we cheered; then got real focused.

I remember when it happened:

Someone asked, “What’s the record for appointments in one day here in this department?”

I remember when it happened:

The coordinators and directors answered in unison, “27!”

I remember when it happened:

Someone said “people…we just set twenty appointments in less than two hours; just imagine if we had all day.”

I remember when it happened:

Things slowed down…The trainers said, “I didn’t hear any bells…It’s not over, keep going!!!”

I remember when it happened:


I remember when it happened:

It was time to go.

I remember when it happened:

They turned out all the lights. (as if that mattered to me)

I remember when it happened:

 They were ready to lock the doors.

I remember when it happened:
The last coordinator hung up the phone and announced “We started just two hours ago, and I just set the twenty-third appointment of the day.  Woohoo!”

I remember when it happened:

The owners of the Dealership walked by and said, “Dealer Synergy...WOW!”

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Money Motivation

Money Motivation


Do you enjoy it small, or would you love to increase the size of your paycheck?  Coordinators round the world are being asked this question every day.  No one likes a sub-par paycheck.  If we can agree there, then I would like to share some action steps you can take that will be sure to enlarge the numbers in your bank account.


The first thing we have to realize, understand and embrace; is that as internet coordinators “WE ARE IN SALES!”  The individuals who do exactly this in life (not just in our business) are the ones who prosper.  In order to be successful here, every day on the phone we must sell three things…and here they are:

  1. Ourselves
  2. The Dealership
  3. An Appointment with the Dealership.


When we make or receive a call, we have to be the most friendly, /excited, /knowledgeable business person in our galaxy; and then we must sound like it. What do real business people do?  First off, they always know the name of the person with whom they’re speaking.  If you catch yourself asking “by the way, what is your name?” more than sixty seconds after your greeting, then you might be guilty of being unprofessional.  When people are preparing to spend (especially large amounts), they want to talk to professionals…don’t you?  In addition to the old rebuttal, we need to internalize: How about this, if we don’t handle our calls in the most professional manner possible, we could NEVER expect people to buy vehicles from us...OK?


“Here at XYZ Motors”…Do you find yourself using this sentence starter?  You could be selling your dealership.  This is exactly what you want to do if you are truly money motivated.  Think of it this way: a dealership is worth lots of money right?  If I constantly sell the dealership…then over time I’ll make lots of money…it’s that simple.


How do we sell appointments you say?...Good Question!  The easy answer is to sell the aforementioned products extremely well.  If we do a great job of selling the dealership and ourselves as a package, the appointment is a synch…unproblematic.  However, we do understand appointments to buy cars aren’t selling like hotcakes these days; so here are a few extra incentives you can put on the table for your prospects.


Tentative appointments:

People seem to be more afraid than ever of commitment.  Appointments give the impression of rigidity, so what can we do to flip the connotation?  Use the word tentative to soften the word appointment.  Statistics show that American people keep sixty percent of their commitments…no matter how strenuous.  What does that tell us?  We should just get our customers to agree to show up, then follow up.  (The OH-SO important follow up…which deserves its own article entirely…as it shall have.)


Talk to your personal phone trainer or internet director about helping the customers to understand the benefits of setting appointments verses just popping by the establishment.  Dealerships are once again worth millions and should be treated with respect.  As doctors, lawyers and realtors, so are car guys.  Maybe we could title them something a bit more astute like:…“Vehicular professionals”…I’m taking suggestions.


Either way, having a more professional approach to our jobs will help us to grow our compensation.  I’ll leave you with an old saying from the old See-Do-Get wisdom vault, “If we wanna get paid more, then we gotta do more for what we get paid for.”  Think and comment about it…THANKS!  Until next time, go out there and sell more cars, more profitably, more often!!!

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AutoSuccess September 2011


Great Question(s)!


I received a lot of great responses from my article a couple of months ago on getting Internet sales departments to effectively make phone calls. I had some people contact me with skepticism, but after we hung up from our call, they were complete believers and understood exactly what I was trying to articulate in my article. I also had people excited because finally someone broke it down with details on how things should work and why. But, I also had some communication with people that were a little confused about the numbers and the strategy. So, this article is going to break things down a little deeper.

Let me recap the highlights from that article:

  • Your Internet Sales Department is primarily a phone sales department.
  • You want to have a minimum of 120 phone calls per day per rep.
  • Do not let your team settle for mediocrity.
  • Implement the “power hour” exercise ASAP.
  • The average connection ratio (From phone call attempts to connections) is only 11 to 14 percent.
  • The key to success is understanding the logic: The more people you attempt to call, the more people you will connect with on the phone; the more connections, the more appointments; the more appointments, the more confirmations; the more confirmations, the more shows; the more show, the more sales.

Here, however, is the most powerful advice I can give:

Every dealership should really think about having professional appointment setters in their dealership, and I mean every dealership. We have clients all over this country and abroad, and it doesn’t matter if they are a small dealership, a large dealership, a dealer group, highline, import, domestic or even an independent dealer. Our most successful clients have professional appointment setters and some even have a full-blown team of appointment setters.

One recent example is Gary Mathews of Jackson in Jackson, Tennessee. This is a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Hyundai dealership that went from 35 units per month to 86 units per month and were on track for 102 for August.  In a down economy, they have broken dealership record after record. And they are proud to tell you why: their dedication to their Internet business. One of the main keys to their success is that they have a team of appointment setters, and all they do from open to close in shifts is pound the phones and e-mail (the CRM is programmed with an automated e-mail action plan).  Think about it: How much more successful would your dealership be if you had a team of trained appointment setters, and all they did at your dealership was make phone calls all day from open to close in shifts?

Remember that you only have a 11 to 14 percent connection ratio on the phones. So, if you only make 50 calls, you will only have five to seven connections. Plus, if you leave this up to your sales team to do, there will be no consistency. How could there be? They have to do follow-ups, product presentations and deliveries; they sometimes chase stips; they have days off, shifts off, personal time, and so on.

You need 100 percent consistency on those phones, from open to close.

I will give you another example. We have a Honda Dealership client in New Jersey that went from 60 units online to more than 200. How did they do this? Well, they had a team of 12 professionally trained appointment setters who made 120 calls per day five days per week for a total of more than 30,000 phone calls in one month. That’s what it takes to sell 200 units online. More than 15,000 phone calls to sell 100 units online. More than 7,500 phone calls to sell 50 units online.

Math is math.

The push back I get from dealers is that they don’t trust “BDC Reps,” “appointment setters,” etc. The reason why most are not successful is that they have the wrong people in those positions and most don’t have the proper training.

At minimum, an automotive Internet sales / phone sales professional — A.K.A. “Phone Ninja” — should be trained in areas including:

  • Inbound / outbound phone process
  • How to qualify a prospect and Identify wants, wishes and expectations.
  • Objections / rebuttals
  • The power of leaving a great voice mail
  • Outbound / inbound e-mail protocol
  • How to execute the dealership’s value package proposition
  • Science of communication — tone, inflection, etc.
  • Automotive Internet sales knowledge
  • Product knowledge

These people are truly phone sales professionals. The only difference between them and your showwroom sales professional is that they do not sell the vehicle; they sell the appointment. They should, however, be no less intelligent, skilled and trained.

If you have any questions about this article please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, a nationally recognized training and consulting company in the automotive industry. He can be contacted at 866.648.7400
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"Ace of Spades" Example - Automotive Internet Sales (Phone Sales) Process

This is one of my favorite examples... I have been using it for YEARS :)

"Ace of Spades"... This example basically explains the concept of "Begin with the end" in mind!!

Watch this video a couple of times, it is awesome!!


I had an AMAZING class of trainees at Vara Chevrolet in San Antonio Texas!!

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“Why should I set an appointment???”

Even with all the training and skills possible, sometimes we run into a customer on the phone that says they will “try to stop in sometime this weekend” or “I will make it there when I can”. 

When only 11-14% of all of our phone call attempts result in a contact, we try to make sure that every one counts, and try to set as many appointments as possible.  It is frustrating doing everything right, and still getting that resistance from the customer to lock in a time and day to come into the dealership like we want them to.

So how do we get around that and get the customer to do what WE want them to do?  The answer is very simple!  Put aside what we want for a second, and let’s identify what the customer wants – a smooth and easy purchasing process…right?!

We need to create the benefit for the customer and make it make sense for them to set an appointment with us, and tell them WHY it will help them have a great car buying experience.  Here are some phrases that we can use to do that:

  • This is what we do for our special internet customers:
  • We would like to have the vehicle we spoke about ready for you
  • We would like to have a Sales Manager ready for you
  • We would like to make sure that you are not waiting around and assure you that purchasing a car doesn’t have to be an all-day process

Creating a benefit and convenience for the customer will more often than not have them do exactly what you want them to do; not because it’s what you want, but because you are creating a scenario and service level that exceeded their expectations, and created a preference for them to make them feel like an important “VIP” customer!

Happy Selling!!


Andy Fedo

VP of Training


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Honda of Kenosha girls = Certified Phone Ninjas! !


These girls rock! (and even Sponge Bob think so too!)  We just got done some great phone training, and I have to stop and say: Great job Kelly, Kassandra and Sarah in really taking advantage of the holiday season spending, stressing urgency to come to the dealership while the deals are unbelievable, and they are having a GREAT month going into the last few days!  These girls are very focused on their goals, and have truely MASTERED the process of making a great phone call, and having an answer for everything...and your results show! 


We also discussed how it has really been a great start of the last week in December for them, and they all understand that there are only a few more days to buy a car in 2010!  Don't let up now!!


I personally have sold 3 cars on New Year's Eve before, so don't take it lightly!  There is plenty of business to be done.  The party don't start until AFTER business hours, and what better way to bring in the new year with a NEW vehicle!! :)


Happy Selling, and I hope everyone has an exciting and safe New Year!


Andy Fedo

VP of Training


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Happy Black Friday! Carpe Diem!

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday yesterday with friends and family. Sometimes that's exactly what we need in order to hit the "reset button" and refocus on our careers. I know that I am very thankful for being back to Dealer Synergy, and one of my favorite and rewarding things, in my mind, is to give back to our clients and other people we come in contact with to make them better people and better skilled professionals. We are here today AND tomorrow for any support you may need throughout the weekend, and ensure a strong month-end.

People across America have one thing in mind today and this weekend...and that is to shop, shop, SHOP!

Perception is reality, and every TV, newspaper and website advertise that you will absolutely get the BEST deals of the YEAR today and have all kinds of weekend blowout sales. RIDE THE WAVE! Make sure that anyone you speak to knows that this is very true especially in the Automotive business. From my experience, dealerships are just as busy as malls, retail stores this weekend, so turn these shoppers into BUYERS! Really push for appointments for today and tomorrow, and worst case scenario, if they can't make it, you can always relay that this holiday sale is going to be extended through month-end, and push for Monday and Tuesday to ensure you finish your month strong!

In Sean's Turkey day post below, he included quite possibly one of my favorite videos I have ever watched. One of my favorite sayings is "Carpe Diem", which is Latin for "seize the day" and I believe this video really sums it up in one of the best ways possible. If you haven't already, watch the video, and take about 2 minutes to think about it. I guarantee it will be 5 minutes (or 300 seconds) well spent. Make your time efficient and productive...and make every minute, second and phone call that you make count!

As always, our team here at Dealer Synergy appreciates and encourages comments, blogs, testimonials and let us know what you think, because we look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great weekend!


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Add me!! I need friends!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a great 1st week back to Dealer Synergy and I have spoken with many of our clients so far for a phone training or just to say Hello! There is so much that can be done to get our dealerships ramped up for year-end, and I promise I will reach out to those of you I haven't spoken to yet very soon. I have been working on more material to help improve Dealer Synergy's action plan in keeping our dealers ramped up, and better than ever on the phones. With the economy constantly changing, I have new scripted rebuttals that will help our departments handle more types of customers.

Our phone trainings have been going great, and we have some new clients that will be able to take advantage of our brand new cirriculum of phone trainings to make you a "Appointment Ninja" faster than ever! Everyone that is fluent and already taking advantage of "the 10 steps" will get even better! It's the perfect time to start making the end-of-year "push" to really CRUSH the competition and finish the year with fantastic numbers (and PAYCHECKS!!).

As of now, I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend...and we all know the weekend is always better after having a BIG CONFIRM those APPOINTMENTS!! :)

Andy Fedo

VP of Training

Dealer Synergy

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Thank you for the warm welcome back to Dealer Synergy! It's been a busy 48 hours and I've been re-absorbing the Orange and Black in heavy doses! I've spoke to a lot of you so far, and I will be reaching out to everyone to say Hello in the near future, and see what I can do IMMEDIATELY to help you be a stronger phone sales ninja and Internet department. I will constantly be getting out new material and tools to help boost sales, and I ALREADY have some tips to help you make more money (that's why we work...right!?!)

After doing 18 phone trainings with Internet Coordinators, Sales Managers, and Internet Directors in just 2 days, I've found a few routine things that I did when I was in ALL of your shoes before, that can help you starting TODAY:

1. Inbound calls - Ask for more phone numbers! Make sure that if the customer gives you a work/home number, ask the obvious question "Do you also have a cell phone number?" I'm pretty sure 99% of America will have a cell phone...and now you have a number to reach them at work or home...and don't be shy to ask for a 3rd number AND email address too!! This is a very important time of your call, so don't rush yourself to the next step. This will help you confirm your appointments at anytime, leading to a better show ratio.

2. "Please get a pen" - This simple phrase at the end of your call will work...GUARANTEED! Those of you I have spoken to in the last few days have heard me emphasized to tell you customer (when confirming your appointment) to "please get a pen". At this point, give the customer PERFECT directions to your dealership, your name, and direct phone number, and the person you have delegated to handle the customer at the door. Also make the customer "REPEAT your phone number back to you, to assure they have it right". This will confirm that they were in fact writing it down. We now have a much better chance of that customer calling us back if something comes up, or they get lost, etc...

3. RE: APPOINTMENT - Send email confirmations the day before your customer is due to arrive. Hopefully even if your customer didn't get a chance to return your call, they may check their email at night, over their morning coffee, or sometime before they are due to be there that following day. Some people are very email savvy, but it's "hard to talk at work"

Happy Selling and Always Be Closing!!

Andy Fedo

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