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In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Dealer Synergy's Nation Sales Director, Joseph Argento, explains how you need to lead and motivate your team if you want to be successful. You need to get your people behind you and supporting you which means, everyone has to be on the same page. Everyone needs to understand the goals of the dealership, how to approach those goals, and the consequences if those goals are not met in order to work well as one unit. It's about planning, being on the same page, motivating, and the execution.

Make Money Mondays - Special Edition - Lead & Motivate Your Team

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Play this in your Saturday Sales Meeting! Get your team fired up!! My friend, Tammie LeBleu would use this video to motivate her team and she showed it at the end of all her training workshops. I LOVE the energy and the intensity! Let me know your thoughts. Like, comment and share. Also, if you have a favorite motivation video, I would love to see it! Have a great day everyone!
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Dealer Principal, Louie Herron Writes Powerful Book "Driven By Fire" 

Dealer Principal, Louie Herron writes a powerful book on How to do more, be more and achieve more. If you are in the Automotive Sales industry and want to truly take your career to the next level, you must read this book. You will learn how someone went from being lost to getting into car sales, climbed the ladder from Showroom Sales Consultant to Dealer Principal in a short amount of time! You too can achieve profound success and effectiveness. All you have to do is read Louie's book! 

About "Driven By F.I.R.E." 

If you are rich, poor, a man, a woman, an entrepreneur, unemployed, successful, struggling, confused. God-fearing, or not, this book is for you. Within these pages you will learn how to stay the course, how to deal with failure, and how to meet your goals. You will also learn the true definition of success and what personal achievement really means. It could be completely different than what you initially believed it to be. The importance of faith plays a major role in any success story. You will learn how to focus and stay grounded with the help of a power higher than yourself. I will show you how I used all these things to learn from my mistakes and accomplish my goals. Going from a high school grad with dreams of playing professional football to a college dropout facing setback after setback to CEO of a franchise dealership is unheard of and extremely difficult, but not impossible, as I will explain. Adversity will always be a part of life. Bad things happen. Finances get low. Relationships fail. Expectations fall short. You feel like giving up. Experience has taught me that no matter who or where we are in life, we will, at some point, come upon challenging circumstances. Most of the time it feels as though it is the end of the road, but through your Faith, Intensity, Re-Invention of self, and Enthusiasm, you will find that your new journey is only beginning. Keep going…

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Speeding up the Success of Your Business

Are you looking for fast and easy ways to speed up the success of your business? 

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Paul will go into detail about techniques you need to use to brand your business and become successful in no time.  The first step? Ask yourself these questions.

Why are you unique?

What do you do as a business owner that is different than any other company or competitor without comparing price?

After you've figured this out, you'll move on to the next small pieces of advice Paul will give you that make a huge impact.  Change your marketing strategy and advertising techniques by watching the rest of this week's Think Tank Tuesday.




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Great Leaders Must Let Go...Sometimes

The people who work at Potratz have shaped us into the brand awareness and engagement agency that we are today.

Potratz is comprised of multiple companies that all work together to form one brand. In this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, I introduce you to the people that Potratz is comprised of and give you one important tip that you should be using for your team and business.

I want to hear your ideas! Leave a comment here or connect with me on Facebook and share your thoughts.  You may get a free POTRATZ Coffee Mug Strategy!




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Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

A job search can be both extremely stressful and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster. With all the applications, resume building, and interviews, one day you could be flying high on cloud nine ready to conquer the world and the next you could find yourself in a slump. Present day job searches require more time and energy than ever before. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay motivated throughout the process. Here are a few simple ways to stay positive while searching for the job of your dreams. 

Prepare for the process - You have to face the reality that you will not find a new job overnight. There will be weeks where you will not have any contact from potential employers. In fact, research shows that your job search will take approximately one month for every $15,000 you plan to earn. The trick is to stay positive and not fall into a downward spiral because your job search is taking longer than expected. 

Don't give up on yourself - Every jobseeker has to keep the faith. Your job search is all about selling yourself to employers and hiring managers. It is very important to stay optimistic during this time, because if you don't believe in yourself who will. Your ultimate goal is to prove that you will be an asset to the company. 

Network - Never be embarrassed to search your job situation with others. Networking is a great way to find a new position. Over 40% of jobseekers said they used networking as a means to land a new job. Even if you don't find a new gig, networking is an excellent way to meet new people with similar interests. 

Set goals - Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals will keep you on track during the hunt for new employment. Having targets to reach will help you stay focused and motivate you to send resumes and reach out to employers. Once you reach those goals you will feel good about yourself and your progress. 

Maintain a healthy work/life balance - Even though you are unemployed, you should think of your job search as a job. With that said, it is extremely important to keep a work/life balance. Step away from the computer and go out with friends, do something you enjoy, or find a new hobby.

Although your job search may be stressful and appear never-ending, it is imperative that you remain motivated. Never giving up, setting goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can aid in this process. Remember, it all the stress and frustration will be worth it when you land that dream job. 

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Joe Cala is a specialist in motivation, positivity and sales strategies in the automotive industry. Joe is the General Manager of Dealer Synergy and has a total of 14 years in the automotive industry, holding positions from Sales Person to Used Car Manager, New Car Manager to Internet Sales Manager, and eventually Internet Director.

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Keep Calm & Close The Deal!

Last day of the month people! Get everything you can today and make every deal possible! Revisit missed opportunities and close with urgency! Remember that today will always be the best day to make it happen! Finish Strong! Hit your bonus levels! Refuse to quit! Stay positive! Keep asking for the deal! Have a great day! Keep calm & close the deal!
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Automotive Sales Trainer, Joseph explains best practices for new hires on what to do and how to do them... 

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31 Words.

Stop Freaking Out; Marketing does not have to be difficult. Sure, it can be tedious and require a lot of trial and error, but it does not need to be hard, especially as the mediums of marketing evolve. Traditional forms of marketing may be different than the fresher forms of marketing on social media, but the premise remains the same. You want whatever it is you are marketing to see a return on investment from your efforts or finical output. According to there are only 31 words you need to know.

“Marketing, reduced to its absolute basics, is remarkably simple: You figure out whom you want to sell to, and then you determine how you are going to get them to buy.”

That’s it. Of course you can get into the plethora of questions that need to be answered within this quote, because that’s what we do as humans. We complicate things. Of course there will always be more worked involved in asking and answering the questions laced into such a simple quote, but really it’s not difficult once you realize that a good product or service should sell itself.  All you’re really responsible for is making sure people know it exists, aka your branding; enter social media. It’s not advertising, it’s branding and public awareness.  I know you are probably looking for the rest of the article or waiting for some grand advice to show up. The good news is, you’ve already read it.

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1 Week Left!

From today forward we have 7 total selling days left. Push hard all the way through till the end. Revisit customers that came in and didn't buy. Relook at their trades. Check all other possibilities. What if they were on another vehicle? What about longer term? Used? Certified? New? Lease? One Pay Lease? More Down? Co-Signer? Turn up the heat! T.O everybody. Stay focused. Be happy. 

Internet departments hammer the phones. Bang out 17 calls per hour. Stay on Script. Set appointments. Directors, T.O the calls. Drive your departments. Set the tone. Motivate! Inspire! Train! Teach! Lead & Guide Your Team! Finish Strong! Don't look at the negatives. Focus on the positives. Take the lemons and make lemonade! Have a great day! Let's have a record breaking final 7 days! All things are possible baby!!!!!!
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