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Keep Calm & Close The Deal!

Last day of the month people! Get everything you can today and make every deal possible! Revisit missed opportunities and close with urgency! Remember that today will always be the best day to make it happen! Finish Strong! Hit your bonus levels! Refuse to quit! Stay positive! Keep asking for the deal! Have a great day! Keep calm & close the deal!
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Automotive Sales Manager Trains With Sean V. Bradley - Objections / Rebuttals / Word Tracks

Sean V. Bradley had the opportunity to train objections, rebuttals (Word Tracks) with a very advanced Sales Manager from a Chevy Dealership in Indiana.

Watch this video and re watch this video and learn from Geno how to master the CLOSE!

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"Ace of Spades" Example - Automotive Internet Sales (Phone Sales) Process

This is one of my favorite examples... I have been using it for YEARS :)

"Ace of Spades"... This example basically explains the concept of "Begin with the end" in mind!!

Watch this video a couple of times, it is awesome!!


I had an AMAZING class of trainees at Vara Chevrolet in San Antonio Texas!!

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