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Create Your Vision Board - Make Money Mondays - Special Edition

In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Special Edition, Joseph Argento, National Sales Director of Dealer Synergy explains how and why you should create a vision board to help map out your success. With a vision board, you can list some of your biggest desires that will remind you what your are striving to acheive.

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In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Dealer Synergy's President, Sean V. Bradley tells you that there are no excuses when it comes to the Holidays. The end of the year should be the time where you finish strong to provide gifts for your friends and family. You are the one making excuses for the holidays and you should blame yourself if you are not making the money you deserve. You need to focus on the prize at the end of the race. If you remember to utilize all 8 ways to sell a car then you should have no problem sells cars during the holidays.

Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - There Are No Excuses For the Holidays

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Congratulations to our CEO, Sean V. Bradley, CSP! “Win The Game of Googleopoly” is ranked  # 1 on Amazon’s new releases; this means that his book was the top seller in the retail section. This is a HUGE deal and could not be more of an honor for Sean V. Bradley, CSP and our team.

Sean has achieved some major career milestones throughout his life, both inside and outside of the automotive industry. He has provided exceptional service to the automotive industry as a trainer, international speaker, and consultant; personally training over 10,000 automotive sales professionals.  Sean’s expertise goes beyond training individual dealerships and dealer groups. He has had the honor of providing training and consulting regarding Internet Sales and Digital Marketing initiatives for high powered publicly traded companies. Some of his current clients include, TrueCar and Autobytel Inc., to name a few. He has seen success in the music and sports industry as well, and now he’s taking the book world by storm.

Sean’s main objective for this book was to share his digital marketing expertise with all sales professionals, regardless of industry type.  The rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are always changing, and following outdated rules can actually work against you, burying you at the bottom of the pile.  

The higher you are ranked, the more visibility you have. Optimizing your content whether it be written or visual can help you rank higher in search engines. If you are not on the first page of Google, then you are essentially invisible. This book will change how you think about SEO and gives you the tools you need to craft a strategy tailored to your specific market. If you want to dominate search engines and find out what all the buzz is about, order your copy of “Win The Game Of Googleopoly” today!

Thank you again for making this book such a huge success! We truly appreciate your support and appreciate you sharing this tremendous experience with us.

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Learn what you should "Start, Stop, and Keep Doing" with Joe Cala-Make Money Mondays

CEO of Dealer Synergy Sean Bradley normally does a Make Money Mondays segment every Monday providing excellent tips for people in the automotive industry to make money. Each week is a different topic. This version is a special edition because it features Joe Cala, the General Manager of Dealer Synergy.

Joe Cala, General Manager of Dealer synergy, helps you figure out what to start, stop, and keep doing. What should you start, stop, and keep doing? If you want to get better in the automotive industry and make more money, you must ask yourself this every day. Write the answers down so you remember them, and take action on what you decide.

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This Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston was such a huge success! We would like to highlight the dealerships that participated in the Composite, especially those who were awarded for their performance. All the winners performed extraordinarily well in their areas and we are so proud of all of the dealers.

The awards were as follows: The SEO Award was given to Toyota of Braintree for having a well implemented SEO strategy that allowed them to consistently show up on the first page of search engines. Route 44 Toyota  was awarded the Social Media trophy for having the most fans, engagement and page impressions across multiple social networking sites.

The award for Credit Miner was a tie between two dealerships, Bernardi Toyota and Toyota of Braintree. Both dealerships had credit applications that were easy to use and responded to applicants in a timely manner. The award for best Mystery Shop went to Westboro Toyota for providing an exceptional call experience with the proper phone scripts, etiquette and overall process.The award for best Online Reputation was received by Berlin City Toyota for the best ratings, most reviews and most interaction based on popular review sites.  

The Response Audit award was given to Toyota of Watertown based on this dealership’s ability to provide confirmation of availability, in addition to information on vehicle information in a timely manner. The award for Website scope was given to Irwin Toyota for having a solid website which included important factors such as an outstanding landing page that provided easy navigation and was filled with customer reviews. The  winner of the overall, best of the best, Pinnacle Award was Toyota of Braintree who excelled in all of the categories analyzed in the composite.

Multiple companies, including Dealer Synergy and many of the Internet Sales 20 Group sponsors, spent over 6 weeks performing complimentary consultations and research in order to collect the data compiled in the composite.28 dealerships were involved in this event’s composite. They were graded and ranked based on 7 Key Performance Indicators, (KPI) - SEO, Social Media, Credit Applications, Mystery Shop Calls, Online Reputation, Response Audit, and Website Scope. Additionally, a lead estimate was conducted, courtesy of Autobytel. They analyzed the lead opportunities in the local areas surrounding each dealership in the composite. Their search radius spanned from 5 to 25 miles. Learning how many opportunities were available to their store was extremely eye opening and proved to be very valuable to participating dealerships.All the work, donated time and resources for this enormous assessment and evaluation has been estimated at a $3,000 value per dealership!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Below we have outlined the criteria for all seven of the KPI’s and specified exactly what was analyzed:

SEO –This category assessed the dealership’s main website for accessibility on mobile devices and desktops, made sure links worked properly and included proper alt tags, headers and more.  The overall test was how well their sites ranked on search engines based on content and key words.

Social Media- With social media being crucial for exposure, this category looked at total fans, followers and subscribers on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  

Mystery Shop- Every dealership received two monitored calls and were graded in the following areas: initial experience, greeting and phone etiquette. Having a basic phone process and a script makes it easy to guarantee you hit all the key points and end the conversation with an appointment.

Online Reputation- Dealerships were graded on their ratings on online review sites such as Google Reviews, Yahoo Local, Yelp!, Dealer Rater, Edmunds,, and more. The dealerships were assessed based on the number of reviews, the ratings and their engagement with reviewers.

Response Audit – This category was graded based on the dealership’s ability to provide confirmation of vehicle availability, offer test drives and their overall professionalism while providing details about vehicle inventory.

Website Scope- When assessing websites,  the most important aspects are the ease of use for the customer. We looked for an easy search button for inventory,  explanatory videos, such as a used vehicle walk around, and testimonials. Other aspects included a clear call to action, contact information and a site that was up-to-date and relevant.

Credit Miner Credit Applications – This category looked specifically at credit applications on each dealership’s site. Two key factors were the ease of use and response time after submission. It is important to ensure that dealerships are serving their clientele in the most professional and prompt manner possible.

A Breakdown of the Winners and how you can emulate their success:

SEO: Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won: Toyota of Braintree’s SEO strategy included great keywords, alt tags and meta data. Their content was fresh, relevant and updated consistently so they showed up at the top of results in multiple organic searches.

How You Can Emulate Their Success:  Take time to make sure your content is consistent with what words you want to appear in search engines.  The words you choose affect the visibility of your website in search engines and need to be decided based on your target audience. Meta tags play a major role in this process so it’s important to focus your SEO Strategy around these keywords.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Route 44 Toyota

Why They Won: Route 44 Toyota’s Social Media  had the most engagement, subscribers, fans and interactions with these fans as well as followers. Their content was unique, engaging and professional.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: Do not just make your dealership’s site about just YOUR dealership. Be sure to post relevant stores, industry news, and local activities and events in your community. It’s important to see Social Media as a tool to interact with your customers and potential customers - not just an advertisement platform.

MYSTERY SHOP: Westboro Toyota

Why They Won: This dealership was awarded best Mystery Shop Calls based on good phone etiquette displayed by the coordinators, including greeting and closing and overall, exceeding the needs of the caller.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: It’s important to start with a set guide for how to take and make phone calls. Having a process in place and training your team accordingly ensures that all the right information is gathered, that the customer is heard, and that ultimately, their expectations are met. Starting this way makes it easier to sell the appointment and ultimately, the vehicle.


Why They Won: Berlin City Toyota had an incredible amount of reviews, was rating highly on all the most popular review sites, and had an appropriate level of engagement with customers who left reviews.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: With everyone able to quickly search for customer reviews, you need to make an effort to have positive reviews online at their fingertips. Be sure to thank anyone that leaves a review and make sure to always be conscious when representing your dealership online, so when engaging negative reviews, but be respectful and courteous.

RESPONSE AUDIT: Toyota of Watertown

Why They Won: The Response Audit award was received based on having the right content with the fastest responses about vehicle availability, test drive and more. They went above and beyond to not only provide information but great customer service.

How to Emulate Their Success: Always remain educated about information at your dealership. At any given time you should be able to provide information about vehicles in stock or that you can access. Having a plan in place for handling responses is important, so training is imperative to guarantee great customer satisfaction.


Why They Won: Irwin Toyota received the Website Scope Award because they had a fantastic overall site. Their landing page had a solid call to action, testimonials from previous customers and easily linked to their inventory, specials and financing pages. Their pages were filled with relevant content, they had no broken links or error pages and the organization of the site made it easy to navigate and get in touch with a sales associate.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: When creating your website make sure you have a clear vision. Make sure all the information displayed about inventory, incentives and calls to action are all clear. Try to think of your site from a customer perspective and keep your content fresh and engaging. Try adding a blog, photos, videos and other multi-media aspects to liven up the site.

CREDIT MINER APPLICATION: Bernardi Toyota and Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won:  These two dealerships tied for Credit Miner Application because both dealerships had great credit applications that were easy to fill out and both had a quick response time.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: It is important to make credit applications easy and simple. Ask enough information but not too much that you turn them off. And make sure they know how important they are to you by responding quickly.

THE PINNACLE AWARD: Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won: Toyota of Braintree scored highly in all of the 7 KPIs with makes them our Pinnacle Award Winner! They combined superior customer service skills with a high online reputation, a great SEO strategy, ease of navigation on their site and were overall very successful in all areas assessed.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: Make sure your dealership has an exceptional website, appears well in search engines, has a call to action and above all make sure you always provide excellent customer service. It seems overwhelming now, but start by improving one area at a time and you’ll start exceeding not only your customers’ expectations, but your own.

We want to congratulate all of the dealers that were highlighted. It was such an honor to acknowledge dealerships in the industry who are succeeding. It’s important to realize this could be you; you could be any of these dealerships! This is your time, learn and excel today! We hope to see you at the next IS20G 7 in New York. Don’t forget: the first 20 dealerships to register for the event in New York will be included in the next Composite. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something amazing!

Visit for more information about the upcoming event.

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Many people think it's impossible to be successful in the automotive world, but I have seen so many automotive professionals that have had tremendous levels of success. Extraordinary possibilities exist in our industry, and I want to share with you the tools and strategies that will make you more successful than you ever imagined.

At the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 Workshop in Boston this week, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, CEO of Dealer Synergy, unveiled a motivational video his team created that is sure to get you thinking about your future. Success is possible in the auto industry if you know how to work hard, use your resources and stay ahead of the game.

Sean’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has perfected the strategies you need to be successful. Over the years, he has developed tools and services that you can take advantage of in order to achieve success and inspire greatness.

Dealer Synergy: Dealer Synergy is an Award Winning Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing firm that has built the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments for automotive dealerships across the United States. Armed with a training team of automotive professionals with firsthand knowledge and experience in the dealership world, as well as a top of the line technology department consisting of graphic designers, video production professionals, sound engineers and animators, digital marketing professionals and content writers, Dealer Synergy is uniquely equipped to assist your dealership with the most up-to-date, technologically advanced, training and digital marketing tools.


Bradley on Demand: Bradley On Demand is the most advanced platform for sales training, strategies and professional development. The curriculum is designed with a dual approach that focuses on personal and financial success. When your team succeeds your dealership’s bottom line increases. With this tool you will sell more cars, make more money and enhance the quality of your life.


Money Mind Mapp (MMMapp): Targeted towards Automotive Sales Professional, BDC Rep and Internet Coordinators, this desktop and mobile app was developed to help automotive professionals create and achieve their financial goals. Whether they are tracking their personal finances or managing an entire dealership, the Money Mind Mapp is uniquely designed to identify your wants and needs, create action plans, and track your success. The app works with you, making sure you meet your goals. You will never achieve success by simply stating what you want to accomplish. In order to be successful, you need to actually MAP out your plan and follow it exactly. Everyone can use a little help staying accountable. Money Mind Mapp does just that!



Sean V. Bradley, CSP has the key to success. Contact him to unlock your potential!

Call his cell at 267-319-6776 or send him an email at


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Sean V. Bradley, founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy just launched his brand new training platform, Bradley On Demand. The curriculum includes interactive training techniques that are guaranteed to boost your personal, financial and professional success. The comprehensive curriculum will help you sell more cars, more quickly.

 The platform includes a core curriculum targeted towards things like, show room sales, social media marketing, Internet sales, and more, but there are advanced courses on leadership, work-life balance, and other topics that are needed to ensure that you make money. 

 There is no need to question if Bradley On Demand is right for you. Everyone in your dealership should be using it. It allows you to upload personal documents such as your orientation program, and sexual harassment policies. This makes important information available to all of your employees.

 Why postpone your success any longer? With Bradley On Demand, you will be selling more cars, and making more money in no time.

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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - 'Value Package Proposition' - Automotive Sales - Car Sales

Dealerships and individual sales professionals NEED to differentiate themselves... you MUST identify what is different and better about you and your organization!

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If you wanted to build a new dealership, how would you do it? Would you just grab a bunch of nails, screws, wood and material and start? Would you just wake up one day and say, "Today's the day" and go to the home depot and start buying the materials? Would you search the Internet and figure out how to do it yourself? In truth, you know as well as I, that there are a ton of steps needed to make a new building project become reality. However, I want to focus on a very important step that is needed to ensure the final product turn out correctly and that step is the creation of, "The Blueprint!"

A Blueprint is defined as a detailed outline or plan of action. It is the model to follow in order to reproduce the final product. Anything created is created 2 times. The first creation is in one's mind, as a thought and imagination. The second creation is when it is a living reality as a finished product. The blueprint is the bridge that connects the idea to the final product. The blueprint contains the steps, the plans, the map, the processes, the details, the model and the directions to cause what is not yet to become into a living reality. 

So as a dealer, as a sale professional, What is your blueprint for your position? The builder of a building can only build according to what the blueprint says. If the blueprint is a small house, the final product will be a small house. If you expect a large house and the blueprint is only for a small house, you will be very disappointed because the blueprint determines the final product.

You see many times in this industry we become upset at the end of the month when we fall short of hitting our bonuses and different commission levels but if we would be honest with ourselves, we would see that what we accomplished is directly a result of the blueprint we had for that month. A detailed blueprint takes time, takes work and takes discipline to follow, but the reward far outweighs the work. Your expectations will be more likely satisfied when you create the blueprint rather then allowing the blueprint to take shape by itself due to the default of no plan, no process, no steps and no actions being recorded. When nothing is done then you really have nothing to aim for. When you have nothing to aim for and you blindly shoot into the future month with no target in site, you may or may not hit something. You may have good results but with a blueprint you could've had GREAT results! You may have no results but with a blueprint you could've have GOOD results! 

Put together a blueprint for this up coming month. Write out the details, set the goals and put together an action plan on how to build that house! If the blueprint builds a 30 car month, then what steps, processes, actions and plans need to be implemented to build this 30 car house? How many phone calls, emails and pro-active prospecting actions need to be taken to achieve this? Create the blueprint and you will create the outcome that lines up with it. 

Remember that your house is the result of your blueprints! In order to change the results you need to first change the blueprints! Happy Selling!

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To evaluate means to ascertain or fix the value or worth of something. To examine and judge carefully. Another word for evaluate is appraise. Now that's a word I'm familiar with. Appraise! In the car industry we use this word when we appraise or evaluate a customer's trade. What are we doing when we do this? Besides making our customers upset about what we appraise their trade for, we are examining, evaluating and looking over the trade carefully to see the condition, mileage and real time value of it. The appraisal shows us the trade as it is valued in the condition we see it. Now, if the trade has a dent in one door, is over mileage 20,000 miles and has a cracked bumper, the value of the trade will decrease. There will be deductions made for each area. But if the bumper is not cracked, the mileage is under by 5,000 miles and there are no dents at all on the vehicle the trade will be valued higher. The appraisal reveals to the one evaluating it and the one who owns it not only the actual value of it in the condition it's in now but also the reasons why it's worth what it's worth.

We do appraisals for people every day, but what about ourselves? Now, you might be thinking, "I don't need to do an appraisal on my car because I'm not trading it in!" But I'm not talking about appraising your car. I'm talking about you. Have you done an appraisal on yourself lately? Have you pulled out the "Self Appraisal" and took time to evaluate yourself? What about the "Life Appraisal"? Have you taken time to evaluate, examine and look over your life to see the condition, mileage and real time value of it? Have we been so busy working and evaluating things for everybody else that we've let ourselves' fall apart and we haven't had time to take proper care of us? Take the time to evaluate yourself today so you can fix and improve the areas that have caused you to lose self-value in your life. Here is a sample "Self Appraisal" for you to do right now:

Am I happy with the overall condition of myself?

Yes                   No

If no state why...


Is there any exterior damage?

Yes                   No

If yes list defects...

Is there any interior damage?

Yes                   No

If yes, list areas affected and the cause of damage...


Do I need any bodywork?

Yes                   No

If yes list areas...

Have I been in any accidents?

Yes                   No

If yes list areas...

This is just a sample but I trust you get the idea of how you can use this to evaluate your present reality whatever it may be. There are many other types of appraisals you can put together also. Here are a few more to consider:

  • Leadership Appraisal
  • Work Appraisal
  • Emotional Appraisal
  • Physical Appraisal
  • Spiritual Appraisal
  • Social Appraisal
  • Management Appraisal
  • Sales Appraisal

Now if we were to just do an evaluation and leave it at that than we'd all be depressed and in pretty bad shape. However, the evaluation is necessary to expose to us our current condition right now so we can fix, correct and adjust the value of what we see. This is where education comes in. 


To educate means to provide with knowledge or training in a particular area or for a particular purpose. Once we have done our evaluation now we can fix, correct and adjust the necessary areas we have discovered.

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."

Herbert Spencer

Once we receive the knowledge and information we gather we are to than act correspondingly on the understood knowledge to make the necessary changes found in our evaluation. This is true education.

Knowledge + Corresponding Action = Education. When we are truly educated in an area we are no longer ignorant in that area. We have the know how to fix, change and adjust ourselves into a higher place than where we were without our education. This is called elevation.


To elevate is to move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up. To raise to a higher state, rank, or office; exalt; promote. The end result of

Evaluation + Education = Elevation. This is always the result of someone who practices these principles in any area of life. Whether it is the workplace, the sale, the close, life, leadership, management, relationships or anything else this formula will hold true.

As you focus on making it a habit to evaluate and educate yourself in every area of life you will experience being elevated to new positions, promotions and higher levels of responsibility. 

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