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Get Your Wallet Out.

Typically we love to find a solid article to share with you and compliment it with our thoughts, but for this podcast we decided to take a different approach. We have been hearing numerous reports of the possibility that Twitter will become a paid platform. There are many positive and negative  ways this could go. Listen now as the  social media team sounds off on our thoughts and of course, we would love to hear your thoughts as well.

PODCAST - Paying For Twitter

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PODCAST - Native Marketing

If you read our blog post from Tuesday (if you haven’t yet, you should) you had a chance to get familiar with native advertising. To recap it is basically just a form of advertising that is used to promote your ad without your audience knowing it is an ad. Essentially it is an ad that blends into your newsfeed, twitter feed, or instafeed by looking like a picture a friend of yours would post.  Typically this form of advertising is paid for in order to reach more people, but content and creation are key. In today’s podcast we take an in-depth look into what this form of advertising is and why it is so great!  We break down the essential facts into numbers and try to convince you, it's something you should be looking into.

Also, we clear up some of the confusion for those of you who have a spinning head right now. Enjoy, and if you want to read further into this topic you can check out the sources for this podcast here.

PODCAST - Native Marketing

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Manners... PLEASE!

Etiquette is a very important part of life. You would not just walk up to someone on the street you don't know and ask them to be your friend. The same thing goes for social media! It's  Thursday and we are back with a podcast to help you network by network on what etiquette is acceptable. You can read the original article here 


PODCAST - Social Media Etiquette

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By now I'm sure you're used to our Thursday podcasts on Social Media. This week we are switching things up a bit and bringing in a special guest! Our HR specialist here at Dealer Synergy, Elaine, is here to provide some informative insights. It's still Social's just more about what employers look for when it comes to your social media profiles.

Listen to find out what kind of role your social media accounts could be playing in your job search without you even knowing it.

PODCAST - HR and Social Media

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PODCAST - Kickstarting Your Social Media

Time and time again businesses struggle to figure out why their Social Media platforms are not performing as well as anticipated. More often than not it's because businesses go through their marketing efforts on social media with no strategy. In this week's podcast Brittany and Chris cover the basic strategies of Social Media PLUS an INSIDER TIP!  Take a look at this weeks Podcast for more information on how to “Kick start your social media campaign”

Podcast - Kickstarting Your Social Media

You can read the original article here -

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PODCAST - Use The Right Buzz Words

People think social media is super easy, and it is when you are using it for fun.  It's a totally different game when you're using it for business, things get more complex and the outcome is far more important. The object of social media will always be to drive traffic, not to drive sales (although it should be noted that traffic turns into sales!) To drive traffic you need to get engagement, and the easiest way to get engagement is to use buzz words! Buzz words help force engagement, and like you probably guessed, every social media platform has it's own set of buzz words! Take a listen to our Podcast to get some insight into which words you should be using in your posts!  We cover a lot, and if you are curious for more information definitely click the link to check out the original article! As always, feel free to comment things you would like to hear about next and of course enjoy!

PODCAST - Using Buzz Words

You can read the original article here - Words That Get Shared

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PODCAST- Facebook's Organic Reach Plummets

Lately, you may have noticed a decline in the amount of people that are seeing your posts. This is because Facebook has changed their algorithm, which has decreased your posts organic reach. Why are only 1.2% of the people that like your Facebook page seeing your business posts? Find out in this weeks podcast! Inside this 3 minute podcast is also what we feel you should be spending to pay for boosting or promoting your post!
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