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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - The Olympics

In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Sean V. Bradley, CSP, President of Dealer Synergy, discusses the different levels of professionalism. An Olympic athlete is the highest honor of professionalism you can hold. If you think you are truly a professional, you should grade yourself on a realistic level. As an automotive professional, you can be junior varsity, varsity, AAA, or in the major leagues. Which level of professional are you?

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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Special Edition - You Are Your Brand

In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Special Edition, Chris Herman, President at Herman Advertising explains the importance of building your own brand. How do you establish and straighten your brand? You must have a great personality and dress for success. Remember that your brand means being yourself.

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Dealerships, Know The Law Before You Fly!

“Dealerships, Know The Law Before You Fly”

As an employee of Dealer Synergy and Dealer Video Production, I recently faced a very unique situation when our company brought on a new client for a monthly video production package. We were given the opportunity to film our first broadcast television commercial and the client was specific in what they were looking for: they envisioned cinematic, aerial shots that can only be accomplished by using a state-of-the-art Drone camera.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, I am sure you have heard the term “Drone” being used on a regular basis. A Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard, operated remotely with a control. The technical term used by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV, and Small Unmanned Aircraft System, or sUAS. Whether you are a Sales Associate, General Manager, or even Dealer Principal with the urge to fly, it is important to understand the new rules that have come into effect when using a Drone for commercial purposes.

Before purchasing a Drone yourself, you should do plenty of research on the available models and sort out which is the best for your situation. If your dealership is looking to produce basic video content, then I personally recommend purchasing a Parrot Bebop Drone. This prosumer-grade Drone is a solid beginner model for someone who wants to start taking their video strategy seriously but lacks ample video experience. Though the price tag may be a bit daunting to some, it’s a far safer bet than purchasing any one of the low-priced Drones that sit behind the counter of your local drug store.

Given the current marketing trend with these magical devices, there’s a good chance that if your dealership does video advertising, it may have already employed a production company to shoot Drone footage capturing the car lot or storefront. However, if you want to undertake this operation yourself, then there are a number of rules and resources to consider. This article will examine the basic laws and functions of a UAV that everyone should have a general understanding of before cruising one over their dealership.

Some things you will learn from this article:

  1. The most recent law passed by the FAA on personal and commercial Drone use.

  2. How you can register your Drone online for use.

  3. The resources for obtaining a certification from the FAA to use your Drone commercially.

  4. Tips and tricks for operating a Drone in a safe and effective manner.

As of August 29, 2016, the FAA has passed a new rule (Part 107) regarding Drone operations both personally and commercially. The first and most important thing to do when you purchase a new Drone is to register your device with the FAA before you even attempt to fly. Any consumer or semi-professional level Drone that weighs between .55 lbs and 55 lbs must be registered through the official FAA website ( The owner of the Drone is fully responsible for going to the website and paying a $5 service fee. However, if you are hiring a production company to film with their own Drone, then it is not your responsibility to have the Drone registered.

If you or someone from your dealership owns a Drone and plans to use it for commercial purposes, including digital marketing on the web, then the remote pilot must pass a FAA sUAS Knowledge Test to legally operate the Drone. This knowledge test is a 60 question multiple-choice examination that is conducted at a participating airport in your region. It is very similar to a driving test or a CDL test; you will pay a one time fee of $150 that is non-refundable if you fail the test. In order to pass the test, you must score a 70% and finish within the allotted time of two hours.

After you pass the test and are ready to fly your Drone, there are some key safety tips that you must follow in order to ensure safe flight.

  1. You MUST pay attention to the weather patterns (clouds, wind, precipitation) before you fly. Fierce winds can lead to a wayward Drone and potentially damaged property.

  2. Always check with the FAA on the B4YOUFLY application (available for iOS & Android) to make you are that not flying in an restricted airspace. Failure to do so could lead to major legal issues.

  3. If you are within five miles of a public or private airport, you MUST contact the airport or the traffic control tower to notify them you will be flying within their airspace.

  4. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for birds, trees, aircrafts, and power lines, or anything else that could collide with your device and leave unfortunate results.

  5. Operate your Drone the same way that you would operate an automobile. DO NOT fly the Drone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  6. DO NOT try to “SHOW OFF” your skills by flying in dangerous areas, like closed-in spaces (particularly a dealership showroom). You are essentially controlling a small helicopter and should treat it the same way that you would a full-scale one.

Despite the overwhelming level of caution that one must take when flying a Drone, the resulting footage that can be captured makes the whole process worthwhile. Countless dealerships are using Drone footage today to improve their commercial presence, and it shows in the dynamism of their content. If you master the art of Drone flight, you can take your dealership to the next level and use it to impress your customers and competition.

However, if you’re uncertain about spending the money on a Drone and want to get an idea for how the footage looks and can be applied, then I recommend hiring a professional organization to shoot it for you.

Dealer Video Production is certified in Drone operation and uses the DJI Inspire V2 on a constant basis to provide the best video content for their clients across the continent. If you have any questions about Drone use or would like to inquire about Dealer Video Production’s Drone services, please contact us at or call (856) 546-2440 x29.


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In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Dealer Synergy's President, Sean V. Bradley gives advise handling a prospect that comes into your store and says "I'm Just Looking." A vehicle is the second largest item a person will buy in their lifetime after a home. Do not take offense if someone says to you, "I'm just looking." Sean gives us advise on what to say when a customer says those three words. If you are structured and professional with your response, you could have the prospect abandon the "I'm just looking" reflex.

Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - How To Handle "I'm Just Looking"

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In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Dealer Synergy's President, Sean V. Bradley is passionate about how hard work and success go hand in hand. Sean explains that unless you compare yourself to a gold medalist in the Olympics, you have to work HARDER & SMARTER!
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Check out this interview I did with my friend Jeff Cormier for Dealer Synergy. Jeff crushed it! Auto Pros need to pay attention to what he is doing. He literally has the absolute BEST website in the entire Automotive Sales industry for a showroom sales consultant! Take a look at his website . AND... it is still a work n progress!

But more than the awesome technology and great value he provides his clients like by being the ONLY CERTIFIED Car Seat Installer / Inspector in his county!! Jeff gives to the community he is a member of "Super Heros for Kids" in Ohio.

I invite you all to look at his website, read about Jeff Cormier. Get to know him and friend him on Facebook (And all other social media). This is a rising star in our industry and great things are going to be coming from him. Karen and I are 100% behind him and truly look forward to sharing in his success!

Also, let us know what you think of his website and if you have any other ideas what we could or should add to it to make it even better!

Thank you my friends-

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This Monday Sean talks about the question, "What did you say?" Have you ever met someone that sounds stupid? There's a saying, "It's better to keep your mouth shut, and let them think you're a fool than open your mouth and prove it." Potential buyers can not see you, so you need to create a positive image of yourself through your words by being articulate, educated, and sensible. Listen to what the prospect is saying and then meet their questions and expectations strategically.

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Car Salesman "Ups" A Waitress & Sells 2 Different People Cars & Sets 4 Additional Appointments For Future Car Sales!

Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer synergy recently conducted a training session at Roswell Honda in New Mexico and inspired a fledgling Automotive Sales Professional to try some of the Dealer Synergy Prospecting strategies… And the VERY FIRST time, Dexter hit a grand slam home run! Congrats Dex! 

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The Evolution & Natural Selection

Of Automotive Sales


Evolution is defined as a process of gradual, progressive change and development. The “Evolution of Automotive Sales” in the last five to six years has been incredible to say the least. The way the manufacturers market and advertise vehicles is different. The way that dealers sell cars has changed. And even the way that individual sales consultants engage prospects and create opportunities has evolved to an entirely new level.


The Automotive Industry is about to have the best year since the collapse of the economy in 2008. NADA is projecting that we will deliver over 15 Million+ units in 2013! Dealers are selling more cars, more often and more profitably. This is a dramatic difference from the scary times of dealers being shut down and consolidated.


What did we learn from the last five to six years? A lot!


  • Firstly, dealers learned that NOTHING is promised and in a blink of an eye it can ALL GO AWAY. That is right, it can all be gone. I have seen dealers that had been in business for almost 100 years either go out of business or were pushed to the brink of bankruptcy.


  • Secondly, the dealers that did survive learned that they could NOT keep doing what they were doing and expect different results. (Isn’t that the definition of insanity?) They needed to embrace the concepts of “Who Moved My Cheese” if they wanted to survive, never mind thrive!


  • Thirdly, and one of the biggest learning lessons since the collapse of the economy, was the realization by dealers that the Internet was here to stay. Let’s be real. At first the industry perceived “Automotive Internet Sales” almost in the same way “Hip Hop” music was classified merely as a “fad”. It was incorrectly predicted that Hip Hop music would go away once kids got it “out of their system”. That assumption could not have been further from the truth.  Not only did Hip Hop survive, it has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry today and has merged with mainstream “pop” culture. In the same way, Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing have merged into total Dealership operations. It’s NOT just Internet “Sales”, it is Internet “Service”, “Parts”, “Aftermarket” and “F&I”.


What I have found to be rather shocking is that there are dealers that hear about this “great news” of rebound sales and they don’t believe it. They choose not to believe it. They simply can’t believe it because they personally are not selling more cars. They are not net increasing revenue. So, how can they share in the excitement when it is passing them by? How is it that the economy is coming back for some people and not for others? The answer is simple. The economy is coming back for EVERYONE! The problem is that some dealers are still trying to sell cars like it is 1980, 1990, 2007, etc. But, it’s not that era anymore. Business simply is conducted differently. And until that statement is realized, dealers will continue to get the same results. With the year 2014 just around the corner, times have changed, people have changed, technology has evolved and communication has evolved.


With 85 percent of the world connecting via Email and 62 percent of the world connecting via Social Media, the Internet has become even more prominent and vital to the evolution of the dealership. I truly believe that it was the Internet that saved a lot of dealerships from going out of business and saved a lot more people from losing their jobs during the big recession. The reason I say this is because the dealers that embraced Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing during the turbulent times are the dealers that survived and thrived and some stronger than ever. They viewed the economic collapse as an opportunity to rise while others fell. Some were even strategically buying up the dealerships going out of business! While some dealers strategically utilized the Internet with a blueprint in mind, other dealers were just lucky and happened to engage Internet Sales and Digital Marketing by default. Either they were desperate or they couldn’t afford traditional marketing anymore, so they turned to digital initiatives as a last resort and found that they had profound success. And at a much cheaper cost! Regardless of how dealers wound up enveloped in Internet Sales, they all found results of success at some level. I am not trying to falsely claim that every dealer that engaged in Internet Sales was successful.  I am simply saying that the dealers that DID engage in Internet Sales were more successful than the dealers that rejected it and felt the Internet was irrelevant and a waste of time.  


We’ve touched upon the evolution of Automotive Sales, but how does the theory of Natural Selection play a role? Natural Selection is defined as the process by which forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressures, changes in climate, or competition will tend to survive and reproduce in greater numbers than others of their kind, thus ensuring the perpetuation of those favorable traits in succeeding generations.


The correlation car dealerships have with Natural Selection is simple. The weaker, antiquated, bad dealerships will either be consolidated or go out of business and the more evolved, professional, modern “good” dealerships will thrive, grow, conquest and continue to evolve.  


Successful Dealerships of the present and the future are completely immersed in Internet Sales, BDC and Digital Marketing, possessing either Internet or Business Development Centers. They buy and generate leads proactively to drive business to their dealership(s). They participate in a proactive approach. They do NOT wait for floor ups to simply walk into their dealerships and buy cars. They find the people to come into the dealership. They are where the people are…the Internet.


Evolved Dealerships understand:


  • That 92-99% of Americans go online BEFORE they ever step foot into a dealership
  • The average buying cycle is between 45-90 days. NOT 72 hours as was the reality 15 years ago
  • Internet Leads are a FRACTION of the cost compared to traditional advertising. Specifically, NADA says that the average cost per sale in advertising is $640 per car. On the other hand, Internet advertising is approximately $200 per car.
  • Conventional advertising is when and where people do NOT want to be bothered. On the other hand, Internet advertising is “on demand”. It is ONLY when and where people want to be engaged. On their terms.
  • Digital Marketing is completely transparent. Every dollar can be tracked back to clicks, leads, attempts, connections, appointments, confirmations, appointments, shows and deliveries. Whereas traditional advertising is dubious and very difficult for tracking ROI.


What is next for the evolution of Automotive Sales? Through my experience through training, I have found the answer is in Automotive Sales Professionals themselves. Excitingly, they too are EVOLVING! Evolved Sales Professionals are taking the old saying “The Car Business Is Like Having Your Own Business” and putting it into play at a whole new level.


“Car Sales Is Like Owning Your Own Business” is as powerfully true as it is tremendously misleading! After all, words are just that, words…unless of course you put those words into action. But how can an Automotive Sales professional put those words into action if the Sales Professional isn’t properly trained on entrepreneurship? Most dealerships falsely mislead their Sales Consultants into thinking that they are trained Automotive Sales Professionals and entrepreneurs, which is NOT the case.  You do NOT own or run your own business if all you are armed with is the “Road to the Sale”, especially if you don’t even use it consistently.  


Truly evolved Automotive Sales Professionals have learned that to own your own business, sustain that business and evolve that business, you must:


  • Have a Methodical “Road Map”. You must have a business model with a Plan A, B, C etc. You must begin with the end in mind. You cannot just show up to work and expect to sell 30, 40+ units per month by chance. You need turn by turn GPS precision guidance created via planning and preparation.


  • Diversify the way you sell cars. You cannot expect to just live off of floor ups. You need to have multiple streams of revenue or multiple ways to sell automobiles.


  • Understand that the Internet is the KEY to your success. Google’s ZMOT confirms how important and relevant the Internet is for ALL businesses. So, if you are in fact “Your Own Business”, then you need to be ALL OVER the Internet! Over 80% of ALL transactions start on Search Engines…


  • An individual Sales Professional needs to think of him or herself like the dealership thinks about its Internet Sales Department.  Meaning that Sales Professionals need to emulate the strategy of the Dealership and even the OEM.  If an OEM, such as Ford (for example) has a full online division and specializes in:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Retargeting
  • Online Reputation
  • Websites
  • Focus Sites / Micro Sites
  • Blogs
  • 3rd Party Leads / Aggregators / Online Classifieds
  • And more…


And then a Ford Dealership, ABC Ford, has an Internet department and duplicates their own digital strategy like the OEM, then it makes all the sense in the world for Sales Professionals to emulate the strategy of both their Dealership as well as their OEM. 


  • Proactive Mind Set - Evolved Automotive Sales Professionals cannot wait for magic to happen, they must create their own results… proactively. The way a sales professional views the “sales process” determines the behaviors they exhibit and in turn directly determines their results.


  • Must be methodical with “Follow Up” – With the average Internet prospect gestation period being between 45-90 days on AVERAGE. Sales Professionals need to become experts in:


  • Inbound / outbound Phone Process
  • Inbound / outbound Email Process
  • Social Media Communication(s)
  • Video Messaging (Skype, GoToMeeting, Video Email)
  • Voicemail Communications
  • Reputation Management



  • Must Have Excellent Time Management Skills –

Entrepreneurs know that you must be careful of distractions disguised as opportunities. This reality is one of the most powerful concepts for evolved Sales Professionals to master. Poor time management skills kill a lot of careers in the automotive industry. There are too many Sales Consultants that work a “Bell to Bell” and get NOTHING accomplished. This happens because they do NOT know how to prioritize. They do not have a “Roadmap for success”.


  • Accountability  - True professionals must hold themselves accountable. In order to hold themselves accountable, there must be checks and balances. There must be benchmarks, standards, projections, tracking and reporting.


  • Must “Master Your Craft”- At the end of the day, it’s all about being the absolute BEST automotive sales professional you can be. In order to be the best, you need to master your craft. That means:


  • Mastering your dealership’s “Road To The Sale” process
  • Have AMAZING Product knowledge
  • Be able to present FULL Features and Benefits and articulate “WHY” your brand is BETTER than ANY other brands in market
  • Be able to articulate (passionately) What is your dealerships unique value package proposition (VPP)… “Why Buy From Us” package.
  • Know how to PROPERLY qualify a prospect and identify their wants, needs and expectations.
  • Have a thorough library of the TOP 10 objections as well as at least 5-7 STRONG rebuttals for each (That is 50-70 powerful word tracks in your arsenal).


All of my tips and ingredients for success listed above are derived in part from when I was on the front lines selling cars, as a “30-Car Guy”, and in completion from my post front line days as the CEO of a national training and consulting company. I evaluated my automotive experience as a whole and mapped out my formula that helped me achieve 30 units per month, over and over again. Then I modified that formula with the additional information and experience I obtained through working in diverse dealerships all over the country and overseas. I then took that formula and converted it to workshop form for dealerships all over the country, including state associations such as the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) and the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association (GNYADA).


Let me break down my philosophy for you:


As mentioned prior, a Sales Professional should not just show up to work without a methodical plan and just try to sell as many cars as possible without a defined plan. As Dr. Covey says (Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), You must “begin with the end in mind”.  That means that you should start by identifying:


  • Exactly how much money you want to make in a particular month
  • How many units you must sell to achieve that financial goal
  • Where those units are coming from
  • How you are going to sell all of these vehicles



Once you identify the “plan”, you must identify the “how” or the implementation. There are eight main ways an Automotive Sales professional can sell an automobile:


  1. Fresh Ups
  2. Be-Backs
  3. Internet Ups
  4. Phone Ups
  5. Repeat Clients
  6. Referrals
  7. Service
  8. Prospecting (The Lost Art Of Car Sales)


Unfortunately for the success of the automotive sales professional (and ultimately the dealership), MOST Sales Consultants only sell from 2-4 areas and some even from 4-6, but very few Sales Consultants engage ALL eight opportunities to sell an automobile.


Below you will see a grid that I created, which allows a Sales Professional to truly “Mind Map” their projections.

It breaks down:


  • How many units you want to sell per month
  • Where you are going to get those units from (within the eight categories)
  • Exactly how many people you have to have in front of you, at the dealership, to sell “X” amount of units.
  • It further shows you that in order to have “X” amount of prospects in front of you; you need to speak to “X” amount of people (in person or on the phone).


For example, if an Automotive Sales Professional wants to sell 30 units a month and generate over $12,000, how are they going to do it?


Firstly, you need to know the following variables:


  • What is your pay plan? You need to not only know what it is, but you need to UNDERSTAND it as well, so you can work it to your advantage. You should identify: 
    • What is the commission percentage
    • What are the bonus levels / tiers
    • What are the bonus units
    • What vehicles have “spins” from the OEM
    • If there are any fast starts or power closing bonuses in existence.


  • What is your AVERAGE commission amount? If you don’t know, develop an “estimate”. For example, $400 per car. That is the average, including all bonuses, spins, etc. in total at the end of the month.


  • If you are solely on commission or a draw, then you need to calculate how many units you need to sell to earn $12,000.  With that end financial goal in mind, you need to back into the numbers:


  • Take $12,000 divided by $400 = 30 units!
  • Now you need to identify where you are going to get those 30 units utilizing the following sources:
    • Fresh-Ups
    • Be-Backs
    • Internet Ups
    • Phone Ups
    • Prior Customers / Orphan Owners
    • Referrals
    • Service
    • Prospecting


  • Once you calculate where you are going to “fish” for your prospects, you need to calculate how many in dealership prospect engagements you are going to need to close those 30 units.


  • After you identify the number of in dealership prospect engagements, you will need to calculate the number of people you need to “speak to” in order to mathematically get that amount of people in the dealership. Remember when I say “speak to”, I mean “communicate” with via:
    • Showroom up
    • Phone up
    • Social Media
    • Email Correspondence


  • With that given number, you can calculate how many people you need to:
    • Call
    • Email
    • “Up”
    • Meet (prospecting)
    • Social Communicate / Network with


In the end, the right amount of “conversations” will result in the right amount of “in dealership” visits, which will ultimately result in the 30 units delivered, satisfying your “end in mind”.


Automotive Sales has evolved tremendously since the economic collapse in 2008. It was through Natural Selection that the “strongest” and “adaptable” dealers survived. The same evolution that was responsible for the dealership’s survival then has transferred to the newest evolution of the Automotive Sales Professional today. With that being said, I guarantee, if you follow the plan herein, you will be successful.


In my next article I am going to break my philosophy down even further and provide even more tactical strategies. Specifically in my next article, I will discuss how Automotive Sales Professionals can prospect utilizing advanced technologies and strategies that will empower them to truly “Own Their Own Business”.


If you have any questions about this article or if you would like a sneak peek of the information I will elaborate on in my next article, please feel free to call me at 267-319-6776, email me at OR, please visit me at the  

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1. "I'm Just Looking" / "I am NOT Buying Today" / "This is the FIRST place I Have Looked" / "I've Just Started My Research"

All of these are the same basic objection
Rebuttal #1
Yes Sir/Ma'am, I understand completely! I have discovered that many of my customers would
prefer to do some research, drive a few vehicles of interest, and gain some financial information like price, payments, and the value of their trade before they would even consider purchasing a vehicle. Does that sound like the way you like to do business? Now, I know my inventory better than anyone. Were we looking at cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, vans, or trucks?
Rebuttal #2
Certainly, Mr./Ms. Jones, I wouldn't have it any other way! Every journey begins with the first step. The good news is that you are half way there because you have made it out to the dealership to see what is available. I really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to earn your business. Now, I know my inventory very well. Were we looking at cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, vans, or trucks?
Rebuttal #3
I completely understand! The car buying process can be a daunting endeavor. We have a HUGE
lot. Follow me inside, I will have just a few questions and then I can bring the vehicles that fit your wants, needs and desires to you! (Turn and walk towards the showroom)
Rebuttal #4
Yes Sir/Ma'am, I completely understand! Most of my customers prefer to do some leg work,
compare a variety of vehicles and get some realistic prices so that they actually have some information to ponder. Then, return tomorrow or perhaps next week to really nail down a deal. Would you agree? I know my inventory better than anyone. What is the most important feature you want out of your next vehicle?
Rebuttal #5
Yes Sir/Ma'am, I understand completely! The selection of a vehicle is one of the largest purchases we have to deal with. Many folks take the spending of their hard earned cash way to flipantly. I hope you will allow me to assist you in this process. Perhaps I can even make it a little simpler? Follow me inside, I will have just a few questions and then I can bring the vehicles that fit your wants, needs and desires to you! (Turn and walk towards the showroom)
Rebuttal #6
That is GREAT Mr./Ms. Smith! I have been assisting people in the purchase of vehicle for over 25 years! I will be here tomorrow, next week and next year. Now, I know my inventory very well. Were we considering cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, vans, or trucks?
Rebuttal #7
Yes Sir/Ma'am, I understand completely! The LAST THING I would ask you to do today is buy a car. Perhaps I can even make it a little simpler? Follow me inside, I will have just a few questions and then I can bring the vehicles that fit your wants, needs and desires to you! (Turn and walk towards the showroom)
NOTE: A seed is actually planted here. Later in the process, once you have earned the right to ask for the sale, you can say "Remember when I said:
"The LAST THING I would ask you to do today is buy a car", Well...

2. What is your BEST price?

The rebuttal to this objection depends on where you are in the sales process.

Option #1, BEFORE the customer has landed on a vehicle

Rebuttal #1
I am SO GLAD you asked me that, Mr./Ms. Smith! We do things a little different here at Rolling Hills Auto Plaza. We do our best to make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. So, we have marked the prices clearly on ALL of our Pre-Owned vehicles. We believe in giving you a fair price up front so I don't have to go back and forth with my manager, multiple times, to get you the exact same price. Does that make sense?
Customer:"Does that mean the prices are non-negotiable?"

Depending on the vehicle, there may be some wiggle room, but if you are thinking thousands then purhaps we should look at another vehicle. Actually, some of our vehicles have been discounted so drastically they ARE non-negotiable. Our customers have told us that they simply do not like the "games" and haggling that other dealers play, especially when it comes to Used Cars. Did you notice that this car has BlueTooth and a touch screen?
Rebuttal #2
Certainly, Mr./Ms. Jones! Being confident that you have not overpaid for a vehicle is VERY important. I will tell you this, If I couldn't give you the absolute BEST DEAL on the vehicle of your choice I would NEVER expect you to buy it from me. Now, I know my inventory very well. Were we looking at cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, vans, or trucks?
Rebuttal #3
Yes Sir/Ma'am!, You deserve the BEST DEAL! However, I can tell that you have done this before and would like to buy a vehicle with the least amount of stress possible, am I correct? I will let you in on a little "car industry secret", the best way to get the VERY BEST DEAL possible is to first find the vehicle that is right for you. Once we do that, be be prepared to BUY THAT VEHICLE! My Sales Manager is much more apt to give you his very best deal if you are prepared to take advantage of it! Perhaps I can make it even simpler? Follow me inside, I will have just a few questions and then I can bring the vehicles that fit your wants, needs and desires to you! (Turn and walk towards the showroom)
Rebuttal #4
Yes Sir/Ma'am!, I WANT you to get the BEST possible deal! I have been selling vehicles for over 25 years and I depend on return and referred business! When I see you at the Gas Station or the Grocery Store, I want to be able to great you with an outstretched hand and a smile. Not be ducking behind the isle thinking "OH NO! There's that guy/gal that paid for my Hawaii Vacation!" What is the most important feature you want out of your next vehicle?

Option #2, AFTER the customer has landed on a vehicle

Rebuttal #1
I am sorry Mr./Ms. Smith, I really must apologize to you. I must not have been clear when I spoke to you about Market Pricing. We do things a little different here at Rolling Hills
Auto Plaza. We do our best to make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. So, we have marked the prices clearly on ALL of our Pre-Owned vehicles. We believe in giving you a fair price up front so I don't have to go back and forth with my manager, multiple times, to get you the exact same price. Does that make sense?
Customer:"Does that mean the prices are non-negotiable?"

Depending on the vehicle, there may be some wiggle room, but if you are thinking thousands then purhaps we should look at another vehicle. Actually, some of our vehicles have been discounted so drastically they ARE non-negotiable. Our customers have told us that they simply do not like the "games" and haggling that other dealers play, especially when it comes to Used Cars.
Customer: How do you decide what is a fair "Market Price"?

That is a great question! It starts online. We have a computer program that shows us what competitive vehicles are selling for based on condition, miles and options in our area. Then we look to see how long a vehicle has been here and once we gather all of that information, the computer tells us what a fair price would be for that vehicle.
Rebuttal #2
Absolutely Mr./Ms. Smith! But please let me ask you this: Other than price, is there anything else preventing you from buying this vehicle today?
The price question is often the STATED OBJECTION, however it quite possibly
may not be the REAL objection. The customer's response to this question will tell you whether you are actually at the PRICE stage or if there is more work to be done.
Rebuttal #3
Certainly, Mr./Ms. Jones! I am on your side, I want you to get the Best Deal Possible! Now, before I go to work on my Sales Manager, if we come to terms on the numbers, are you prepared to drive this vehicle home today?
Again, the price question is often the STATED OBJECTION, however it quite possibly may not be the REAL objection. The customer's response to this question will tell you whether you are actually at the PRICE stage or if there is more work to be done.
Rebuttal #4
Yes Sir/Ma'am! Being confident that you have not overpaid for a vehicle is VERY important. I will tell you this, If I couldn't give you the absolute BEST DEAL on this vehicle I would NEVER expect you to buy it from me. Now, assuming we come to terms, where is the first place you will be driving your new vehicle to show it off?

3. I Need To Speak With My Spouse

Rebuttal #1
Absolutely Mr./Ms. Smith! I know my wife would need to give the okay on such a purchase. Is she available? (if yes)Let's hop in the car and go show it to her RIGHT NOW! (if no) Alright Mr./Ms. Smith, other than him/her seeing the vehicle, is there ANYTHING ELSE that would prevent you from taking this car home today?
If there are other "things" you are not done. If there are no other "things", and you believe the person in front of you whole heartily supports the buying of the vehicle, BCA them in the car.
There are no other rebuttals here. If there is a spouse, they must be involved, one way or another.

4. I Didn't Bring My Trade

Rebuttal #1
Absolutely Mr./Ms. Smith! But please let me ask you this: Other than your trade-in's value, is there anything else preventing you from buying this vehicle today?
The "trade is not here" is often the STATED OBJECTION, however it quite possibly
may not be the REAL objection. The customer's response to this question will tell you whether your customer is actually ready to buy or if there is more work to be done. If the customer states that their "trade not being here" is absolutely the  ONLY thing stopping business at this point, then the response is: "GREAT!  Let's go get it!". If this is impossible (wife-son-daughter have it hours away, it is in the body shop getting painted, or any reason that makes it impossible to go get, then, work the deal


"What do you think your vehicle is worth? How did you get to that number? How many miles? Can we run a CarFax? Do you have maintenance records? When was the last time you purchased tires? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your car mechanically Cosmetically? Based upon the information YOU have provided to me, if we can come to terms on a number for your trade, are you ready to do business TODAY?"
Again, There are no other rebuttals here. Generally, we will HAVE to see the trade to finalize the deal.

5. I Saw It Cheaper Somewhere Else

Rebuttal #1
Normally this customer statement is a lie or defense mechanism. If it is determined to be such go to the "What is your BEST price" rebuttals. However, it is occasionally a legitimate objection, in which case:
WOW Mr./Ms. Smith, I can see that you have REALLY done your homework here. Nobody could accuse you of being impulsive! I cannot speak for the vehicles found on other lots or in other towns, I can only represent a vehicle that I have in inventory here, RIGHT NOW. The car business is very complicated. I think the first thing I would ask myself is, "is that other vehicle EXACTLY THE SAME as this vehicle, the one you have already told me you are ready to drive home if we can agree to terms?" Is it the same year, make and model? Is it the same trim level package Does it have exactly the same options? How many miles were on it? What did the CarFax look like? Who owned it before? How was it cared for? Was it fully serviced before they placed it on the lot? Has it been Certified? Was it the Color you want? (Finally) Why didn't you purchase that CHEAP vehicle there?
The answers to these questions will guide you as to how to proceed. Even in the very rare instance where a customer has found THE EXACT same vehicle that is proveably cheaper, there are plenty of other things to sell. Yourself, the dealership, our financing, the trade value, add-on fees, proximity, reputation, and convenience. These things have value! NEVER DROP YOUR PANTS and don't bad-mouth other retailers.

6. I don't want to test drive.

Often this objection is more a symptom of poor salesmanship. The salesman has not done a proper job of fact-finding and rapport building and has failed to do a  strong walk-around presentation. A demo drive is the natural and logical next step if the sales process has been followed. However, for the sake of this exercise we will assume we have that  rare 1% that has gone through the proces and still refuses to test drive the vehicle.
Rebuttal #1
I understand Mr./Ms. Smith, when you see a car that is NEW (is in this great of condition *used*), it is probably safe to assume that it will be in excellent mechanical condition. However, the automobile industry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last few years. There are options on cars now that may surprise you and cannot properly be demonstrated on a parked car. Buckle that seat belt, I will get us rolling.
Rebuttal #2
I completely understand Mr./Ms. Smith. I have heard of people who feel the exact same way! They felt like there was nothing to gain by driving a vehicle they have not yet purchased. However, most of my customers have found that by actually driving the vehicle they get a better feel for the road and a greater understanding of new breaking systems, crash avoidance technology, back-up sensors and cameras as well as ergonomic and entertainment features like the telescoping steering column, adjustable pedals, satellite radio, and personal synchronization features that let you use electronics devices like your cell phone and iPod, hands-free, while driving down the road!
Rebuttal #3
I understand exactly how you feel Mr./Ms. Jones! I used to feel the same way. Let's look at it like a pair of shoes. I wear a size 11 shoe. I have worn a size 11 shoe for 30 years. When I go to the shoe store I always go to the size 11 rack because I know, I wear size 11 shoes! Once in a great while, however, I am in a hurry and I just buy a pair of size 11 shoes and run to the check out because I am in a hurry. It NEVER FAILS, if I do not TRY ON the shoes they hurt my feet so bad, I can never wear them! Do you try on your shoes before you purchase them? Alright then! I REFUSE to sell you a car that will hurt your feet! Buckle up that safety belt!

7. I need to check with my bank on rates.

Rebuttal #1
Absolutely Mr./Ms. Smith! In fact we may have YOUR Bank's Rates right here! Our Business Office has done an outstanding job of building relationships with both local and national banks. Sometimes they can actually get a better financial package that YOU CAN at the same bank you have done business with for years! So, WORST CASE SCENARIO, Our Business Office gets you an amazing finacial package and you somehow find a way to do better!
Rebuttal #2 Works for majority of customers with little to no cash down or are upside-down in a trade. I understand completely! Keep in mind however, banks normally require a 20% investment from their customers in order to approve a loan. Obviously Sir/Ma'am with us carrying over $2753.00 from your last automobile and no cash down, you are a long way from 20% down. The great thing about using our Business Office is that we deal in volume. This means that, because of our strong bank relationships, we can often give our customers very competitive financial packages and get the substantial down-payment requirements waved! So, if we can get your financing handled AND not require you to put more of your hard earned cash down, doesn't it make more sense to give us a shot?
Rebuttal #2 Works for the minority of customers with strong financial backgrounds, large down payments or good trade equity. I agree with you 100% Mr./Ms. Smith! You have handled your business dealings impeccably from the very first time I spoke with you. You did your research, did your comparisons and spoke with other dealers to insure you were getting a great deal on your vehicle! I would expect no less on the financial aspect of our dealings. Doesn't it make sense to do the same due diligence and see what our Business Office has to offer vs. your local bank?
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Does Personal Appearance Affect Sales?

In the city I live in, there is a run down, nasty looking house taking up some prime commercial real-estate that I'm pretty sure every Realtor in town has taken a crack at trying to sell. Seriously! Every couple of months there is a new sign out front from some poor real-estate professional who gives the property a try. I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure this property has been on the market for quite a few years. 

Last night, my wife and I were driving past the house and I couldn't help but think that it was the appearance of the property that was causing the lack of interest. Think about it, even though the for sale sign mentions the great "Commercial Property" potential, there has been no movement on it whatsoever.

The solution I came up with is simple. Tear the sucker down. Pull out the grass and weeds and promote the empty dirt lot. Right now, the house is causing a major distraction in the minds of potential buyers because they can't see their business operating in such a disgusting place. Tear the building down and clean up the property and I think you'd be surprised at how fast this thing will sell. 

So How Does This Relate To Automotive Sales?

It actually relates well to any form of sales, but since this is an automotive and RV community, let's talk vehicle sales. You see, there are a couple of fundamentals about appearance that every sales person looking to improve their game should be mindful of. Let's take a few minutes to break a couple of them down. 

Dress For Success

I'm sure you've heard this one before right? According to an article on; Gladys Edmunds shares an experience she had at a major mortgage firm where everyone from the receptionist to the executives had too casual of an appearance. 

If you're interested in boosting your sales, take some time to consider whether or not your appearance at work is too casual and what effect it has on your demeanor. I'm not suggesting that you need to wear an expensive three piece suit to work (unless that's you're thing), but what I will say is that dressing for success has a positive impact on how you conduct yourself and how others deal with you. I'd encourage you to test it out and see if you notice any positive impact on sales and personal productivity. 

We talk about this all the time. Vehicles are often the second largest investment that people will make in their life, so think about what kind of experience you are offering if your appearance is too casual. What kind of experience and professional would you want to deal with if you were expected to fork out thousands of your hard earned dollars?

Eliminate Distractions

The whole idea here is to eliminate anything and everything that will shift the focus of your customer away from the vehicle. I'm not going to waste any time beating around the bush, so I will just come out and say it. Do you stink? Let's face it, we've all been in a situation where we've had to talk to someone that smells foul. It's pretty awful isn't it? 

I was in a dealership not too long ago and had a conversation with one of the sales consultants who was A.) Wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt and B.) Had the worst body odor I've come across in a long time. Oh, where's your compassion Mike?!? This article is my compassion. If you or anyone you know has an issue with smelling like a dumpster fire, you pass along this article for them to read.

Think about it though, how can your customer possibly stay focuses on your presentation if throughout the entire visit, they are trying to discreetly hold their noses, hold their breath or fan the air around their face? They're distracted and don't want to be around you anymore.

On the flip side, and in defense of smelly people everywhere; this can also be said of sales people who take a shower in cologne or perfume.

Think about the house again for a second. The reason I'm sure that property hasn't sold is because nobody can envision what their building will look like there because every time they do, they see this nasty looking house that get's in their way. 

I think you get where I'm going with this - let's just say if you create distractions for your customers, they aren't able to fully focus on what you are presenting.


Your appearance definitely has an impact on your sales. Of course there are a variety of other things that may impact sales performance, but how you present yourself is the easiest to change because you can do it as early as your next shift. Give it a try and see what happens.


Question: Have you had an experience where appearance (either yours or someone else's) has impacted you positively or negatively? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Why is Your Showroom Sales Team Goofing Off...? Not being productive? Not Selling Cars? & Where is Management?

This is truly becoming an epidemic! It is almost the halfway mark at the dealership for the month of July and we have 4... 4!! Sales Consultants hanging out on the showroom floor just waiting for something Magical to happen. While they wait, they are joking around, running around, jumping up and down... high fiving each other. For what I do not know.

I watched with my own eyes this dealership that has a TOTAL of 9 sales consultants literally have 1/2 their showroom floor goofing off and nobody says one word. Not one word from the management team...

Last month they sold 67 units BETWEEN 9 people! And what is worse is that this dealership is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. But it is filled with Mediocrity!

What is sad to me is that these 9 consultants come to work... work "Bell To Bell" some days for NOTHING! They have no idea how much money they are not making...

Is this happening at your store?

What are you doing about it...?



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