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Your Internet Sales / Phone Sales Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success, You ALSO Need…

Your Phone Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success...

The 3 Parts to Phone / Internet Sales Process Mastery is:

1. Knowing The Script INSIDE And OUT...

2. Knowing the TOP 7 reasons why people are going online and at least 5 STRONG rebuttals for EACH, for a TOTAL of 35 Word Tracks...

3. Know your dealership's value package proposition. "Why Buy From Us". Not only do you need to know what is different and better about YOUR organization, you NEED to be able to passionately convey that to your prospect. You need to SELL Your Organization.

**** The Goal is to identify, meet and exceed your prospect's expectations.

The Script Identifies their wants wished and expectations...

The Words Tracks allow you to MEET their expectations...

And the Value Package Proposition Allows you to EXCEED their expectations...

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Email Customers - Hot or Not? Earning the right to the phone number.

I decided to write this as soon as the deal ended while it was still fresh on my mind. I've noticed in my personal department that over time email customers become looked upon as dead or cold leads before they have even been touched. I was recently reading an article about a very successful Internet Department that explained how we must "earn the right" to have the phone number with many customers. Dealer Synergy has taught the same principle on the phone through their phone scripts that enable the coordinators to earn the number. The same goes for email only leads. Hopefully this short example will remind us to work email customers just as hard as phone customers.

The customer submitted the lead this morning, it was an email only lead. Right off the bat my coordinator was upset. I stated this is a hot customer, but instead of sending an email template as usual, send the Value Package followed by a personal email to start the trust building process. The customer replied within a few minutes wanting price, like most. From this point I personally took over the customer and worked the customer. We emailed over price, trade value, and financing options. In each email I was very personal and expressed my confidence in the dealership, the product, and in myself. Not in a single email did I ever give the customer an exact price whether it be on trade or on the vehicle he was interested in. Rather I continued turn the customers focus from absolutes to the value of our dealerships. I did give the customer a range to keep him confident. After about 4-5 emails the customer said "outstanding" and emailed me his number. I immediately called the customer and was greeted by a happy customer. He was excited and enthusiastic about the deal and set the appointment. In the end the customer wanted all the paperwork done before he got here so he could sign and drive.

The conclusion is this "Email Only" customer turned into an easy sign and drive customer. This deal might have even been easier than a simple phone up appointment. Through building value, gaining trust, and gaining confidence, the customer bought. Not every deal turns out this way, and this is in no way an attempt to blow smoke. I am sharing this to remind everyone that every lead is considered hot. Buy or Die right? Remember to treat every type and source of lead equal, you just might not know which one is ready to buy today.

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Why is Your Showroom Sales Team Goofing Off...? Not being productive? Not Selling Cars? & Where is Management?

This is truly becoming an epidemic! It is almost the halfway mark at the dealership for the month of July and we have 4... 4!! Sales Consultants hanging out on the showroom floor just waiting for something Magical to happen. While they wait, they are joking around, running around, jumping up and down... high fiving each other. For what I do not know.

I watched with my own eyes this dealership that has a TOTAL of 9 sales consultants literally have 1/2 their showroom floor goofing off and nobody says one word. Not one word from the management team...

Last month they sold 67 units BETWEEN 9 people! And what is worse is that this dealership is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. But it is filled with Mediocrity!

What is sad to me is that these 9 consultants come to work... work "Bell To Bell" some days for NOTHING! They have no idea how much money they are not making...

Is this happening at your store?

What are you doing about it...?



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Schedule your priorities, Not prioritize your schedule

“Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

—     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Have you ever looked at the clock and seen it was the end of your shift and you thought to yourself, “Wow — where did the day go?” Or worse, “Uh oh, I got absolutely nothing done today.” Well, you are not alone; most people in our industry feel the exact same way. Automotive professionals sometimes describe working at a dealership as “chaotic,” “a constant fire drill,” “not organized,” “overwhelming,” “stressful,” etc.


A lot of dealerships feel like they are grinding to sell cars, but wonder why they constantly fail to hit their objectives. They are confused why they are not selling as many units as they need to, even though they have their team working bell-to-bell most of the month. There is a logical reason of course: They have no understanding or training when it comes to proper time management. Remember, there are only 86,400 seconds in a day. When they are gone, they are gone. For the most part, most dealerships just “react” versus being “proactive.”


You can get up and have a positive attitude and want to work really hard, but if you have no plan, you can’t expect to be tremendously successful. Don’t get me wrong — I am sure you can have some success. It will only be short lived, however, or not at the full magnitude that you are capable.


Here is an example: If I said to everyone reading this AutoSuccess article that I am giving away $1,000,000 to anyone who can drive from Houston, Texas to Philadelphia, would you be in? Of course you would be. But here is the catch: You can only use this map that I give you. Are you still in? Of course you are. But there is more to the catch. The map is of the city of San Francisco. Uh, oh. That changes everything, because the rules of the $1,000,000 giveaway is that you have to use this map and only this map.


So how in the world are you going to get this easy million dollars? Oh, I know: You can have a great attitude. You can think positively, and you can be happy about the opportunity. Is that going to help you accomplish that goal? No. A positive attitude is great, but it is not enough in this example, and it is not enough in the real world at your dealerships.


OK, how about working hard? If you work really hard at looking at this map of San Francisco, maybe you can unlock some secret rout to Philadelphia from Houston? No, you can’t. So, working hard is important, but it is not the sole answer. You need to have a map; you need an internal global positioning system (GPS). You need to begin with the end in mind. Car dealerships are awesome, but they are hectic; there is a lot going on. Plus, it is a month-to-month business. I get it. You need, though, to take control of what you have control of — yourself.


We all have multiple roles in our life. We are not just automotive professionals. Some additional roles that you might fall into include:


• Parent • Son/daughter • Brother/sister • Manager

• Leader • Owner • Trainer • Motivator

• Analyst • Friend • Volunteer • Veteran

• Paramedic • Athlete • Pet owner • Community activist

• Baby Sitter (which can have multiple meanings…)


So, now take into account how busy your day is, how hectic a dealership is, how intense our industry is and now add all of the roles you play in life. How are you juggling everything? Are you even trying to juggle or are you neglecting important things?


There is a better way.


Internationally respected leadership authority Dr. Stephen Covey says that the most effective planning is weekly planning — not monthly or daily. It is truly best to pick a time once a week (my wife and I prefer Friday, after work) and map out the following week. The key is not to overload or “pack” as much as possible into a short amount of time. Rather, you want to identify your priorities — a.k.a. “must do’s” — and schedule them first. This should include your different roles. You want to make sure that you put first things first. Here are some examples:


• Showroom appointments

• Training sessions (can be from the dealership or on your own)

• Phone call and follow-up time

• Breaks, lunch, etc. (it is important to refresh yourself and “sharpen the saw”)

• Any days off

• Clients anniversaries, birthdays or other important dates

• Personal friends’/relatives’ anniversaries, birthdays or other important dates

• Special time with family (and or friends)

• Health appointments (doctors etc…)

• Relaxation time


If you have any questions about this article or would like some advice on how to create a powerful weekly planning road map, please feel free to call me or e-mail me.


Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, a nationally recognized training and consulting company in the automotive industry. He can be contacted at 267-319-6776, or by e-mail at

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