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Your Internet Sales / Phone Sales Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success, You ALSO Need…

Your Phone Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success...

The 3 Parts to Phone / Internet Sales Process Mastery is:

1. Knowing The Script INSIDE And OUT...

2. Knowing the TOP 7 reasons why people are going online and at least 5 STRONG rebuttals for EACH, for a TOTAL of 35 Word Tracks...

3. Know your dealership's value package proposition. "Why Buy From Us". Not only do you need to know what is different and better about YOUR organization, you NEED to be able to passionately convey that to your prospect. You need to SELL Your Organization.

**** The Goal is to identify, meet and exceed your prospect's expectations.

The Script Identifies their wants wished and expectations...

The Words Tracks allow you to MEET their expectations...

And the Value Package Proposition Allows you to EXCEED their expectations...

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Certified FranklinCovey Trainer, Sean V. Bradley Trains An Automotive Dealer Group CRM Manager On The Time Matrix from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

I was conducting a personal (Video) Go To Meeting with an Internet Sales 20 Group client of a Dealer Group and "Time Management" came up in the conversation and so I went into details of the philosophy and strategy of FranklinCovey...


So... here is a snippet of our conversation, I hope you enjoy.


Please let me know if you have any questions-

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Dealer Synergy President, Karen Bradley Interviews Scott Pechstein, National Sales Director Of AutoByTel At NADA 2013 from Dealer Synergy

Dealer Synergy President, Karen Bradley Interviews Scott Pechstein, National Sales Director Of AutoByTel At NADA 2013

Scott shares some exciting news about Autobytel and shares his thoughts on the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group in Dallas, Texas

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Come Say Hello this Weekend at #NADA2013

Dealer Synergy & Automotive Digital Training are in sunny Orlando this weekend for NADA! Stop by Booth #4179 and say hello! We will be unveiling the Automotive Industry's MOST Comprehensive and Powerful "Video On Demand" Training, Tracking, Testing & Certification Software.

You'll be able to talk one-on-one with Super Star Trainers / Experts such as 

Sean V Bradley, Karen Bradley, James A. Ziegler, Peter Martin, Danny Alkassmi, Craig Lockerd and much more!

Here's our booth!

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Founder of "Ask Patty", Peter Martin Teams Up With Karen Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy To Create A NEW Training Curriculum for "Selling / Servicing To The Female Shopper / Buyer"

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Karen Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy is Certified in the NEW FranklinCovey Curriculum "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity"

AUDUBON, N.J.June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Karen Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy has recently completed her certification program from FranklinCovey on the new curriculum  "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity." Karen, who is already a certified FranklinCovey Trainer / Facilitator for the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is quoted as saying " I am very excited to add the '5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity' certification to my resume both personally and professionally. On a personal note, being married with children, owning multiple companies with a national client base is very complex and sometimes stressful. It is imperative that I am focused and organized in order to maintain everything with the utmost professionalism and achieve success. On a professional level, Dealer Synergy is the only official partner with FranklinCovey in the Automotive Sales Industry and being able to provide Tens of Thousands of Automotive Dealerships training, information, education, motivation on time management, organization, leadership, work / life balance, technology solutions and more is an amazing privilege and an absolute necessity."

ABOUT the "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity".  

1. Act on the Important, Don't React to the Urgent - In today's world, people are drowning in email, overwhelmed with demands, and trying to do more with less. 5 Choices participants filter the vitally important priorities from distractions so they can focus on making a real contribution.

2.  Go For Extraordinary, Don't Settle for Ordinary -Everyone wants to make a difference, but competing priorities often prevent them from achieving extraordinary results. 5 Choices participants redefine their roles in terms of extraordinary results to achieve high-priority goals.

3.  Schedule the Big Rocks, Don't Sort Gravel - The crushing increase in workday pressures can make people feel helpless and out of control. 5 Choices participants regain control of their work and lives through a cadence of planning and execution that produces extraordinary outcomes.

4.  Rule Your Technology, Don't let it Rule You - An electronic avalanche of email, texts, and social-media alerts seriously threaten productivity as never before. 5 Choices participants leverage their technology and fend off distractions by optimizing platforms like Microsoft® Outlook® to boost productivity.

5.  Fuel Your Fire, Don't Burn Out - Today's exhausting, high-pressure work environment burns people out at an alarming rate. Applying the 5 Energy DriversTM, participants benefit from the latest in brain science to consistently recharge their mental and physical energy.

About Karen Bradley:

Karen Bradley is the President of Dealer Synergy Inc. A National Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing Company for the Automotive Sales Industry. Karen is also a Certified Trainer and Facilitator for the FranklinCovey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity" Curriculum.  Karen has been in Automotive Sales Training, Consulting, Leadership and Management for 6+ years. She is a 20 Group Speaker and Co-Founder of

You can see Karen Bradley speak at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago in October. For more details call 267-319-6776

Contact – 267-319-6776

SOURCE Synergized Media

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Dealer Principal & ENTIRE Management Team Attends The Dealer Synergy / FranklinCovey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" Workshop in Jackson Tennessee

These are the testimonials after a 1 day workshop!

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