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Great follow up to the Dallas event everyone!  Also great to hear the updates from some of our members, and thank you to everyone that helped me learn last month in at the Internet Sales 20 Group.

I got back to the office and my scatter-brain didn't know what to do first.  I have had the advantage of doing this a few times before with a previous job... ;-)  so we are doing a pretty good job of not making mistakes as we build moving forward.  I find myself continually referring back to my IS20G handbook, and the Thirty-something pages of notes I took in 3 days to help me be thorough in anything we work on improving. 

As Karen and Sean Bradley mentioned on the phone, we have to focus on a few goals, then define a way to get there, then have an action plan to accomplish it.  I am taking the next step now on working on the next 3 action plans to grow the department.  I feel that our team has implemented strategies and process to address our first 3 issues that I deemed urgent at IS20G.  Our most important goal was to get rid of our sub-par rating on all customer review websites NOW, and we did some VERY basic things in just one month to see INSTANT improvement:

- Make colorful flyers and put them at all salespeople's desks, as well as the sales tower.  Have them actively put them in customers hands while delivering their new vehicle.

- Send "Thank you" cards for everyone that purchased and visited the previous day. 

- Conduct "how was your experience" surveys while addressing the "Thank you" cards. 

- Send my flyers for reviews in the "Thank you" cards, especially the customers that I speak to and complete the quick survey

- Take pictures of everyone with thier new vehicles! Ask for permission to use the picture on Facebook and other social media websites..and make it FUN!  Ask the customer to tag themselves, like/share the picture, and be active in your dealership's pages.  Who doesn't like to brag and show-off to everyone when they purchase a new vehicle!?? 

- SPIFF our salespeople on getting reviews, and asking customers to mention thier names.  My personal reward that we came up with here: I buy them a drink! ( alcohol!  Starbucks, Rockstars and Monsters to keep them alert!!! LOL  "Drink of thier choice" is inexpensive and goes a long way with your sales team!)

The key to implementing successful proceedures is to have everyone embrace the new process, show everyone in your dealerships that it is a positive thing that you are implementing, and most importantly, make sure everyone is AWARE and proactive in sharing with customers.

I did a simple "S.W.O.T." (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities to grow, Threats to hinder us) analysis to see where I was when I flew back to California a month ago, as opposed to where I am at month end.  I can see where I have improved, and where we still have room to implement new strategies to continue to sell more cars, more profitably and more often! 

p.s. Let's get on the phone with our Accountabila-buddies!  Synergize to be more successful...and see you all in L.A. in November!


Andy Fedo

Director of Intenet Sales, Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno


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Top 20 Things You Can Do To Fix Your BDC


Tom Stuker may be the most famous person you’ve never heard of — unless, of course, you’re in auto sales. Stuker is to car dealerships as Tabatha Coffey is to hair salons: a highly sought-after consultant with the plainspoken, proven power to get stalled businesses moving again.

Now, Stuker may be giving Coffey a run for her money in her adopted milieu of reality television: Spike TV has commissioned six episodes of Car Lot Rescue, a reality show centered around Stuker, who is billed as “the greatest car salesman of our time”. Though Stuker’s website offers online training, we assume that the bulk of the action on Car Lot Rescue will involve Stuker’s nearly nonstop travel to right wrongs at dealerships around the globe.

  • Work towards success with other non-competing dealerships
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work
  • Compare and share information with Internet Sales Professionals and experts
  • Receive guidance on everything and anything Internet Sales related.
Need more proof? Don't take our word for it. Check out ouReviews!

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Internet Sales 20 Group Dallas Texas

March 19, 20, 21, 2013 Dallas, TX

  • Work towards success with other non-competing dealerships
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work
  • Compare and share information with Internet Sales Professionals and experts
  • Receive guidance on everything and anything Internet Sales related.
Need more proof? Dont take our word for it. Check out our Reviews!

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Why I'm Attending the Internet Sales 20 Group? 

Manuel "Manny" Luna Will Be Attending The Internet Sales 20 Group In Dallas, Texas March 19-21

Sources For ROI with Social Media:

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Tom Stuker, The Star Of The Hit Reality Show "Car Lot Rescue" Will Be A Speaker At The Internet Sales 20 Group

How To Sell A Car
Spike Full Episodes Spike Video Clips Spike on Facebook

Tom wasn't able to make the last Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago but he called in and conducted a phone training session on the way to Cambodia (I am dead serious) 

We are super excited to have Tom Stuker at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group. And Tom will be at the VIP Networking event at Eddie Deen's Ranch! 



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AUDUBON, NJ -- The next Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group has been scheduled for Dallas, Texas March 19th -21st 2013. Due to the massive success of Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago coupled with the high demand for dates for the next 20 group, Sean V. Bradley and Karen M. Bradley decided to schedule the next Internet Sales 20 Group in Dallas, Texas immediately.
Sean V. Bradley was quoted as saying, "Considering the all star line up of speakers and strategically planned curriculum, we all had high expectations going into the Chicago Internet Sales 20 Group, but I have to be honest and humbly state that those expectations were not only met, but also greatly exceeded. The feedback was phenomenal. Industry elite and veterans alike told us that this was literally one of the best Automotive Internet Sales events ever. By the second day everyone was asking when is the next one? So we decided to waste no time."
Karen Bradley describes the 4 primary differences between Internet Sales 20 Group and any other event in the industry today are:
1. The Interaction
The entire event's instructional design was designed to encourage massive interaction, massive "Synergy" between attendee and attendee and between speakers and attendees too, like a traditional "20 Group. Even the sponsors played a vital role in the interaction.
2. The "Prep" Work
We invested months and over $25,000 in evaluating the first 20 dealerships that signed up by:
a. Conducting two separate mystery shop calls, which were recorded and the MP3's attached, along with the report card
b. Evaluating the dealerships' Social Media relevancy and standing
c. Evaluating the dealerships' online reputation
d. Identifying the dealerships' website S.W.O.T.
e. Evaluating the dealerships' SEO penetration and relevancy
f. Evaluating each dealer's 3rd party lead opportunity in their market
3. The "Exit Strategy"
A lot of us attend workshops and leave with great ideas, but we fail to execute those ideas. We created a very powerful "exit strategy" and literally worked with each individual attendee to create an executable action plan, based on what they learned at the Internet Sales 20 Group, to take back to their dealership for immediate implementation. Accountability partners were assigned and an accountability partner contract signed, ensuring the implementation and success of the action plan.
4. Five Week Follow Up Webinar and Continued Involvement
Most workshops end once the attendee walks out the door, but not the Internet Sales 20 Group. All attendees are invited to join their own private group on where members are encouraged to interact and further "synergize." This private group is composed of the exact members you spent 2.5 days with, so you are already familiar and have developed professional relationships with each other. In addition to the private networking group, the workshop is followed up by a week 5 post workshop group webinar which will answer any open questions and identify who is and who isn't accomplishing their action plan.
The Internet Sales 20 Group is proud to announce that Ralph Paglia has come on board as a full partner of the event.
With Ralph Paglia comes the sponsorship of Automotive Media Partners, LLC. Including both Automotive Digital and Dealer Elite.
Paglia's performance at Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago in October was cited by several dealers in attendance as providing them with key Internet sales process components.
The Chicago discussion panel on day 1 that included both Ralph Paglia and J.D. Rucker has been described by several attendees as one of the most useful discussions around reputation management process in a car dealership ever witnessed at an automotive conference.
One of the dealership "Best Practices" presented by Paglia in Chicago was an innovative Appointment Reception process for car dealers with Business Development Centers (BDC). Proven in dozens of dealerships and described and the "missing link" in streamlining and optimizing the hand-off from a BDC to the sales department, Chicago Internet Sales 20 Group attendees went away with a means of selling more new and used vehicles during their month after the event.
Within the first ten days after the conclusion of Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago, several dealers have experienced significant improvements in Appointment Shows to Sales close ratios. Improved sales rates to BDC scheduled appointments begin immediately after implementing the Appointment Reception process defined by Paglia which includes reviewing a visit agenda upon the customer's arrival at the dealership.
Media Sponsors for the event include:
Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group sponsors include:
  • KPA
  • True Car
  • Dealix
  • Carsdirect
  • Autobytel
  • Car-Mercial
  • AutoSuccess Magazine
  • More Sponsors to be announced…
Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group is proud to announce that several of the auto industry's most respected and influential subject matter experts, speakers and trainers. The speaker roster includes:
  • Peter Martin
  • Jim Ziegler
  • JD Rucker
  • Ralph Paglia
  • Robert Wiesman
  • Stan Sher
  • Sean V. Bradley
  • Karen M. Bradley
  • More speakers to be announced…
Internet Sales 20 Group Chicago exceeded dealer expectations for the event and is being described as a huge success with many rave reviews from dealer attendees, sponsors and industry experts. The workshops and monthly follow up with dealer attendees will continue to evolve and improve upon what is already proving to be a major competitive advantage for the dealers who participate.
If you would like to participate in the positive synergy and success that made our Chicago event a home run for the dealers who participated, join us in Dallas on March 19th-21st. Register online at
Contact Amanda Melendez by email at
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