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Motor vehicles have a lot of impact on the atmosphere, and car sharing is a convenient and practical way to reduce it. Here are some of the key benefits of sharing a ride instead of firing up your own.

Reduced greenhouse emissions

One of the most immediate benefits of car-sharing is having fewer vehicles in use. That means less gasoline being burned, and fewer car emissions in the air. These gasses significantly contribute to climate change, so cutting down their levels is a great way to decrease air pollution.

In addition, car-sharing means less driving in general per person. When you don’t have your own vehicle to rely on, you won’t be driving for minor purposes like running errands or making short-distance trips. You end up driving fewer miles total and burning even less gasoline. It’s an easy way to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Fewer material pollutants

When more people share vehicles, less needs to be produced and distributed in the first place. Cars impact the environment throughout their life cycle, from manufacture, through use, to scrappage.

A modern vehicle is mostly made up of steel, with some aluminum, copper, and plastics. Steel is made from iron ore, and plastic is mostly petroleum-based. So, the ecological impact of a car starts with the mining and oil industries.

It continues as long as the car is driven, consuming fuel and releasing greenhouse gasses. Finally, when it has served its course, it ends up in a junkyard. From there, it’s a gamble at how much will be recycled. The steel could potentially be reused to make other vehicles. Aluminum and copper are largely recyclable, but petroleum plastics are more difficult.

The biggest problem is the acid and lead from the batteries. These are corrosive and toxic to both people and the environment. If the car ends up in a municipal landfill rather than a dedicated scrapyard for vehicles, chances are it will be mishandled and a lot of the poisonous substances will end up in the ground and local water.


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Less urban pollution

The biggest environmental problems in cities are typically air, noise, and light pollution. The Australian Academy of Science has written about the health effects of urban noise pollution, including disrupted sleep, acute stress, heart problems, etc. Light pollution also affects sleep, cognitive abilities, and the natural circadian rhythm. Air pollution includes inhaling carbon particles and another combustion residue, on top of the greenhouse emissions.

The primary air pollutants are vehicles burning gasoline. With the engines, honking, braking, and headlights, you have one thing doing three types of damage. Be considerate and use a car share in Australia if you’re visiting and need to get around long-distance. If you live here, consider selling your car and transitioning to a mix of shared rides and public transport.

Reduced fossil fuel consumption

Fuel and oil are some of the largest pollutants out there. The processes of extracting and refining them cause a lot of damage to nature, not to mention economic conflict. To top it all off, they’re in a limited and finite supply.

Fossil fuels are bound to run out. It’s a good idea to be responsible for spending what’s left, and not use it up for private everyday transportation.

Car sharing practices mean fewer cars on the streets. With reduced vehicle numbers, the demand for fossil fuels will drop. That would make it easier to regulate their use and reduce the overall consumption rates.

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More green infrastructure

Effects on infrastructure will take the longest to notice, but they’re possibly the most important long-term effect of car sharing. Less car use in general means less of a strain on the road system and less need for parking space. Most notably, multi-story garages won’t be necessary anymore. The need for streetside parking and regular parking lots will also be lessened.

With less of a demand for parking space and no more need for road expansion, the related expenses will be reduced. Those resources can then be diverted into eco-friendly urban development. Parking infrastructure can be replaced by green spaces. These could be parks, planned lawns, or treelines in business districts and along city routes.

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The Car Colour Trends on the Rise for 2021

If there’s one thing we can be sure of even in times filled with uncertainties, it’s that people will never stop trying to find the perfect colour for their car. This year has been tough on all of us, and it’s certainly affected our lives to a greater degree than we’re even aware of, so we can’t help but wonder what kind of changes we will experience in 2021. Concerning car colours, some professionals predict they will be much more colourful and refreshing than anything we’ve seen before. Keep the wheel steady, and let’s drive through some of the most interesting facts about car colour trends for the next year.

What have we seen so far this year?

Everything slowed down significantly this year, but white, black, and grey cars have not lost any steam. You probably wonder what attracts us all to these colours and why do we tend to buy everything, not just cars, in these simple, even plain, colours. Some experts say that we connect those hues with technology and that we’re just fascinated by it. Also, they accentuate the edgy design of luxury sports vehicles, and who in the world doesn’t like that? However, this year has made some space for changes and innovation that we maybe didn’t anticipate.

It’s not just about colour, pay attention to textures as well

Together with new colours, different textures will also make their entrance onto this stage and bring something new that car enthusiasts will enjoy considering. Some companies are working on improving false fluorescence and colour travel on their vehicles as well, which can give them a completely new look. However, to make that fresh look last, you can protect your car with some DIY ceramic coating products. Your car will be grateful for the attention it’s getting, and the colour will remain as dazzling as it is.


Painting it in rainbow colours 

Influenced by a US company’s music player of the 2000s, the trend of simple colour and design has continued all throughout 2010s. That’s why this new decade is bound to add some more colour and chromatic hues to our lives, especially after the stress and uneasiness that the pandemic has caused. We will probably see more and more cars painted in red, orange and blue hues, according to some researchers. To make colouring even more unique and personal, Elon Musk revealed his new favourite car colour to be deep crimson. This is a good sign that 2021 will give us novelties and new dynamics when it comes to car colouring.

Why will we turn to these colours?

If years could be assigned a colour, this one would most likely get a dark one, like grey or black, something mournful and depressing. With hopes of finding our way out of those kinds of situations, we usually turn to something cheerful and ecstatic. This is why designers predict that new vehicles will be painted in colours that project a positive mood. If we turn to colour theory, we can see that, for example, red symbolizes strength and power, and in some cultures, it’s the colour of happiness and wellbeing.


How do people predict something like this?

It’s not just a social framework that researchers take into account when making such predictions, but also colour popularity and industry developments, as well as other factors like urbanization and digitalization shifts. They also pay attention to the industry and development of e-cars and new technologies. Besides that, thinking about colours that were popular in the past can help designers make predictions with a stronger assertion. This year proved to be quite challenging in many areas, thus making predictions of any kind has never been this difficult, as everything has to adjust to these rapid changes that occur on an everyday basis.


All in all, 2021 will bring a lot of innovation to our lives, and we should be ready to accept and embrace them, no matter how different they might be compared to what we’re used to. Younger generations will continue to have their say in setting new trends, but they’ll also always respect individuality and uniqueness. New technologies will certainly open new possibilities when it comes to finding the right fit for your taste.

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Are you itching to travel after months of lockdown? Even if the situation in your country is under control, you might still want to skip planes and other public transportation to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Luckily, you can turn to your personal vehicle and organize a nice road trip that will satisfy your need for travel. However, to stay safe and comfortable on the road, here are a few easy hacks to keep your car clean mile after mile. 

Bring a trash can

Your priority is definitely having a working car during your trip, but you also want to keep it clean and trash-free even after drive-through stops. And what’s the best way to ensure cleanliness? A trash can! While you can’t opt for anything too big, you can grab a plastic cereal container with a lid, line it with a plastic bag and that’s it. You’ll have and airtight and spill-free travel trash can perfect for food wrappers, used masks, wet wipes and other garbage you don’t want to touch. 


Grab a caddy for organizing

If you and your passengers can’t go without snack, drinks and games, expect to have a lot of things lying around your car. To prevent this mess, get a dime-store shower caddy and use it for storing everything from sandwiches and soda cans to drawing supplies for kids. If your backseat passengers get demanding, you can provide them with their own sorting system in the form of a shoe organizer hanging from the front seat. These are perfect for storing toys, snacks and bottles. 

Pack some cleaning supplies

It’s a great idea to clean your car a little during stops. You can remove crumbs from the seats, wipe down spills and dust, remove those stale fast-food smells and even keep the virus away with proper wet wipes. Also, don’t forget to keep your car clean from the outside—this is crucial for safety and car durability. Grab a few handy Undrdog Surface Products and give your car a quick rub down. A proper soap and cleaning pad will take up minimal space yet allow you to quickly and efficiently remove dust, mud, water stains and other dirt from your car’s exterior. 


Protect your seats

If you know there will be spills and crumbs all over the seats, protect them with fitted sheets. Grab a big sheet with an elastic rim and throw over the back seat. And don’t worry about buckling up or installing your child’s seat—make a small hole for the seatbelt or freely install the safety seat over the sheet. When your road trip is over, just throw the sheet in the washer. 

Line your cup holders

Are you sick of dirty cup holders? These are notoriously hard to clean, so it’s better to prevent your cup holder from filling up with crumbs, dust and other dirt. How to do this? Grab a few cupcake wrappers to line your cup holders and just throw them out when they get gunky. 


Keep the change in check

Do you always have loose change floating around your car but never seem to be able to find any when you need it? Solve this problem with a candy tube! Fill the tube with change and keep it in your glove compartment. This way, you’ll always have change ready for tolls. 

Don’t worry about taking your dog

Are you unsure about taking your dog on your road trip in fear of ruining your backseat? Well, invest in a doggy hammock that installs all over the back seats. This thing will allow your dog to be safe and comfortable and your seats will be fur-free. 


Road trips don’t have to be messy and leave your car in a horrible condition. If you adopt these cleaning tips, you’ll have a smooth, safe and hygienic road tip! 

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Ensure Your Car is Ready for Winter

If you live in a climate that boasts cold winters, as most of us do, you are probably aware that you need to prepare your car for what’s to come. Most tasks are related to prevention and they are extremely important if you want to be as safe as possible while driving. After all, you don’t want to endanger your life or lives of other people because you were too lazy to make sure your car is ready for cold, snowy and icy conditions on the roads. So, here are some of the most useful tips that should keep your car in the best possible condition during the winter season.

Oil replacement

It’s very important to change the oil in your car regularly, especially during the winter. Make sure you consult the owner’s manual and see what type of oil is recommended by the manufacturer and stick to the instructions to the letter. Basically, you’ll need a thinner oil in the winter, which means you might need to use a different type altogether.

Engine coolant

Another thing you have to inspect is the quantity and quality of coolant (antifreeze) in your car. While many drivers opt for a 50/50 ratio of coolant to water in normal weather, they tend to go for 60/40 in the winter. Also, make sure you have enough coolant in the system if you want to avoid damaging your engine, which might cost you a fortune.

Check the battery

You are certainly familiar with a sight of a driver trying to start their car on a cold winter morning, but without success. The reason is that your engine needs more current from the battery in low temperatures in order to start, which is why your battery has to be functioning perfectly.  Turn on your headlights before you start the engine and then turn your engine. If the lights get brighter, your battery is probably dying. Even better, if you have a voltmeter, use it to measure the voltage. Alternatively, you can take your car to your mechanic, who can also inspect brakes, cables for cracks and the battery fluid.

Protect the bodywork

Just like you need to make sure the engine and other parts of your car are fully functional, you should do the same when it comes to the bodywork. One of the best investments is to have quality paint protection film installed, to protect not only the paint, but also the car from light scratches and contaminants, such as bug splatter and bird droppings. Such a film prevents your car from discolouring, which is a common problem with many brands, especially their older models.

Get your washer fluid and windshield wipers ready

You need to make sure you have a good washer fluid with an antifreeze solution in the winter, since regular fluids won’t do well in freezing temperatures. Generally, it’s a good idea to replace your windshield wipers at least once a year, but you may need to do it more frequently, depending on wear and tear. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with old wipers when the first big snow storm hits.

Check your tires

One of the more important things to check before the winter are the tires. Needless to say, they have to be in perfect condition to provide the best service. You should always make sure you have the right type of tires for each season. You might need to get tires with studs if you drive in perilous conditions. Also, the pressure in the tires should be checked regularly. Finally, exercise caution when pressing the gas pedal and don’t slam on your brakes.

Keep your gas tank filled

You know that you shouldn’t let your gas tank get completely empty ever, but this is even more important in the winter. The cold weather can cause condensation to form in an empty or nearly empty gas tank. That water then can drip down into the gas and sink to the bottom where it might get into your fuel line. You can only imagine the damage that can occur. So, make sure you have at least a quarter of the tank full at all times.

Maintaining your car is extremely important if you want it to serve you well and provide maximal safety. Winter conditions can be very dangerous and it takes a careful driver and a fully-functional car to deal with them. While your experience and skills might be limited, you mustn’t let your car be unprepared for such conditions!

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Pitfalls of Purchasing a New Car

No matter how much money you’ve set aside to buy a new car, you’re bound to have some fears. The most typical ones are related to being ripped off, i.e. being tricked into overpaying. This is perfectly normal, since most of us can’t afford to spend so much money and not get our money’s worth. So, what is it that we should know and do when the time comes to buy a new car?

It’s an investment

Needless to say, purchasing a car is one of the biggest investments we are forced to make every few years and we don’t want to see our hard-earned cash go down the drain. We keep hearing stories of people being ripped off or paying too much, we compare the prices of similar models and try to find the best deal. We are happy to learn that we’ve paid less than someone else for the same quality.

This is all fine, but we tend to forget more important things. To begin with, are you getting the car you want and need? Can you afford the maintenance? What mileage do you normally cover and does your car need heavy investment to make it safe and reliable? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you look at the price.

Financing terms

We often tend to forget to see the big picture when it comes to the total price we’re paying for the car. We celebrate a small victory when a car dealer agrees to lower the price, but we conveniently forget, for example, that the smaller the downpayment, the higher the interest rate. Choosing a wrong deal can easily turn out to cost us more that the quoted price.

Of course, it’s best to use cash or an interest-free loan arrangement, but not many are able to do that. Plan B is to put as much downpayment as possible and choose loans no longer than 3 years.

We overspend… time

Some statistics show that people tend to spend much more time shopping for a car, even though there are specialised companies helping us quickly buy and sell cars. People waste too much of their own time looking for the best deal, that at the end they may end up wasting more time, i.e. money, than they think they’ve saved. Of course, it all depends on how much you value your time. The more you value it, the more money you’ll lose by spending countless hours unnecessarily looking for the best possible deal. On top of it all, you may fail to find what you’re looking for and get really frustrated.

Looking at the big picture

Having a car costs so much more than the price you pay to make it your own. You need to calculate how much money you’re going to need for maintenance, petrol, insurance, etc. Plus, you need to make sure you have a reliable mechanic somewhere close, so that you don’t have to pay through your teeth for towing in case something goes wrong. Some statistics show that the average length of car ownership is around 5 years, so it might sound unrealistic to plan to have the same car for ten years or so, especially if you’re planning to expand your family.

Too many cars to choose from

We are now spoiled for choice when it comes to pretty much everything. From flavoured bottled water to cars, there are hundreds of different products on offer and this may be overwhelming to many. This is quite understandably because there’s more pressure on buyers to make the right choice. And once they finally choose a car, if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, the once-proud owner gets frustrated and depressed. So, try to remove that pressure and focus on what you need and what you can realistically afford. Everything else is secondary.

As you can see, what should be a happy moment for everyone can easily turn into a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be the case. The most important thing is to remain realistic and remember that it’s you who’s buying a car and not the other way round.


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Best Ways to Sell Your Car

Thanks to the Internet, there are more opportunities to sell your car than ever before. Whichever method you choose, you’re often pitting the price against convenience. In other words, the quicker you need your car sold, the less money you’ll likely be getting. On the other hand, if neither time nor convenience are the issue, you can hope for the best price for your car. Also, no matter which method you choose, there are things you need to do to bring your ride into a hot sale condition.
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Responsive Dealer Website

It’s that time of the season when every business owner ponders the next year strategy while buying the presents. Maybe, you are one of those entrepreneurs who can’t focus on celebrating holidays due to the lot of thinking. If it’s true, you are definitely not alone in this. Automotive industry in whole and car buyers shopping behavior have changed drastically during the last years. At the end of 2017 many auto dealers ask themselves two questions:

What to improve in 2018?

How to avoid overspending on it?

There are tons of automotive software on the market, but you definitely don’t want to overspend on redundant technology that won’t improve your business.

Here is the list of car dealer software spending money on which will be worthwhile in 2018.

Responsive Dealer Websites (RDWs)

Responsive design bridges the gap between your a uto dealer website and mobile, laptop or tablet users. The result of this construction is new leads for you and good user experience for your customers. The quality of visitor’s interaction with your online inventory affects the whole impression of your business. If you can’t provide your customers with decent inventory displaying, they will doubt your ability to provide them with good, reliable cars.

A responsive dealer website resizes the layout by using fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images. Regardless of the device your inventory is being viewed on, customers won’t have to “catch” the images and vehicle description. Every page of your website will be adapted automatically.

Responsive web design was already a must in 2017, but you still have time to switch to it. Include this investment into your 2018 budget and you won’t regret it.

Vehicle condition reports

Every dealer has a list of wishes for the upcoming year, we bet you have it as well. One of the wishes is to widen the reach and attract non-local buyers. Such kind of prospects differs from the local one and requires different approaches. On the one hand non-local buyers can’t visit your showroom to inspect the condition of the vehicle thoroughly, but on the other hand very few people would buy a car in ignorance of its state. This dilemma can be solved by online vehicle condition reports. It is the car dealer software that allows dealers to upload the detailed information about the each part of the vehicle with respective photos attached. Customers can see the vehicle general grading and the minor grades of its separate parts and areas marked with the color. With vehicle condition report customers will see the car from all its sides and get the evaluation of every part. They will be able to compare not only the exterior and interior of the car, but the condition of its every detail.

By putting your money into condition reports, you build consumer trust — the first step towards long-term relations.

Live Video Streaming

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools for auto dealers, it retains customer attention longer and leaves a trace in his memory. As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words. We can add, that a video is worth a million of them. Instead of only talk business, you can show it to your customers.

Live Video Streaming™ is an automotive software that enables you to give your customers the live video tour of any vehicle at your dealership. During such tours you can answer customer questions, give additional information and show any car detail on viewer’s demand.

You can set the camera into the cabin and showcase the live test-drive to non-locals. Customers will be able to make their decisions online without showing up at your dealership.

Closing words

There are a lot of changes ahead of us for sure, and nobody can tell what 2018 is going to bring. However, with responsiveness, online vehicle condition reports and video streaming software dealers can future-proof their business and improve their sales in the upcoming year.


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As we gear up for 2018, we’re providing you with a powerful white paper. While everyone knows the power of women buyers, are you aware of how women are impacting your business?

  • What percentage of your business is generated by women?
  • What percentage of your leads are generated by women?
  • What percentage of your service drive business is generated by women?

Clearly, you can’t grow what you don’t know!

The average new car dealer sells 819 vehicles annually to women. But if you don’t have a benchmark for tracking this, how can you improve sales to this growing segment that now buys 4.5 of every 10 cars, especially in a more challenging retail climate?

The white paper Behavior Economics: Increase Sales to Women by $2 Million provides a clear road map to crack this code in two key areas:

  1. Five easy steps to train your sales advisors to adapt, coach, and motivate them to adopt new attitudes and behaviors to engage this buying segment.
  2. New tracking metrics to gauge and propel your store to cultivate sales to women and families and be a destination dealer.


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Be a Destination Dealer by 2020

Want to differentiate your store from others and grow your top and bottom line numbers? Women are now buying 45% of all cars at new car dealerships, which translates into an average of 620 new and used vehicles combined annually.

What processes can be implemented for ups, guests, and women shoppers to optimize their experience at your dealership, especially the ones who walk in and say they’re just looking? Do your front-line people think these guests aren’t serious and ignore them or does your store have a process to engage these shoppers after a few minutes?

A simple action like taking the time to upsell the dealership by offering a 3-minute tour of the facility, explaining that your service hours are the best in the area, can make a big difference. Give guests a coupon for a free car wash and explain that overnight cars are provided in your service area. All of this demonstrates that you care, that you’re selling more than cars, you’re selling futures.

Download the Dealership 2020 white paper and get the insights and real-case scenarios about how your dealership can begin tapping into more sales to women.


Never miss a chance to sell your dealership—get 8 steps to have your business be The Destination Difference™ in your area or region. Start implementing shifts now and get ahead of the trend.


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Millennial Women and Your Market Share

Reshaping The Industry’s Economy
The millennial. Individuals born between 1980 and 2000 comprise ‘one of the largest generations in history’. In a recent article “Millennials Coming of Age”, by Goldman Sachs, millennials are not only poised to reshape the economy, but are about to move into prime spending years. Millennials overtook Baby Boomers, ages 51 to 69, as the largest generation according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Women of all age groups are buying 4.5 out of every 10 vehicles. However, of those millennial buyers, 53% are women. Honing in on what factors contribute to car purchases made by millennial women can help dealerships step into a larger market share.

How Millennials Stand Out From The Crowd
What makes millennial women stand out from non-millennial women? According to, millennials ranked price, style, brand, color and warranty as top factors for car purchasing. Trustworthiness and respect ranked as the top two reasons to buy from a sales advisor. Additionally, millennials who are adept at using reviews in many product categories, use car dealer reviews readily to help them locate what dealerships to do business with.

Millennials Are Digitally Engaged with Dealers
Since millennial buyers have grown up with the internet and smartphones, they are highly connected with social media. Goldman Sachs states that 44% of millennials text message, 16% blog, 38% instant message, and 38% are engaged in social media. For example, reports that social interaction is critical:

  • 44% of millennial respondents viewed a dealership’s Facebook page, an average of 10% higher than non-millennials.
  • 67.5% of millennials furthered to “Like” a dealership’s Facebook page, an average of 10% higher than non-millennials.

One takeaway would be that millennial women are more evaluative that non-millennial women. Additionally, millennial women are open to using dealer’s social communities.

Social Selling Sales Advisors
Connecting with this group means engaging a generation that places effort to find answers within an electronic style of communication. A style that’s silent but not soft-spoken, educational but not elusive, and often promotes multitasking. Their energies are to be reigned in with true and genuine interest.

Millennials interact with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as social media mainstays. What are sales advisors doing to grab ahold of a portion of engagement? Smart sales advisors build leads off their successful sales relationships. They ask for the referrals and reviews, and the satisfied customer happily provides. Behind the scenes lay electronic connections ready and waiting. “Friend” or “Follow”, those requests and actions taken upon referred names create a plethora of potential customers. Social profiles built by sales advisors with the intent of building leads is becoming a new system of lead generation.

Be Personable and Prosper
Our data reports that millennial women travelled further to visit showrooms and are less likely to shop the nearest dealership. Goldman Sachs points out in its article that millennials have less money to spend, while industry reports show that younger buyers have little interest in negotiating the purchase price. Sales advisors could capitalize on their discussions with millennial women and secure a more decisive market.

Does your advertising speak to this segment specifically, and not just have a women spokesperson on a sports TV or weekend ad? Listen to the millennial woman and bring the showroom tour into a vision of comfort, longevity, service center and multitasking lounge that serves as a hub for the busy woman scheduling around work, school and personal time. Become the dealership that cares about the millennial women buyers and prepare to excel in your sales across the board by applying the principles of being personable, relatable, and interactive.

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‘Buying a car’ versus ‘shopping without buying’ emits a varied set of emotions for women car buyers.

A new study reveals that when there is money in the game, emotions dial up with the heightened sense of commitment. The data reported by women in the 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report shows that is it only natural when buying a big ticket item that the buyer's excitement level escalates.

But there’s more than that.

When Purchasing, women report:

  • Confidence wanes by 9 percent
  • Nervousness goes up by over 10 percent
  • Feeling Overwhelmed increases
  • And, more.

5 Ways to help Position the Value of your Dealership and Bolster Women’s Confidence
The chances of an under-confident woman recommending your dealership to friends or family is not very high and, in fact, her negative emotion(s) could result in an unfavorable review. Buying a car is a big decision for anyone, and the sales process includes a series of emotions that can be positive or negative and can be greatly influenced by your sales team. Learning how to turn an apprehensive shopper into a happy, satisfied buyer will pay off now and in the future.

Women are buying 4.5 out of every 10 new cars. Business is competitive.

Make Selling, Advertising, and Marketing to them a priority.


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Industry experts tell us that car buyers go to 1.6 dealerships to buy a vehicle.

From the 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report, we find that number to be true for half of women car buyers. The other half report a very different answer altogether. An amazing forty-six percent of women car buyers are going to twice the industry average, or 3.2 dealer visits.

Which begs a few questions:

  1. Are the industry experts talking to enough women when conducting their research?
  2. What evidence do you have that the women coming into your store are buying from you? Do you track guests that are overlooked and leave? Do you measure these lost sales and put new behaviors and practices in place to re-capture them?

In the “How Many Car Dealers Are Women Buyers Visiting” white paper, learn that 60% of women who leave a dealership without buying, do not return. Understand what the top 5 reasons are for not buying at a dealership – do any of these sound familiar when women leave your store?

Discover what top dealerships are doing to earn her buy-in and create the right conditions for the sale on the first visit. Sixty-two percent of women report that they return to the dealerships where they first purchased their vehicles to then have them serviced. This highlights the potential to grow value among this critical market segment.

Download your copy of the report

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Sixty-two percent of women report that they return to the dealerships where they first purchased their vehicles to then have them serviced. This highlights the potential to grow value among this critical market segment.

Changing family dynamics have put women squarely in the driver’s seat with an estimated one-half of all cars sold being purchased by women who are then directly responsible for decisions involving vehicle maintenance and service appointment scheduling.

This makes offering post-sales service on her terms a value proposition worth embracing.

It All Adds Up
From our 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report, game-changing data offers a new view of the Top 15 service drive brands rated and ranked by 4,653 women when at their dealerships.

Dealer Satisfaction Scores – High trust and comfort levels are must haves for women.
Fixed Operations Income – Service alerts and courtesy vehicles keep her coming back.
Future Purchase & Referral Rates – Listening without interrupting earns repeat business and valuable referrals from her.

Service, Please!
Becky Nixon, an industry authority and Director of Fixed Operations Training for David Lewis & Associates, offers the following:

“Psychologists tell us that women are generally detail-oriented and inquisitive by nature. Convenience being the key, all recommended repairs or maintenance must come with an honest and definitive timeline attached.”

Women who buy from Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealers confirm this. They want their questions answered, cars serviced in a timely manner and a service experience that makes them feel good. Making women feel heard, appreciated and understood goes a long way toward earning their repeat business—and referrals. And, very positive reviews.

The Last Word – Distinguish
There already exists a time frame for women to return to their original dealership for recalls or mandatory service visits associated with vehicle warranties. To keep them coming back after those years have passed, it’s imperative to offer relationship-building perks which distinguish your brand, like:

  • Free car washes or annual ‘we-appreciate-your-business’ detailing offers.
  • Comfortable seating in lounge areas, Wi-Fi connectivity with nearby power outlets, entertaining play areas for children, and clean restrooms.
  • Refreshment stations stocked with quality coffee, tea, water and healthy snacks.

Adopt marketing strategies that speak to women’s concerns. Your website and e-newsletters are the avenues for targeted messages and selling strategies when they shed light on service offerings of benefits and provide a deeper understanding of maintenance procedures.

Women rely on these resources for links and data that help them assess a potential need for repairs (i.e. worn out windshield wipers, squeaky breaks). Educational content that is aimed at ensuring their families’ safety can boost a dealership’s brand image and trust among women.

Note: Women’s #1 requested concierge item is a courtesy vehicle. What lasting impression are you leaving your female clients in your highest gross margin department?

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Today we will preview a CBT News interview where dealers get the inside scoop on interesting data collected from the 2017 U.S. Women’s Car Dealer Trends & Report about the buying experiences, preferences and habits of women.

In the video, the following questions are discussed:

1. What dealers can learn about their female consumer experiences by working with Women-Drivers reputation and rating platform?

2. What are top dealers doing right with women buyers? [3:20]

3. 46% of women report that they went to an average of 3.2 dealerships before buying a car. Why is this? [5:04]

4. The #1 reason women report buying a car at a particular dealership is... [7:20]

5. The #1 digital resource women reported using is the dealer’s website, #2 is the manufacturer. Anne discusses ways to capitalize on this. [9:30]


Representing 45% of all car purchases, women are buying 8 million new cars this year, so catering to them is a must. How will you evangelize that your brand is the destination dealership with women+families? It’s time to stoke demand and convert more women shoppers to buyers.

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BREAKING NEWS | 2017 US Women's Car Dealer Report

In today’s competitive marketplace, women buyers are crucial for auto dealer’s success.
The all-inclusive 2017 US Women’s Car Dealer Report shares trends, behaviors, preferences and experiences women have when Purchasing, Shopping and in the Service Drive.

It’s not enough to just ‘know’ women’s habits when purchasing a vehicle at a dealership. ‘Knowing’ doesn’t make a difference.

Dealers that are taking action to market, to engage and to set forth a plan of adding value when selling to women are the ones winning their business.

We measured Certified Trusted Dealers satisfaction scores. In this year’s report, we share best business practices to elevate the client and guest experience to assist you in getting out of your comfort zone. It’s up to you. Stay the course, or apply new ideas, practices and methods to achieve a higher market share, retention and loyalty.


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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Know Your Used Car Inventory

In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Sean V. Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy, explains the importance of knowing your car inventory. Whether it is a new or preowned vehicle, you should know the features along with the benefits of each individual vehicle. Inventory is the #1 page on your dealership's website. You should know what all of your vehicles natural competitors are when working with a prospect. At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do is qualify your prospects.

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How Your Dealership Can Capitalize on Emoji’s

Last time, we discussed how imperative it is for your sales advisors to recognize, understand and empathize with the emotions of each buyer. Discerning emotions can impact the approach and the sale. And this, readers, directly influences your dealership’s reputation!

Women & Reviews: A Closer Look
Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealers have a 92% Satisfaction Rating which is 23% higher than Non-Certified Dealers. How does this translate to your CSI and Retention Rate?
In a BIG way.

Maybe it's time for you to consider what the cost is of not having a marketing plan to women. Learn More Now.

First to Market: Emoji’s Boost Sales & Reputation
Emojis are pervasive in social media, and serve an important purpose. Since emoji’s are so common, people have adapted to both selecting and interpreting the meaning behind them.

Since women rely on dealer reviews 50% more than men, it is important that women not only be able to read reviews by other women, but that can see at-a-glance summary of someone’s experience. added emoji’s to help reviews better identify their feelings. And, it's quick.

How can your dealership capitalize on the use of emoji’s? Ultimately, the emotions experienced go beyond classification within a few emoticons. Emotions make up a large part of a shopper’s experience. This will result in happy, smiley faces on both your customers and in your reviews! And, your bottom line.

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Unprecedented, Yet Simple Tracking Worksheet Helps Build Your Business
There remains an untapped opportunity in your sales plan now to implement. This will make a huge impact just by tracking and measuring a few new metrics.

Follow this: While half of car buyers are women, and that percentage increases to 53% for millennial women. 1 in 3 women out earn their husbands.

But how successful is your dealership in converting women guests? How many guests actually buy? Are you aware how these buyers find out about your store? How can you grow what you don’t track and measure?

Tracking 5 Results to Analyze Success
Using our new worksheet*, track these 5 key stats each week and month:

1. Number of Female Guests: This statistic applies to a woman who comes into a dealership to buy a car for which she will be the registered owner. This applies to a woman shopping by herself, or with someone else, as long as the car is specifically for her.

2. Number of Female Referrals: Inquire at the beginning if the guest was specifically referred by someone else. This someone else could be a friend, a Facebook friend, a Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealer or a review by someone online.

3. Number of Female Sales: This is the number of sales to women each week and month.

4. Total Sales: Total ALL sales for your dealership by week and month.

5. % of Total Sales to Women: This is the percentage of sales to women compared to all sales for the week and month. This provides an at-a-glance view of how your store compares to the national numbers for sales to women.


What You Put Your Attention On Grows
When you begin to track these numbers, several things will occur:

1. The attention of the sales team will be drawn to the figures being tracked. The numbers will be front and center. If your conversion numbers are low, you will implement strategies to raise them.

2. Focusing on the numbers elevates their importance. Understanding that the intent is to increase sales to women will increase your overall sales!

3. Tracking referrals helps you understand how well you are being perceived. It’s nice when a customer sees your advertising, but a customer who has been referred already has a positive outlook coming in.

Formal tracking of guest numbers and conversions is the first step toward capturing the valuable market segment of women buyers and becoming a destination dealership in your region.

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