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In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Dealer Synergy's President, Sean V. Bradley explains the most important resource as an Automotive Sales Professional is your phone. You need to make sure you have good phone skills. There are many ways to communicate with a prospect over the phone. Weather you are leaving a voicemail, texting, or using social media you need to use all different types of communication when trying to connect with a customer.

Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Phone Diversity

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Is Your Sales Team Properly Trained?

Your sales team starts working way before a potential buyer walks into your dealership. Whether your Internet Coordinator connects with a customer via an online lead or an inbound call, the interaction between the dealership representative and shopper is extremely crucial. You want to make sure your each member of your team has outstanding persuasion and communication skills. If your sales rep can not effectively communicate with your consumer, it is very unlikely that he will close the deal. 

Although you can equip your team with scripts and a list of objections and rebuttals, there may come a time where your representative is required to go off script in order to meet the needs of the client. When this happens, your staff must have the proper to remain calm and handle the situation with ease. Every member of your staff should be familiar with the daily process of your dealership. They should know the ins and outs of your CRM and be able to ask all general questions customers may have. 

Also, make sure your entire team is aware of the products and services your dealership has to offer. Not only will this allow them to address customer concerns, but it will also enable them to suggest additional services to buyers, resulting in more revenue for your business. 

When your sales team is properly trained, they will be confident in their ability to sell. A confident salesperson builds trust with his customers. If a customer trusts his sales associate, he is more likely to make a purchase at your dealership. 

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Every one is an "Up" part 2

The following Blog post is in addition to this Video by Sean V. Bradley, I hope you enjoy it!


Everyone is an up part 2/ How and where to prospect via the telephone.

    If you've been in sales for any length of time you have probably been told at some point to "get on the phone and make some appointments" by a sales manager. You know you have to do it, you want to do it, but you might not know where to start, you might be scared to do it, or you might work really hard at it but you haven't had any success at it. It doesn't matter if you are selling cars, houses or furniture- the phone sales process I am going to tell you about is the same for any business, use it effectively daily and watch your sales go up.

    First off you need to know a little bit about why the phone is so important to your sales. People that you contact off the phone, manage to bring in to your store on an appointment and show up are more than twice as likely to buy from you compared to walk in traffic*. So how do you get started? You are going to need to be organized, work effectively and stick to it no matter what, every day.

    1: Build a database of clients. All businesses keep a database of their sold clients (you should too by the way). Every morning before you start your day come in a bit early and start researching clients. A CRM** system can be searched just like Google. Refine your search by state/province, city, new/used clients. Use key words to further refine the search. For example " Jeep Wrangler", when the wranglers go on sale  type " Wrangler" into the search field and get a list hundreds of names long, call the people on the list and tell them that the wranglers they were interested in are now on sale and get them to come in. CRM tells me a clients name, contact information and what type of vehicle they are interested in. It tells me their current vehicle, current payment, interest rate etc. CRM is a gold mine and it is the best place to look for prospects. This is where you start!

     2: Have a hook for every call. What is a hook? A hook is the reason why you are calling that particular client. It is what entices them to come in and see you, so it needs to be clearly defined, it needs to be advantageous for your client and it needs to be real. Here are some hooks you can use, remember these are all straight out of CRM and they are real, strong reasons for clients to come in to see you:

A.) You are paying too much interest right now, what if I could get you a newer vehicle than you have now and lower your interest payment, could you make it in today (tomorrow, Saturday)? This is a super strong hook and you can use it on anyone who is paying non-prime interest rates. For example, CRM says client is paying 18% and owns a truck, Chrysler has a program on new trucks with subsidized financing for non-prime buyers at 6.49%. Boom! Strong reason to come in and buy.

B.) Are you still in the market for a new "blank"? Great! The owner is offering invoice pricing on the vehicle till the end of this month or until we sell out of stock, are you free today? Great hook to use on a client who walked without buying because of price. Now the vehicle they want is cheaper! I wouldn't tell them how much or they won't come in. Just tell them it will be on the invoice for them to see when they arrive.

C.) Are you still driving a 2010 "blank"? Is it in good shape? Perfect! I have a young client that wants a new one of those but can't get financed on it. Would you consider trading yours in for a new one if I could keep you in a similar payment? Can you bring the vehicle in tomorrow morning so we can get it inspected?   Every owner would trade in a vehicle they love for a newer version if the conditions were right, so this call is super easy to make. Make sure you have a similar vehicle to the one they own before you make this call.

D.) How are you liking your 2010 " blank "? Did you know the 2014 has more horsepower, better fuel economy and tows more? Would you be willing to trade in your 2010 if I could get you a similar payment? I use this one on service clients. I can look in CRM and see which clients are coming in for service the next day, and why. If they are in a good position to trade in and keep their payment the same I give them a call the night before they come in for service and let them know they can upgrade for less this month because of; manufacturer loyalty programs, finance pull ahead, etc. Everyone wants a newer better version of their car/truck you just have to present a deal in the right way so they see advantage in upgrading.

    3.) Keep track of all your calls: Create a notebook, excel spreadsheet, etc. that you can use and fill in everyday. You need to call clients at different hours and sometimes as much as 5 times before you get a hold of them on the phone, so be prepared to leave a strong voicemail message or send a text that will entice them to call you back! Call the client over and over, nicely and professionally until you get them on the phone. Remember, you are saving them money and getting them the vehicle they really want, so it's okay to call them repeatedly.

     4.) Sell the appointment not the car: Don't talk price, payments or trade value on the phone unless you absolutely have to! Be truthful but say as little as possible. Your only goal is to sell the client on coming in using one of the hooks above. That's it!

     5.) Confirm the appointment using your managers: Everyone likes to feel that they're important to your business. Coach your clients that a sales manager will call them a day before their appointment. This accomplishes two things: It flushes out people that may waste your time; it sets the tone for a serious business discussion to take place in the client's mind, the sales manager himself called me, so it must be good!

       Finally, keep at it! Nothing great and worth having is easily done, but once you get the ball rolling and you are booking 3-4 appointments for yourself a day I will guarantee that your sales will increase. Keep taking ups, keep answering the phone, but book yourself 4 appointments per day no matter what and get your money right!


Eduardo Aragon, Sales Consultant, Okanagan Dodge, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

* Check out the Mind Map here and see the stats on selling cars by appointment prospecting



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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - 'Stop Being Scared Of Making Phone Calls - Automotive Sales - Car Sales

This is such an important subject… The Phones! The Internet Sales is a PHONE SALE. PERIOD!

You have to dial the phones if you want to sell cars. Email SELLS the Phone call and the Phone Call SELLS the appointment. The appointment sells the relationship and then the car.

I hope you enjoy!

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Your Internet Sales / Phone Sales Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success, You ALSO Need…

Your Phone Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success...

The 3 Parts to Phone / Internet Sales Process Mastery is:

1. Knowing The Script INSIDE And OUT...

2. Knowing the TOP 7 reasons why people are going online and at least 5 STRONG rebuttals for EACH, for a TOTAL of 35 Word Tracks...

3. Know your dealership's value package proposition. "Why Buy From Us". Not only do you need to know what is different and better about YOUR organization, you NEED to be able to passionately convey that to your prospect. You need to SELL Your Organization.

**** The Goal is to identify, meet and exceed your prospect's expectations.

The Script Identifies their wants wished and expectations...

The Words Tracks allow you to MEET their expectations...

And the Value Package Proposition Allows you to EXCEED their expectations...

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This scene was the inspiration for my blog, "My Lean, Mean, Lead-Handling Machine".  You're spending a lot of time and money on lead providers, SEO, SEM, website goodies, etc........Are Lucy and Ethel handling your leads?  Why go to all of this trouble and expense if you are not serious about training.  This clip is one of the funniest moments in television history.  When you think of those little candy chocolates as $3000-$4000 missed car deals, it's not that funny.

If this reminds you of your Internet Department, then pay close attention to every word you hear at Internet Sales 20 Group.

Who's your Danny?

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4 Mobile Musts of Google Advertising

Over the past decade, advertising budgets across the country have been increasing in the automotive industry. A new eMarketer report projects that the US automotive industry will spend $5.07 billion on paid digital advertising in 2013, with that total rising to $7.80 billion by 2017.


As budgets increase so does the number of channels in which those ad dollars can be spent, making decisions about where to spend your dollars extremely challenging. One important channel that should not be overlooked is mobile advertising on Google.



For the first time, smartphones are currently on pace to outsell standard feature phones. To say that the mobile car-shopping population is growing is an understatement. A J.D. Power & Associates study found that the percentage of US vehicle shoppers who have visited an automotive website via a smartphone grew from 17% in 2010 to 31% in 2012.

This increased access to smart mobile devices in the hands of potential car shoppers is a largely untapped opportunity. Especially when you consider that mobile shoppers are proven to convert better than desktop shoppers.

A recent study of Nissan's digital traffic found that mobile car shoppers are 30% more likely to submit a lead than their desktop brethren. These potential customers tend to be on the go, in more of a rush, and looking to gain information--- and sometimes take action--- as quickly as possible.

If you're not advertising and promoting your brand to roving car shoppers, that will help you build a strong mobile brand


Here are four mobile musts for your dealerships website and ad campaigns that will help you build a strong mobile brand.


1. Consider Your Mobile Shopper's Experience


Before even thinking about advertising to drive traffic to your mobile site, you first need to get the site ready for proper viewing. The goal should be to make a simplified version of the full website that is user friendly and intuitive for your mobile shoppers.

First, make sure graphics and all content load quickly. Mobile users have limited time and attention spans. Aresearch study conducted by user experience expertsAkamai shows that mobile website bounce rate increases drastically if a site takes longer than 6 seconds to load.

Your next step should be to consider the varying screen sizes of mobile devices. Verify that appropriate formatting is in place to make the content appealing and easy to navigate while viewing on phones and tablets.


2. Appeal to Mobile Search Traffic

Now that you've streamlined your mobile site, it’s time to put yourself in the mind of the mobile shopper. Ask yourself:

What searches would a mobile shopper perform, and how can I utilize that search information to drive relevant traffic?

The user experience when performing a dealership search is different on a phone or tablet than it is on a desktop. For one thing the potential buyer is using a touch-screen, and therefore is less likely to type a long search query. Shorter searches mean that the keywords you need to bid on need to be very precise. It would be wise to consider possible shortenings or abbreviations. And be sure to avoid using keywords that are overly broad that will end up attracting irrelevant clicks.


3. Enhance Your Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns in Google Adwords is a powerful feature than can help you organize your different mobile campaigns and set your mobile bids to ensure your ads perform better. Think about the size of a mobile screen and how important it is for mobile ads to rank high. On a desktop there are ten ad positions that take up close to one third of the screen, while phones and mobile devices might only feature three ad positions that occupy 50% of the screen.

That's some valuable real estate right there! This monopoly on screen space is another reason why mobile ads tend to have higher click-through rates.
And in case you were wondering... Yes, Google has effectively monopolized the mobile search market. According to Global StatCounter, Google's mobile search market share was 96.9 percent as of May 2012. This alone is more than enough reason for dealers to embrace Enhanced Campaigns in their mobile strategy.


4. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile

Potential phone and tablet customers deserve the same experience as desktop shoppers. Directing users to designated landing pages with strong, relevant content--- and not just dropping shoppers on the home page--- is a big part of providing that seamless experience. These landing pages should be mobile optimized, easy to navigate and in line with the site’s overall style and layout.

These steps may seem basic, but there are still brands out there that ignore the simplest things that make the biggest impact on their dealership advertising.

What steps have you taken to make sure your advertising is reaching the growing mobile shopping community?


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Who are you and Why are you calling? 

One of the things I tend to see most when training with Internet Coordinators or BDC Reps all across the country, is that not many of them take the time to identify who they are and what they do at the dealership. Before I continue, lets go over a few statistics that might help to shed a little light on the importance of implementing this strategy. 

  • 92-99% of People Go Online before stepping foot into your dealership.
  • People are shopping on Average 5-8 other dealerships besides yours. 
  • This means there are 5-8 other  dealerships trying to contact that very same person you are.
  • Sales People, especially in the Automotive world tend to have a "Negative Stereotype".

Why Identify yourself on a call you ask? If I was to call you and say, Hello! May I speak to "Mr. Johnson" ? This is Anthony calling on behalf of Autobytel and ABC Motors....Did I catch you at a good time? What would you assume my job to be within the dealership if I didn't verbalize it to you during the phone call? Most likely a Sales Person, Wouldn't you agree? When a prospect believes that he/she is on the phone with a typical "Sales Person", their Defensive Mechanisms are triggered that much easier, which will result in a very low success rate as it relates to setting appointments. This is where letting the prospect know what you do is vital to increasing the odds in setting an appointment and at the same time, builds value into why it is so great they are talking to you...the "Internet Coordinator". I would say something like the following to get the prospect to Like, Trust and Believe in me.....

Mr./Mr.s Customer, I'm actually not a Sales Person. I'm what you call an Internet Coordinator, you can think of me as like your personal "Car Concierge" or sort of like your "Liaison" to the Sale. You must have went online to get your research done and thats actually what I specialize in and do for customers just like yourself on a daily basis. I will provide you with all the relevant information about the vehicle or vehicles of your interest, send you some emails with videos of the entire vehicle inside & Out and any other information you may need to help you make the best informed decision. This way,when you feel comfortable, I would like to Set you an Exclusive V.I.P. appointment with my Internet Manager as opposed to a Sales Person. This will save you a tremendous amount of time inside the dealership, your vehicle of interest will be ready and waiting for you to test drive and their will be someone waiting for you to show up, saving you at least 45 minutes in the dealership.

Always Remember...there are at least 5-8 other dealerships that this prospect has looked at besides yours, that means there are 5-8 other people calling that same prospect. It makes perfect sense to tell this person exactly who you are, what you do and most importantly, what makes you so much better than the 5-8 other people calling! "Price is only relevant with the absence of value"......Start by building VALUE in yourself....the INTERNET COORDINATOR!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or conatct me directly via my cell phone at 732-456-0753.

"If you want the things most people do not have, you must be willing to do the things most people are not willing to do to get them"

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Mark Rodriguez is a National Speakers Association Member, GNYADA Speaker /Trainer, NJ CAR Speaker / Trainer and and Internet Sales 20 Group Speaker / Trainer. Mark recently stopped by our Production Studio to share some of his wealth of knowledge in Automotive Phone Sales.

Thanks Mark!

If you like Mark's message and are interested in hearing more, then you are in luck! Mark Rodriguez is going to be speaking in Los Angles, at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group!

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Tom Stuker, The Star Of The Hit Reality Show "Car Lot Rescue" Will Be A Speaker At The Internet Sales 20 Group

How To Sell A Car
Spike Full Episodes Spike Video Clips Spike on Facebook

Tom wasn't able to make the last Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago but he called in and conducted a phone training session on the way to Cambodia (I am dead serious) 

We are super excited to have Tom Stuker at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group. And Tom will be at the VIP Networking event at Eddie Deen's Ranch! 



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