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Dealer Synergy On-Site Training

Here at Roswell Honda, Dealer Synergy is on our site blowing our minds! Dealer Synergy came in 5 days ago and totally re-vamped our whole BDC system. I am a sales professional and used their word tracks for my current ups. Not only did it help with my words but it also helped with my professionalism. They have the best inbound and outbound word tracks, as well as great trainers. A great big Shout Out to Mr. Anthony Alagona for his great drills.

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DealerSynergy Training

This was such a great experience! Sean Bradley and Anthony Alagona did such a great job at training us and motivating us to better ourselves. Anthony was an awesome trainer; he was so down to earth and funny, I learned so much from him. His techniques really made the information stick in my mind. We will become a better dealership because of DealerSynergy!

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My name is Chelsey Here at Lacy Ford Lincoln and Subaru in Catskill, NY. I have been working here for almost 5 weeks. This Internet Department has been working very hard this whole week training with Dealersynergy. When I started here, I was unsure about a handful of things on how the internet sales worked. I knew a little bit about dealerships but not a good amount. But when Sean and Anthony came here they answered a lot of my problems. They are a very good team and know what they are talking about. The time that Anthony has been here helping us on the phone with scripts has been GREAT. He showed us how to handle a bunch of different situations. I had a hard time with a customer I couldn't get him to answer the phone and terrible responses with email. Anthony jumped on the phone left a VM for him and he called us right back. Anthony did his thing and made the appointment, My jaw dropped, I was shocked on how he handled the customer. He made it look easy, not saying its hard just that I have had a hard time getting ahold and getting this guy to listen to me. Basically I am saying that this has been the best experience I have had in awhile and I took a lot of recordings and notes and I will take this advice and help to the top and use every piece that they gave me. Thank you for the help and we will do our best at showing how good we can be.


P.s. Anthony is the best haha



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Who are you and Why are you calling? 

One of the things I tend to see most when training with Internet Coordinators or BDC Reps all across the country, is that not many of them take the time to identify who they are and what they do at the dealership. Before I continue, lets go over a few statistics that might help to shed a little light on the importance of implementing this strategy. 

  • 92-99% of People Go Online before stepping foot into your dealership.
  • People are shopping on Average 5-8 other dealerships besides yours. 
  • This means there are 5-8 other  dealerships trying to contact that very same person you are.
  • Sales People, especially in the Automotive world tend to have a "Negative Stereotype".

Why Identify yourself on a call you ask? If I was to call you and say, Hello! May I speak to "Mr. Johnson" ? This is Anthony calling on behalf of Autobytel and ABC Motors....Did I catch you at a good time? What would you assume my job to be within the dealership if I didn't verbalize it to you during the phone call? Most likely a Sales Person, Wouldn't you agree? When a prospect believes that he/she is on the phone with a typical "Sales Person", their Defensive Mechanisms are triggered that much easier, which will result in a very low success rate as it relates to setting appointments. This is where letting the prospect know what you do is vital to increasing the odds in setting an appointment and at the same time, builds value into why it is so great they are talking to you...the "Internet Coordinator". I would say something like the following to get the prospect to Like, Trust and Believe in me.....

Mr./Mr.s Customer, I'm actually not a Sales Person. I'm what you call an Internet Coordinator, you can think of me as like your personal "Car Concierge" or sort of like your "Liaison" to the Sale. You must have went online to get your research done and thats actually what I specialize in and do for customers just like yourself on a daily basis. I will provide you with all the relevant information about the vehicle or vehicles of your interest, send you some emails with videos of the entire vehicle inside & Out and any other information you may need to help you make the best informed decision. This way,when you feel comfortable, I would like to Set you an Exclusive V.I.P. appointment with my Internet Manager as opposed to a Sales Person. This will save you a tremendous amount of time inside the dealership, your vehicle of interest will be ready and waiting for you to test drive and their will be someone waiting for you to show up, saving you at least 45 minutes in the dealership.

Always Remember...there are at least 5-8 other dealerships that this prospect has looked at besides yours, that means there are 5-8 other people calling that same prospect. It makes perfect sense to tell this person exactly who you are, what you do and most importantly, what makes you so much better than the 5-8 other people calling! "Price is only relevant with the absence of value"......Start by building VALUE in yourself....the INTERNET COORDINATOR!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or conatct me directly via my cell phone at 732-456-0753.

"If you want the things most people do not have, you must be willing to do the things most people are not willing to do to get them"

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     I truly believe that anyone can teach; not everyone can truly inspire.  

     On Monday, January 9th, after only two months on the sales floor of a car dealership, I had come dangerously close to falling into such a negative mind-state that I put in a soft resignation with the sales managers, and had almost completely decided to head in a different employment direction.  With literally one foot out the door, the finance director pulled me to the side and asked if I would hang back for a minute while he checked on transferring me into the internet department... which, about a half hour later, he came back and told me to head upstairs for the training that was starting in 15 minutes.  

     For the next two days, I listened to Mr Sean Bradley talk with such passion and charisma (even through his cold and broken voice) about his company and the achievements that I decided maybe he was right -- maybe the Laws Of Attraction were more than just a "sales pitch", and there was validity to the science and chemistry behind it: similar elements attract, polar opposite mindsets repel... much like magnets.  If I was to be successful, I had to get my mind right and radiate such a positive beacon of energy that negativity would deflect and glare at my success from a distance.

     The message didn't thoroughly sink in, though, until Mr Anthony Alagona arrived at the dealership on Wednesday, January 11th.  If anyone had asked me what I thought about positive people (even as recently as a week ago), although I would have loved to believe otherwise, my prior experiences would have led me to reply that positivity was a salesman's spin on reality; however, Anthony exceeded my expectations with far more than the right words... I saw, for the first time, positivity in another man's FACE.  Belief in himself, and confidence in the future for everyone in his life, radiates off of Mr Alagona like nothing I've even encountered before.  He made even the tedious task of running phone scripts enjoyable, taking on any challenge the group could throw at him -- flashing a charismatic smirk and dropping his characteristic "game on!" at anyone who came at him with a curve.  

     Neither Sean nor Anthony are salespeople; they both exude the same energy, as if they were made from a far greater mold.  They're both incredibly positive and intensely passionate men who believe so deeply in a better tomorrow that labeling them with anything besides their given names is almost insulting.  After only one week, they've both inspired me and made me stronger as a person... they just happened to be teaching me something about automotive sales.  

     Dealer Synergy is a powerful program; however, it's only a drop in the bucket of what the staff that run it are capable of.  To the car dealerships who use them, use them wisely; to those that don't, you should probably come up for air before you sink; and to anyone NOT involved in automotive sales in anyway... I suggest figuring out another way to get acquainted with both Mr Bradley and Mr Alagona.  They both have hearts of lions.  

     I owe my renewed faith in the possibilities of my personal success and the future of my career at the dealership to their presence and inspiration.  Thank you both so much.

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Training with Anthony Alagona

             Just finished my first Dealer Synergy Training workshop week which was run and lead by "the great" Anthony Alagona! We had a blast throughout the entire process. It was intense and repetitive, but always progressive and positive boot camp like training. The 1st day Anthony was here was literally my 1st day in the Internet Sales Dept. I was a complete blank slated newbie who had no idea what the steps even were for any of the formats and protocols. And thanks to Anthony's help along with a great networking team of all of my colleagues here at Jim Ball, I am now able to recite the Inbound, Outbound, and Rebuttals Scripts and word-tracks backwards, forwards, and side-ways word for word while being able to inject my personality into it during the process. Anthony is by far one of the most driven, optimistic, positive, and inspirational people that which I have ever had the honor of meeting.  From telling us to chase our dreams and not ever let anyone tell us what we can't accomplish in our lives, to encouraging us to actually make the commitment to ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable for such promises. I love the "Time is running out" as well as the "How bad do you want it" videos that he introduced us to as well. I now watch each video right before leaving for work each day on my laptop to get myself pumped up and ready for the day! I also loved the idea that Mr. Bradley came up with in the "3 minute book", I think its an ingenious idea to literally look at and focus on the representation of your goals each day before you even make that 1st call in the morning, thank you for that and this tremendous program you have created for all of us Mr. Bradley. And I digress, but in conclusion, Anthony was definitely a phenomenal team leader, motivator, and friend during his stay here. I look forward to the next time that we will have the pleasure of seeing him so that he can see just how much all of his training has paid off and helped all of us here at Jim Ball, thanks Anthony, you rock brthr!!

  -Joe Latona

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