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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - Special Guest, Joe Cala - Better, Not Bigger

This is truly a "Special Edition" of make money mondays! This week's episode is of a great friend of the Bradleys... Joe Cala. Joe has over 11 years of Automotive Sales and Management experience. Has been part of two nationally successful Internet Sales departments. And Joe is currently an Autotrader rep! 

You have to watch this video!!

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Make Money Mondays -  Orphan Owners

Sean V. Bradley talks about how sales leads left behind by customer sales reps who have left the company are opportunities that need not be left behind.

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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley "Vendors vs Partners"

I just wrote a powerful article for the May issue of AutoSuccess Magazine and explained my opinion of Vendors vs Partners... People, there is a HUGE difference between the two. Watch this video and find out which ones you are working with at your dealership

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