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Sign Up For The Webinar "The Evolution and Natural Selection of Automotive Sales" Advice From A 30-Car Guy Part 2

Wednesday October 16, 2013, 10:00am Mountain Time

Sean will provide a detailed plan of action to calculate how many calls and appointments are needed to set yourself up to sell 30 cars a month.

The automotive industry, just as any other industry in the world, evolves over time as technology advances and customer engagement changes. The way people buy cars is different now than 20 years ago, and the way dealerships sell cars is different than 20 years. What we’ve learned is that those who are surviving in the automotive industry today have survived Natural Selection because they have evolved with the times. Those who are currently struggling refuse to evolve. 

The tactics and strategies have evolved so much over the years. Those dealerships that have adjusted their processes and evaluated their vendors have not only survived the slump but have been excelling and succeeding beyond their expectations.

In this Webinar, I will be discussing the changes in the Automotive Industry and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve. The modern sales person can’t just follow the “Road to the Sale”. They must position themselves uniquely as Entrepreneurs, mastering more than just sales techniques. I will go into depth on what that means, as well as tips and advice to better position yourself to consistently sell 30 cars every month.

Benfits from the Webinar: During this Webinar, I will provide a detailed plan of action to properly calculate how many calls and appointments are needed each month to set yourself up to sell 30 cars a month. I will discuss specific digital marketing, advertising and sales techniques that will turn a car sales person into an Entrepreneur. Using facts, examples and real life examples of success, you will learn how to properly set goals and elevate your sales success.
Presented by:

  • Sean V. BradleySean V. BradleyFounder & CEO,Dealer SynergySean V. Bradley is the top automotive trainer and consultant in the country and is currently one of the most sought after subject matter experts for Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing. Beginning as a sales consultant, Sean learned the business from the ground up holding positions at dealerships as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director. Furthermore, Sean is the only certified Franklin Covey Trainer and Facilitator in the Automotive Industry and a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Sean is also the creator the Internet Sales 20 Group, an intensive 3-day workshop that is designed for executive management of dealerships. Sign up at

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With the rollout of the Facebook timeline complete for personal profiles, Facebook has now, quite brilliantly, pivoted their attention onto brand pages, which is why when you logged in this morning, you saw the little notice at the top of your Fan Page saying:

"On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. Preview your page now to see what it looks like and try out the new features."

Effective next month, your dealership's fan page will have a fundamentally different look. You see those cool tabs underneath your dealership's profile picture ("Inventory", "Welcome", "Photos", etc)? Those tabs will no longer be there once you activate the Timeline look. Your entire page will be rearranged. While this does sound a bit scary, especially to those who have put ample time into designing interactive tabs for pages, there is a distinct advantage. Of course, I'm talking about the Cover Photo. 

The Cover Photo is the photo at the top of your current Personal Facebook page (assuming your page has the Timeline feature). Essentially, the cover photo is replacing your welcome tab. It will be the first thing everyone sees when they visit your page. You'll have your own virtual billboard. A billboard with no limits, except for size :) You can play around with the cover photo until it suits your dealership's needs. You can design one in which you're Thanking your customers, or one in which you featuring a quote from a satisfied customer, and or just a simple variation your current Profile picture. There's so much you can do with it to benefit your brand. 

The Facebook Timeline manager, Sam Lessin, had this to say regarding the new rapid change, "Organizations have identities too." And, he's completely right. Thanks to the implementation of the Timeline for Brand Pages, you'll be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors. With the cover photo (billboard!), you'll be able to brand your dealership in a much more effect way.

What do you think of the Timeline rollout for Brand Pages? Are you on board with it? Or, still partial to the traditional Fan Page?

Source: Facebook Timeline Brand Pages are Here [Mashable]

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