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Sean V. Bradley, CSP Is an 8 Time Speaker This Year At NADA 2018 856-546-2440 


If you are going to NADA 2018 this year in Las Vegas make sure you attend one or both of Sean's Official NADA 2018 Convention Workshops! 


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My 15 years of Automotive Internet Sales experience as well as being a charter member of the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals (AAISP), as well as being a Speaker of numerous Digital Dealer Conventions gives me full credibility for this statement. Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle plan is BETTER than the Digital Dealer Convention. It is not event close...

I think at one time Digital Dealer was relevant, just as MySpace was relevant. But that time is over. The Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development, Digital marketing... "Digital Dealer" will be better served at the Internet Battle Plan.

*** I want to make this crystal clear. I am NOT a partner of Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan. I do NOT make ANY money from Internet Battle Plan. I don't even get paid to speak at the Internet Battle Plan. I have been asked by numerous Dealer Principals and GMs about my thoughts of sending their employees, managers and sales consultants to the Digital Dealer Conference. So I decided to shoot this quick video. I DO NOT think Digital Dealer has any relevance anymore. I think it was relevant back in the day but Dealers need to evolve and find education and information that is relevant today. The quality of the Speakers and the instructional design is superior at the Internet Battle Plan. PERIOD

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Inside a LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Reviewing Benchmark Composites - Sean V. Bradley - Automotive Sales from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

Inside a LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Reviewing Benchmark Composites - Automotive Internet Sales

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Meet The Founder
"Car guy," Howard Leavitt, has spent over 40 years establishing a strong reputation as one of the brightest and most accomplished retail managers on the U.S. automotive scene. And as founder/inventor of AutoRaptor, he has leveraged his genius in developing the perfect showroom tool that not only aces traditional CRMs, but actually gets used.

Quick Interview With the Founder of AutoRaptor CRM, Howard Leavitt At the CRM Convention

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What is AutoRaptor CRM?
A Powerful Tool for Any Dealership!
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AutoRaptor CRM is a web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that offers a way to change how your salespeople relate to customers.

By nurturing a new philosophy on customer relations your dealership will make more sales and retain more customers.

Features include:  

AutoRaptor CRM enhances your dealership through:

  • Incredible ease of use
  • Accessibility from anywhere - web-based with mobile versions available
  • All-in-one convenience
  • Increase in sales!

Who Uses AutoRaptor CRM?

  • Any new or independent dealership with a commitment to an improved, results-driven sales process 
  • Dealerships that designate a champion to make sure the system gets used
  • Will you commit to leading your team to success?
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