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Success is a fascinating thing because every individual on the planet has their own definition of the word.

The dictionary defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome”

This is SO genius because it means that, not only can everyone have their own definition, but that THERE IS ENOUGH SUCCESS TO GO AROUND!

For some people, success is having the necessities…

For others, it’s making loads upon loads of money…

BUT, no matter what your definition of the word is, there is something that so many people miss out on when pursuing success.

Any idea what it is?

Have you ever heard that saying, “Success Breeds Success”? 

Believe it or not, there is something so powerful about rubbing shoulders with highly successful people.

How do you know who's truly successful though? The best way for you to know if they’re successful is to ask yourself two simple questions:

1.) Are they the type of person that you hope to be (character traits, qualities etc.) and, 

2.) Do they have the things that you want to have? (Could be material objects, status, expertise etc.)

When you find someone that you can answer ‘yes’ to those two questions, do whatever you can to be apart of their circle.

You see, when you rub shoulders with successful people (the people that are who you aim to become), there are natural born opportunities that arise from your mere association with them.

One of the best ways that I know of to be in the presence of successful people is to attend as many workshops and conferences as you can. Where else do you get the opportunity to be in the same room with these successful people, have lunch with them and ask them questions?

There are approximately 17,000+ dealerships in the United States today. Including every employee, how many people work in the retail car business? LOTS! …

Yet, there are very few who attend conferences. 

There is no question that these conferences come with a price tag, but you absolutely, 100% CANNOT let the price of success, cost you your success.

Listen, I am not involved with any particular conference for financial gain. I have just come to learn that if you want to be successful, you need to get connected with other like-minded, successful individuals and I don’t know any other better place than at the plethora of workshops and conferences going around. 

One of the next ones you can see me at will be the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston this coming September.

Supercharge the achievement of your personal definition of success. Start rubbing shoulders with successful people. 

Have questions? Hook me up in the comments below.

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 In Loving Memory Of Jim Lacy, Dealer Principal OF RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru - RIP Jimmy

Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 12:30 am

Jim attended Catskill Central Schools and was a graduate of Catskill High School, Class of 1984. During his high school sports career, Jim reached the NYS finals in basketball, golf and tennis, and was recognized for his accomplishments on ESPN television. He attended SUNY Brockport and Hudson Valley Community College, and was a member of both basketball teams. Jim was currently the co-owner of RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru in Catskill. He was a member of the Catskill Golf Club, Catskill Elks Lodge, REMAX Long-Drive Golf Competition and Vonex Long-Drive Golf Teams, which traveled throughout the United States, Japan and Canada. An avid fisherman, Jim also enjoyed golfing, skiing, traveling abroad, gourmet cooking and helping coach his two sons’ sports teams.

In addition to his parents Roscoe and Sally Lacy of Catskill, Jim is survived by his wife, Tami (Brandow) Lacy of Catskill; two children, Dylan James Lacy and Justyn Taylor Lacy of Catskill; a sister, Jennifer Lacy Cargioli of North Carolina; a brother, Daniel Lacy and wife Gina of Catskill; father in-law and mother in-law, George and Mary Brandow; Gordon and Rosalie Johnson, and Tamara Butterworth; brothers in-law and sisters in-law, Mark and Kelly Brandow, Gloria Johnson, Jason and Amy Johnson, and Derek Butterworth; uncle and aunt Calvin and Jeanne Lacy; nieces and nephews, Craig Garifo, Amanda Garifo, Nicole Lacy, Troy Lacy and several other aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Relatives and friends may call 1 to 6 p.m. Thursday at Traver & McCurry Funeral Home, 234 Jefferson Heights, Catskill. Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Friday at the funeral home. Rev. Ronald B. Cox will officiate. Interment will follow in the Town of Catskill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the James C. Lacy Athletic Scholarship Fund, 25 Maple Ave., Catskill, NY 12414.

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Jim Ziegler Proposes 10 Ways To Save Lincoln

Never has there been a more dedicated band of starry-eyed optimists than the surviving Lincoln dealers.

These brave souls have jumped through every hoop and swallowed every bitter pill the manufacturer served with hardly a whimper. They put up the money and built the upgraded facilities, separated their showrooms, and upped their game in anticipation of the rivers of milk and honey in the Promised Land.

Of course reality always trumps fantasy. Truth is, it just ain’t happening.

I don’t think it’s ever going to happen if Lincoln stays on the current course. Please remember, I love Ford. I regard Alan Mulally, Mark Fields and Jim Farley as personal friends. This is not mean-spirited Jim Ziegler talking here.

I speak to these dealers when they come back from automaker meetings worked up in a frenzy of excitement. Talk to them a few weeks later, and they’re back to the grind of moving these cars in a market where they are the underdog.

Last year it was the MKZ midsize. This was billed as the future of the brand. Then, after a dismally inept launch, Lincoln is refocused on the upcoming launch of the MKC cross/utility vehicle.

Excuse me, this is Jim Ziegler talking from the heart. I have a special place in my heart for Lincoln. I drove them in the glory days. I owned nine Town Cars and several Mark VII’s back-to-back. Watching the brand go downhill has hurt me, as I now drive Cadillacs and Buicks. Sad to say, their quality is scoring higher and the models are more appealing.

There’s still time to save Lincoln and have it retake its rightful share of the luxury market. But the clock is ticking and the brand is totally on the wrong path. I don’t always claim to be the great and powerful wizard, but; here are some of the things I would do immediately.

Get rid of that God-awful ugly-ass grille you’re so proud of. I have talked to numerous consumers and it’s hard to find anyone who believes it’s attractive, classy or stylish.

Put a full-court press on modernizing and upgrading the Navigator. What genius-thinking has allowed your flagship full-sized luxury SUV to become a stale, old- technology, outdated, jazzed-up Expedition with a navigation panel the size of a postage stamp?

Let’s see, Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator. Let me think for second here? Perception is reality. Ford threw away the full-sized SUV market all at once.

MKZ, MKS, MKZ, MKT now MKC. This is absolutely stoo-pid thinking. Did somebody on the marketing team have a lobotomy? Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the foggiest idea what those models are.

I used to always say that American vehicles should have names. American luxury has personality and swagger. Put exciting and innovative names on Lincoln models, and stop changing them all of the time.

Get rid of the MKT cross/utility vehicle. It is an abomination, a Frankenstein of a CUV. (And, while you’re at it, dump the Ford Flex too). And while I’m on a rant, who the hell thought it would be okay to put the “Town Car” name on an MKT?

While we’re on the subject, explain again exactly why the real Town Car was discontinued?

Yes, it was long of tooth and getting stale, but who allowed that to happen? It was extremely profitable at the time of its execution and you certainly threw away the livery business that you once owned. There is a market for full-sized luxury and you axed your entrant before you had anything legitimate to replace it with.

You are so eaten up with chasing Generation Y that you totally threw away your bread and butter, the Baby Boomers. I’m talking about 77 million consumers who have more than 75% of America’s wealth and buy 60% of the new cars.

We’re talking about sane and stable people here who used to always buy your products. Now, you threw them to the four winds because you were concentrating on Generation Y’ers living in Mom’s basement. Build cars aimed at people who are qualified to buy, who can and will buy now.

Call me crazy. Everyone else seems to. But, I would halo a Lincoln semi-performance pony car squarely aimed at the Generation X professional that now buys BMW. It wouldn’t be a Mustang, but a Lincoln with its own persona.

Even Acura is bringing back the NSX. I would design a $60,000 Lincoln sports car that would have the entire world talking. Sorry, the MKZ isn’t what I’m describing here.

Try to think of some other incentive programs other than leasing to attract new customers. Once again, you’re too fixated on trying to be like the Europeans. It’s been a long time since Lincoln has thought outside of the incentive-program box. It’s same old, same old. The MKZ launch was an example of right car, bad execution. Your dealers did not let you down, you blew it.

Simplify the technology. I am applauding your return to sanity on new models with manual controls that consumers can understand and operate and don’t cause distracted driving. My wife is now driving a Cadillac again, but when she drove Mercedes and BMW, she felt she needed an engineering degree to operate those cars’ infotainment systems.

Finally, admit when you’re wrong. I know this is difficult for any executive that works for any automaker.

For 38 years in the industry I’ve watched thousands of factory executives come and go. It’s always the same. The new ones come in the business thinking they know more about retail than the dealers. They try the same old crap that didn’t work before.

It’s an endless cycle. By the time we get you trained as to what really works, here comes the next generation. Another constant: Going to your dealers to bail you out.

I believe Ford has some of the best top executives we’ve seen in decades. But they’re not infallible. My ideas might not all be the best, but at least I’m thinking. And thinking on a different track.

Okay, the National Automobile Dealers Assn. convention is in New Orleans next month. Please find me and say hello. I’ll be all over the convention floor. Dealers please go and participate. Take a copy of this article to the Lincoln make meetings. They’ll like that. Tell the factory guys Ziegler sends his love.

Jim Ziegler is president of Ziegler Supersystems as well as a trainer, commentator and public speaker on dealership issues. He can be reached at WardsAuto readers also may comment on this article by logging in or registering below.

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My 15 years of Automotive Internet Sales experience as well as being a charter member of the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals (AAISP), as well as being a Speaker of numerous Digital Dealer Conventions gives me full credibility for this statement. Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle plan is BETTER than the Digital Dealer Convention. It is not event close...

I think at one time Digital Dealer was relevant, just as MySpace was relevant. But that time is over. The Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development, Digital marketing... "Digital Dealer" will be better served at the Internet Battle Plan.

*** I want to make this crystal clear. I am NOT a partner of Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan. I do NOT make ANY money from Internet Battle Plan. I don't even get paid to speak at the Internet Battle Plan. I have been asked by numerous Dealer Principals and GMs about my thoughts of sending their employees, managers and sales consultants to the Digital Dealer Conference. So I decided to shoot this quick video. I DO NOT think Digital Dealer has any relevance anymore. I think it was relevant back in the day but Dealers need to evolve and find education and information that is relevant today. The quality of the Speakers and the instructional design is superior at the Internet Battle Plan. PERIOD

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So once again I ask the question at the heart of the matter.... Mr./MRS CAR DEALER PAY ATTENTION HERE.... How many Vendors are YOU Paying who are Selling your Customer Data to Other Vendors for Cash? AND... is your customer information ultimately being sold by vendors you paid to other car dealers who are your competition?

Isn't it amazing how all these cockroaches scatter when you turn on the lights? For years I've been writing and blogging about this pack of self-righteous criminals pilfering through the dealers' data and stealing your customer information to resell and abuse. They called me every name in the book and slandered me. NOW, all of a sudden we're seeing multiple proofs and suspicions spotlighting the blatant criminal activity and suspected activities of these shady vendors disguised as alleged dealer partners. 

It's time to intensify the hunt and flush out all of them.Not singling out any specific vendor here BUT aren't we all getting a little sick and tired of Technology Pirates stealing your business while you pay them to lower your profits and defame your good name while all the while they are selling your customer information to other vendors and ultimately selling your customers to the competition?

Whether the customer filled out a form on some alleged Lead Providers page using your inventory as bait, or it was lifted or scraped off of the dealers' websites: When are we as dealers and car people going to rise up as one and say to them ... "Get the Hell OUT of Our Data?"

They're buying and selling your information to each other, reprocessing it and selling it to your competitors and then doing it again to your competitors competitors

AND, As I am About to Prove... Many of Your Manufacturers are in on the Scams. WE need to look at how many manufacturers are reselling Junk Leads mixed in with Organic leads that they know have a Low Closing Ratio? How many Manufacturers are forcing their dealers to take low-percentage leads they bought extremely cheap that only have a close of 3.8%? Some Manufacturers middle management is deliberately making a huge profit off of their dealers reselling leads they know are worthless mixed in OEM Website organic leads that have a much higher closing ratio.

None of these vendors is contributing anything to your business you couldn't do yourself without them and redirect the money to profitable things.

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This week's episode is "Always be prospecting". VERY powerful but simple ideas on how to prospect and sell more cars, more often!

Sean V. Bradley recently attended a Jim Ziegler Sales Management Workshop and was reminded of this simple technique to increase sales IMMEDIATELY.

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Does Your CRM Suck... or Maybe Not?

This Might Be a Cool Discussion.

Recently I have become more involved with a lot of Automotive retail of CRM Companies. Many of these people have become good friends of mine and I love their products and services.

On the other hand, I communicate with literally thousands of Dealers and Dealership Managers and Employees regularly. I see and hear a lot of things at 'Street Level"  What I get a lot of is either "Praise" or "Complaints" about the services and functions of the dealerships' CRM Company. I am sort of including Internet lead Management programs in the Mix as well. 

On the phone yesterday a dealer principal of a large group told me they were reverting back to Reynolds and Reynolds newest version of Showroom management programs. Of course, I asked why? They were leaving a really high-profile Big CRM Company that we are all familiar with that is supposed to be state of the art, cutting edge. The dealer told me (and they've been a client of mine for 15 years)... He told me, their functions really sound great in the sales presentation BUT their support and service Sucked the Big One and he felt he had evidence they were misusing his customer data. This was his words, not anything I coaxed, coached or put him up to. 

Although I am really pleased to hear Reynolds and Reynolds has greatly improved their offering, which I am recently hearing from many dealerships; I was surprised to hear that one of his main reasons for switching over was Reynolds security of his data without undisclosed aggregation of information coming out of his DMS that he felt his current other Big Company was doing. 

So, I am NOT going to influence this Blog one way or another BUT I will comment back. I'll erase anything abusive or attacks, so play nice. 

I want to hear candid discussion on your CRMs without my slanting in any direction. The vendors themselves are welcome to chime in IF YOU don't dominate the discussion, intimidate or harass the participants. 

Here's the questions ( and name names)...

  • What CRM are you using?
  • What's Good About It?
  • What Sucks About it?
  • Do you have an Internet Lead Management Program?
  • What's Good About It?
  • What Sucks About It?
  • What features do you need that you don't currently have?
  • What should your CRM be capable of doing that it's not performing?
  • What does your CRM do that you wish they would cease doing?

This might take off and get some discussion, might not, let's see?  JIM

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The Alpha Dog, Jim Ziegler wants you to sign up now for the 4th National Internet Sales 20 Group, November 12, 13 and 14 in Los Angeles California BEFORE It Sells Out.

Jim even gives his personal phone number and invites Dealers to call him directly for details.

The Internet Sales 20 Group is going to be Epic!

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Jim Ziegler and Tim Martell Talk Controversy | Wikimotive Podcasts #1

Jim Ziegler and Tim Martell discuss the controversy. When a consumer submits a lead on a paying dealer's inventory, is it wrong for to feed the consumer the competition's inventory too?


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Confessions Of An Employee - " Takes Dealers' Money & Then Slams Them Behind Their Back"

As a former employee, here are three of the Santa Monica sites (not sure if they have more now). NOTE: The Santa Monica sites used to power the NewLeadsPlus pay-per-lead program but I'm not sure if they feed the numbers into the numbers now when they report leads or VDPs. I was told by a employee at one point, that they included the numbers from these sites in their new car lead reporting numbers which brings me to the point I have always said:

Advertisers who say "we aren't about leads" are being condescending to Dealers. EVERY AD is designed for one thing if I am giving you money: To give me more customers to speak to so I can try to sell them. Whether you call those customers "customers" or "opportunities", at the end of the day these are leads. Advertisers stopped focusing on leads and started focusing on VDPs when their lead volumes went in the toilet.

Here are excerpts from the 3 Santa Monica Sites so that Dealers can see for themselves how they are portrayed to the consumer...a.k.a. the potential lead. (Wonder why consumers think ill of Dealers in spite of all the hard work Dealers have done to improve their reputations? Maybe it's because the people you are paying encourage that thought process so that the consumer will trust them before trusting you!) Don't believe it? Read on.


Excerpts from the landing page:

The old fashioned way (basically, this is their representation of the Dealer experience)

1. You can't leave. You're pressured to buy the car today, without the chance to comparison shop.

2. Endless negotiation. You're stuck for hours going head-to-head with a salesman.

3. You're overwhelmed by numbers. APRs, fees, payment schedules—you have to sign right away and there's no time to think.

Your inventory is powering this site from the place that supposedly treats you as important. Really? How can anyone do this in good conscience!

Site excerpts

1. "Did you know every New Car has a secret price?"

2. "It's the price you'll never see published in the paper."

3. "Discover the dealer's secret price."

It get's better in the description area when you scroll down:

"Most dealers work hard to offer the public competitive prices. These incentives can grab your attention, but they can also obscure the actual terms you're getting on your purchase."

"Your current car's value can be used to lower the price on your new car. However, most people underestimate their used car's value when going to a dealership. How can you maximize your value?"

They start with many sentences that sound dealer friendly and then WHACH...they remind the customer that even though many dealers are nice, they could get screwed over by some so better just submit a lead because you can't really know which dealers are trustworthy. Read it yourself gang, don't just take my word for it.

Does that sound like the type of actions taken by a site advocating or even supporting dealers? NO - and your inventory is used to power this site too!

This is the only site that actually bears the branding and doesn't appear to have anti-dealer language. Interesting that they only put their branding on the site that doesn't make the dealer look like a crook. I wonder why?

The real question is how many of these non-dealer friendly sites are they powering with YOUR INVENTORY? And of their 'partners' like, how many partners does Autotegrity share your inventory with...and how many do their partners share with...etc?


Read more… 267-319-6776

Here is the thread on the situation...

Automotive Internet Sales Reviews Jim Ziegler's Concerns About & Brian Pasch's Response...

The subject of has been getting pretty heated lately. It has achieved over 6,000 views on the local blogs like:

Brian Pasch, CEO of has come out and said that Jim Ziegler is wrong and he thinks that is NOT doing anything wrong. As a matter of fact, Brian has created a blog post

That basically says that Jim has it all wrong...

I shot this video to explain why I support Jim Ziegler's point of view on the situation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me-

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