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This week's episode is "Always be prospecting". VERY powerful but simple ideas on how to prospect and sell more cars, more often!

Sean V. Bradley recently attended a Jim Ziegler Sales Management Workshop and was reminded of this simple technique to increase sales IMMEDIATELY.

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Builiding Value in excess of PRICE.

We have all had the customer who consistently drills us throughout  the sales process with "price, prce, price". "if the price isnt right, were not gonna buy it!".

Guys, its never about price. Never has been, and never will be. If the buyer doesnt LOVE it, and more importantly, if it doesnt solve PROBLEMS. They are not going to buy it, no matter what the price.

So we've sorted through all the inventory, overcame every objection and finally landed on the car they haveinterest in.We've done our job right? we have a car deal here, all you have to do is test drive and write em' up, get em' the lowest price and bang, money in your pocket.

No, no, no...

This is where 99.9% of all automotive professionals fail.

The first rule of selling is to ALWAYS agree with the customer. "This price is too high!" ..I agree with you sir, this price is high, follow me. Snap, just like that you now have there attention. Now that you've taken control, you now have to build value in excess of the price.

How is that accomplished? with 3 keys. Feature, Advantage, Benfit

Need an example? Feature: Alloy rims -- Benefit: Light weight, durable -- Benefit: Better gas mileage

If your selling a $30,000 product you have to sell $60,000 worth of features. $100,000 to $200,000 and so on.

I guarantee you if you follow this step every time. You will never be doubting yourself again and asking why they bought for $200 less at the dealer up the street.

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