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This week's episode is "Always be prospecting". VERY powerful but simple ideas on how to prospect and sell more cars, more often!

Sean V. Bradley recently attended a Jim Ziegler Sales Management Workshop and was reminded of this simple technique to increase sales IMMEDIATELY.

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Are you a "Hater"?

Listening to Grant Cardone, I have determined that I am 100% a "Hater". Hard thing to say and repeat out loud. I am a hater. So are you, too? If so, what are you going to do about it? I'm learning that sitting around hating on your job does nothing but kill you. If you want to increase your business, stop hating your job and do something about it.

Sean talks about the "3 Minute Book" in a lot of his references and especially today in "Make Money Monday". It's not hard to do. Make your binder and create your path. I'm learning that you must track 100% of your opportunities. Learn from your mistakes. See where you need to improve your numbers, and you'll find why you hate your job. Make yourself increase your numbers. Train yourself to be better. Strive to be the best in your store. Strive to be the best in your area. Strive to be the best in your State. Strive to be the best in the country. Set your goals. Keep your goals updated. Beat your goals. Create a better life for you and your family. 

Stop being the "Hater" we all talk about. Stop infecting the whole sales floor and look to dominate your business. Maybe you don't know you're the hater -- like me -- but just look at your numbers and see where you are and where you want to be. Make it happen. 

Go to work to WORK -- Not Hate. 



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5 Alarm Follow Up - Get Them Back!


Fresh off another successful week, putting good people together with great Dealerships.

I had a blog post request (felt nice, my first one), how when do we call back Unsold Showroom Traffic?  Best answer URGENTLY, but seriously here is my game-plan.

Let' start with what to say, and then when to call.  We need to use the most motivating factors we have, the 4 major components of paying for a car; Payment, Down Payment, Trading Value, and Price.  The highest motivational factor for a client is movement on one of the four ends.  In that light the schedule below is going to roll through incentives on each area, until one hits the client's hot button and brings them in.

First call:

This is a two-part.  When the client's taillights are on the driveway, leave a message on either their home phone, a text, or an email.  This is going to be a "Great News" message.  "Thank you Mr & Mrs Client for allowing me to try and earn your business.  I have some great news for you, and will give you a call in a few hours."

Get off the phone and ask your Management if it is okay to have the client revisit the store to have a secondary appraisal done.  Once you get the go-ahead call the client (in about 2 hours) and say, "As I mentioned I have great news, I have a second Manager here at ABC Motors that is willing to take a second look at your vehicle and try and enhance your trade value.  We would really love to see you and your car again.  We are sincerely eager to earn your business.".

If that doesn't get an appointment for you next step is to set up the call for the next day.  "I am really motivated to help you, so I am going to ask our Finance Manager tomorrow morning what he can do to sweeten the finance package.  I will call you at ____"

Call Two:

The following morning, corner your Manager and ask what can be done about getting a better interest rate, or term to lower the payments.  Call the client and say, "I had a productive talk with Management about your deal, and I feel we have everything in line to get this done.  Your new payment is ______, it is a significant savings because we really care about where you buy your next car."

If that doesn't motivate an appointment, time to move on to Price.  Set up your next call with, "I never mind rolling up my sleeves and putting in the extra work to save my clients a few bucks.  I am going to bug the General Manager tomorrow morning, and see what can be done to really WOW you.  I'll give you a call at _____"

Call Three:

First thing in the morning, go to Management.  Tell them you have had a client floating for 72 hours now, and need to give them a jolt to get in the door.  This can be done through a coupon, incentive, or discount.  The important part to understand here is that the odds of retaining this client are now getting to a critical stage.  This person has now been shopping for 72 hours and has more than enough information to make a decision.  

"Mr & Mrs Client, this is fantastic!  I really feel like I have a winner here for both you and I.  Your purchase price will be ______.  Would like to come here to finish this, or should I just head over to you with a Buyer's Order?  (if no)  You don't need to do this today do you?  (Almost everyone says no, why?)  This might not be the only car for you, in order to give us both a little flexibility why don't I check not only what I have on the ground, but what I have coming in the next few days.  What time tomorrow are you available for me to go over the results?"

The last portion is a take-away close.  Either the client bites back on the car you are selling, by telling you the car is perfect, he just has some other objection, or the client backs off and tells you to research inventory.  That tells you the client wasn't sold on the car.

If you treat every client that leaves like a Five Alarm Fire when they leave, you will get more back.

Next blog post, objections, why you should love them!

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How To Be Successful - Follow The Recipe

If you've watched my other video's, we have discussed the following:

→ What role gratitude plays in your success
→ What is the definition of success
→ Developing a 99.9% WHY statement

Now we move on to the recipe. With so many people wondering how to be successful, I suggest that success comes from following a process. It's no different than baking a chocolate cake. If you want to end up with the proven result of chocolate cake, you'd better follow the proven recipe that will get you there.

In my career, I've had the privalege of being mentored by many very successful people and you know what? They all say the same thing. When asked, "How did you become so successful?", the response is, "By doing what other successful people do".

That validates what is written in such books as Dale Carnegies, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" or Napoleon Hills, "Think and Grow Rich".

If you'd like to achieve your own personal definition of success and you want to know how to become successful in life, you MUST follow the recipe.

Stay tuned for my next video where I'll introduce you to the 1st ingredient in the recipe for success.

Your success starts here.

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Automotive Dealer Principals & General Managers BEWARE of Internet Sales or BDC Department!

"automotive sales" "internet sales" bdc "phone sales" "call center" "dealership department" "dealer principal" "general manager" gm manager management beware "be careful" "car sales" "auto sales" prospects leads opportunities ups

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The trend for the last 3 or 4 years has been for businesses to try to tap into social media as a broadcasting tool. It's not universal, but many (most) see social media as a place to post their messages to prospective clients in hopes of switching on the social media faucet that touches a billion people worldwide.

The promise of social media for businesses, particularly local ones, has only been seen by a small percentage. Most believe there's something there, but they aren't certain that their efforts are going anywhere. In many cases, they're not. It's not that social media is so challenging that only the select few can get in, nor is it that there's no value in it.

It's about intention. Those with the intention of sheer marketing with social media will likely be met with limited rewards. People don't go to Facebook or Twitter to see what they want to buy or which services to select. They go to engage, to have fun, and to experience the virtual filter on the real world that social media has to offer them.

In other words, they don't want to see marketing. If and when they're ready to interact with a business through social media, it's because they have questions or needs that can be fulfilled through easy-access communication. This is the part that most businesses are missing.

The real promise of social media is not just to business, but lies an the center between business and consumer. More internet time is spent on social media than any other category; in fact, it's equal to the next three on the list (games, email, and portals) combined.

Businesses want to take advantage of this fact and many are trying, but customer service management is still 3rd on the list of initiatives they perform on social media with brand reputation management and driving promotions above it. This is backwards. Most businesses can achieve their top two goals by focusing on the customers themselves.

It comes down to a lack of understanding. Those who are able to focus their attention on their customers through social media will gain a better reputation and find it easier to broadcast their promotions as a result. It's counter-intuitive to all other forms of interactions with customers, but it makes sense once one realizes the true capacity of the medium.

 (Click Link for InfoGraph)


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Don't Talk About it... Be About it!

Don’t talk about it –

be about it

You truly have to be committed to being successful. If you just say it without actually living it each and every day — without exception and without fail — you are not going to be successful. To build my company, I am on an airplane all over this country every week training and consulting. I do what I have to do to be successful in order to provide my family and myself a lifestyle we enjoy.


What are you doing to be successful? Are you just saying that you want to be all you can be, but only do what you have to in order to get by? Are you convincing yourself that mediocre is a good thing? I want to be brutally honest with you — it takes a long time to be an “overnight success.”


If you want to be successful, be successful — every breath you take, every thought you think, each and every day should be to personify the word “successful.” No excuses. No exceptions. If you want the things that the average person does not have, you have to be willing to do the things that the average person won’t do (within the bounds of law and ethics, of course).


Don’t talk about it. Be about it.


So, maybe you really want to be about it, but maybe you’re not sure where to start. In our industry we are told over and over again that “this is your own business,” but no one ever shows us how to run “our own business.” If we teach, lead and motivate people in the right direction, however, and show them how to build, maintain and evolve their own business, they will have a more realistic opportunity for that to actually happen.


If you really think about it for a moment, human beings have accomplished so much since we have been in existence. We have invented some amazing things, like automobiles and computers, and we have traveled to the moon. There are those who have made billions who were college drop outs. So, if all of that is a reality, then the possibility that you can achieve greatness is possible. It all starts with one simple thing: You have to make the conscious decision to be successful. If you make the conscious decision that you are going to be successful and nothing — I mean nothing — is going to take you off of your goal of success, then nothing will. Every thought you think, everything you do and your very essence will personify that word “success.” For example:


• Every morning, take a moment to be grateful for everything you have (even if you don’t have much, you are alive and that is a gift we should be grateful for every day).


• Every morning you tell yourself that today is going to be a great day. Today you are going to move one step closer to being even more successful. Cleanse your thoughts of stress, negativity, of “haters” who tell you that you “can’t” or that you “won’t.”


• Begin with the end in mind. Have a clear picture in your mind and your heart of exactly what success is to you. If you can’t do this, how are you ever going to achieve something that has no definition? Remember that success is different for different people — only you can determine what success means to you. Is it being the best in your career? Is it making a lot of money? Is it having freedom to do what you want, when you want? Is it providing for your loved ones? Is it the ability to help people and change lives? Whatever it is, you must understand exactly what “it” is and you must understand exactly how you can achieve this success. What is it going to take each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year?


• You must surround yourself with people who are successful or are on their way to becoming successful. It just doesn’t make sense to surround yourself with lazy, complacent, negative, excuse-driven people who have no desire to change their life or situation. I’m not saying that you should drop long-term friends or be snobbish, but you need to be realistic. If you are at a dealership with people who are always complaining about this and that (not making any money, the manufacturer stinks, the incentives stink, they don’t like the President of the United States…), that’s a problem. We all know that these people exist in our dealership. Do you really think hanging around this type of person will help you on your path to success?


• You need to constantly self motivate and self educate. Read as much as you can. There are countless magazines, newsletters, Websites and blogs in our industry that focus solely on automotive sales success, automotive Internet sales, automotive digital marketing and so on, and there are books both in and out of our industry that are awesome, such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You need to master your craft. If you are an automotive sales professional, you must become an expert in communication, qualifying, identifying expectations, objections and rebuttals. You must also become an expert in psychology, sociology, public relations, marketing, reputation management, digital marketing, analytics, trends, time management, leadership, motivation, customer service and product knowledge. You need to practice, drill and rehearse and have a great attitude. You also need a contingency plan, in case things don’t go perfectly — and not just “plan A” and “plan B”; you need plans A through Z.


Why aren’t most people great at anything? Because it takes hard work, strategy and consistency.


Don’t talk about it. Be about it.


If you have any questions about this article or you would like some free advice or suggestions to

start or evolve you on your path of success, please feel free to call me or e-mail me.


Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, a nationally recognized training

and consulting company in the automotive industry. He can be contacted at 866.648.7400, or

by e-mail at


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